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Top Seven Health Benefits of Basil for Daily Utilized

Basil is plant with strong fragrant and flavor. This is native plant in India and popular in Asian culinary. Basil has been known since thousand years ago from old manuscript of India history. People used leaves and flower for food seasoning or herbal medicine. Health benefits of basil are various due to special compounds inside this plant. Mani people use basil for food to increase its flavor and scent.

Health benefits of basil come from its vitamins and minerals. The vitamins inside basil are vitamin A, C, and K. All of them have responsibility to increase immune system and keep metabolism in check. Human get illness due to several factors and one of them is immune deficiency. Minerals inside basil are calcium, manganese, magnesium, and copper. Calcium is majority compound in bone. In order to keep the bone at healthy condition, basil is the right ingredient to consume. Copper and manganese also determine immune system. Minerals are as important as vitamins to help the growth, development, protection, and enhancement every organs. In the next part, you will know seven benefits of basil for health.

Top Seven Health Benefits of Basil for Daily Utilized. Illustration: Fresh Green Basil Leaves.

Benefits of Basil for Health

1. Treat cold and cough

Treating cold and cough is included as the health benefits of basil. Cold happens when body is in imbalance condition due to weather changing. During rainy or snow season, body requires adaption in order to fit into environment. Unfortunately, weather is more severe to adapt and cold is coming. Besides cold, cough is also common problem that comes every time. Instead of chemical compound, basil is good choice to relive throat and dissolve mucus immediately. You can make basil tea with ginger or honey then drink it regularly. Tea is the right form to consume basil and gain all benefits of it.

2. Enhance immune system

As mentioned earlier, basil is able to enhance immune system. Research showed that twenty percent of immune compound will increase after consuming basil. Immune system is the most basic protection to get rid of any harmful or dangerous pathogen. Normally, you cannot get illness, even in harsh weather. Unfortunately, immune system is not always in stable state. This is one of health benefits of basil.

3. Acne treatment

Acne is skin problem as the result of clogged oil in skin pores. Acne can be found commonly in face and around neck. Oil glands produce oil to keep the skin at normal moisturized. This problem is complex due to many factors involved. Teenager have acne because imbalance hormone. Acne also comes as the result of stress, less sleep, and mental disorder. Anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial are basil properties to get rid of acne. Basil will get rid of bacteria on skin and it cleans the skin surface. As one of health benefits of basil, acne treatment might not be as popular as other ingredients. However, basil is still good choice for acne problem.

4. Relieve stress

Relaxation effect comes from fresh fragrant of basil. You have stress and basil is good remedy to relive it. To get rid of stress, just chew fresh basil leaves every day in the afternoon after working. Basil stimulates nerve system to absorb relaxing effect. Study showed that ten basil leaves are enough to relieve stress and keep your mind in check.

5. Headache

Basil is good medicine to treat headache, from light to heavy condition. You have two methods to treat this problem. Firstly, basil is for external treatment. Prepare basil leaves and massage on forehead. It is the most direct method at all. You will feel relieved due to relaxation compound inside basil. Headache appears as effect of muscle and blood tension. Second method is internal treatment. It is also popular way to take health benefits of basil. You can create basil tea then drink it. Boil water and put basil leaves. Wait for ten minutes then take tea to drink twice a day. Chewing fresh basil is also good treatment to handle headache.

6. Stomach problem

Digestive system plays important role to extract and absorb nutrients from food. However, this system is very sensitive to bacteria or unwanted compound. Stomach issue is common problem when you eat non-hygiene food. Basil is also capable to handle this issue. Extract the basil juice then mix with ginger and warm water. Drink it regularly three times a day when your stomach is in severe condition. This herbal treats constipation, piles, and indigestion. Therefore, it is part of health benefits of basil.

7. Oral health

Bad breath is common problem in mouth and teeth. Gum and teeth are very risky for bacteria due to high acid condition. In order to get rid bad breath, you need strong fragrant with antibacterial property. For such reason, basil is the right choice. One of health benefits of basil is capability to dissolve oral problem before reaches severe level. Basil is also leaves with inflammation property to avoid infection and injury. How to use basil for oral health? Pick two or three leaves of basil and make them dried under the sun for one or two days. Crush them and mix with mustard oil. It is natural toothpaste to brush your teeth. Another method is to put basil on gum and teeth then massage them gently. Bad breath will be gone immediately.

Each of health benefits of basil is applicable. You can try basil tea for utmost effect of benefit. It is better to use fresh basil leaves than dried one. You can buy at store then save it at fridge. Having basil plant at backyard is good solution to gain more benefit. For your information, basil is the good plant for garden and decoration.


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