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Topamax for Weight Loss: How It Works and Other Alternatives

It has been widely known that some people use Topamax for weight loss. The question is: what’s Topamax anyway? How can it be used for losing weight? Let’s discuss it here one by one. Generally, Topamax is a medicine for seizures in adults and children above two. It is also be used for preventing migraine and headache in adults and children above 12. However, you should take a note here as this medicine cannot treat the headache or migraine. It just prevents your body from those diseases. Besides, for its ability in controlling brains, Topamax is also used for treating bipolar and other personality disorders. Over times, many doctors prescribe Topamax for weight loss.

But, how does it work? As stated above, Topamax contains of various beneficial calcium that can unconsciously control our brain. That’s why it can affect our mind to keep focusing on diet. However, apart from that fact, there isn’t actually a scientific research proving how Topamax reduces fat. It is just labeled as diet pills. Now let’s read some acceptable explanations on how Topamax works for weight loss.

Topamax for Weight Loss: How It Actually Works

Topamax for Weight Loss: How It Works and Other Alternatives. Illustration: Girl on Weighing Scale.

Hence, Topamax is now still clinically tested for weight loss. However, the surprising fact is that some people has got weight loss after their doctor prescribed this medicine to them. Thus, here are some explanations how it can promote weight loss.

1. Topamax can control addition centers of the brain

As mentioned above, Topamax is capable of controlling our brain. It works very well in affecting the mechanism of addition directly in the brain. Therefore, by consuming this medicine, someone can eventually be cured from food addiction. For people with overweight, this is good news because it shows the excellent work of Topamax for weight loss.

2. Topamax can eliminate appetites

After seizure treatments, patients often find that they have lost their appetite. So, they tend to eat in a small portion with less food. The patients feel that Topamax has made food, especially food with high fats like sweets or carbonated drinks, tasteless. This can be explained by Topamax’s ability of altering hormone levels in cortisol and leptin. For your information, cortisol is a hormone that regulates stress, while leptin regulates appetite. Well, when these two hormones are reduced, people can hardly feel hungry. Their stress level is even less. By that, they can easily lose their weight. For that reason, many people intentionally consume Topamax for weight loss.

3. Topamax can change the metabolism process

Some people believe that Topamax can speed up the metabolism process in our body, so we can feel full quickly and less hungry. Besides, this medicine is able to reduce saliva production, so people tend to be lazy to eat much. This action, however, can eventually lead to weight loss. Furthermore, Topamax can affect sugar level in blood. Any sugar intake in our body will be transformed into energy, not the fats. That’s why people widely use Topamax for weight loss.

However, like any other chemical medicines, Topamax also brings harms when consumed without the right dosage. The effects include diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, back pain, hair loss, fatigue, paresthesia, kidney stones, and even small brain attacks like dizziness, confusion, memory loss, inability to focus, and brain fog.

Therefore, it is suggested to take other alternatives instead of consuming Topamax for weight loss. The alternatives are planning on a natural diet such as doing exercises, having protein intake, eating more fruit and vegetables, routinely counting calories, eating more slowly, getting enough sleep, taking prebiotics, drinking much water, avoiding processed food, limiting sugar intake, fasting intermittently, and also practicing mindful eating.

These processes might take time, and compared to consuming Topamax for weight loss, natural diet is slower to promote it. Well, you must agree that they don’t bring any harm to your body. Instead, you can be healthier and slimmer. Additionally, there are homemade recipes for weight loss that you might want to know.

Homemade Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Green tea with ginger

For centuries, there has been a major belief that green tea is effective to reduce fats. That’s why there are many diet products made of green tea. As it contains caffeine, green tea can speed up the metabolism process like Topamax does. So, it’s inevitable that it can gradually help people lose weight. To make it work even greater, green tea can be combined with ginger. This is how you do it. Put one tablespoon of green tea and half teaspoon of ground ginger in a boiled water. Pour it in a glass and drink it immediately as it gets warm or cool. If you like a sweeter taste, you can add half tablespoon of raw honey in it. Don’t use sugar or milk. Drink this mixture of green tea and ginger one to two cups a day before eating anything and you will see that you have experienced weight loss.

1. Plain yogurt and honey

If you want to live healthier, don’t skip breakfast. It can also prevent you from eating too much in the lunch time, anyway. Regarding to weight loss, you shouldn’t eat many carbs for breakfast. Instead, have a yummy yet less calorie meal for breakfast with plain yogurt and honey. The prebiotics in yogurt can help optimize digestion and break fat substances just like Topamax for weight loss. All you need to do is preparing a cup of plain yogurt and one tablespoon of raw honey. Mix them until it blends evenly and eat it for breakfast. Remember, this only works if you use plain yogurt, not yogurt with various tastes.

2. Lemon juice and black pepper

There are lots of benefits of lemon juice for health. One of them is to help the metabolism process. Meanwhile, black pepper contains of piperine which has many benefits such as controlling fat cells, reducing fat level in blood, and absorbing nutrients from food we consume. Looking at the benefits of these two ingredients, it is not surprising that they can make a great work for weight loss when combined. Prepare some sprinkles of ground black pepper, two tablespoons of lemon juice, and also water. Mix all the materials in a glass and drink it once a day after eating for the best result.

3. Dandelion and peppermint

Another homemade recipe to help you lose weight effectively is the combination of dandelion and peppermint leaves. When combined, these ingredients can fasten your metabolism and absorb nutrients as many as possible from food you eat. Simply prepare one tablespoon of dried dandelion leaves, one tablespoon of dried peppermint leaves, and 8 ounces of hot water. After that, mix the dried dandelion and peppermint leaves until they’re really combined. Pour the hot water, and wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you drink it. This mixture can surely work as effective as Topamax for weight loss if you drink it at least twice a day.

All those homemade recipes are alternatives for those who want to avoid chemical drugs during the process of weight loss. However, if you like the instant process, you can still have Topamax for weight loss under the right circumstances such as dosage, time span, and habits.

As Topamax can help with weight loss, you shouldn’t think that the more you consume it, the faster you get weight loss. Otherwise, you may get overdosed due to the wrong dosage. To prevent you from this, consult it with a nutritionist or doctor. They will give you the right prescription regarding to your age, weight, blood pressure, and so on. By having the right dosage, you can minimalize some bad effects of Topamax. Besides, this product won’t do much with your weight if you keep eating too much carbs. So, you still need to control your diet when consuming Topamax for weight loss.


  1. I think you missed the point that if someone is taking this bc of addicting behaviors, they’ve probably already tried the healthy lifestyle changes and failed. That’s the problem with food addiction and why something like this can calm those addicting behaviors enough where someone might actually be able to make some headway.


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