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The Various Kind of Liver Cleansing Superfoods

The liver is one of human vital organs. It is not only functioned as vital organ but also as vital gland which is able to secrete kind of chemicals needed by the body. Liver needs liver cleansing superfoods to keep it healthy. It takes important roles for functions that are related to immunity, metabolism, and digestion which are needed by human body. The liver organ weighs about three pounds in healthy adults. A healthy liver can run its functions so well, unlike a liver in bad condition. It can also remove the dangerous toxin and regulate the blood composition. It is also able to process nutrients in the body and change it into the forms that are needed. Liver saves iron, vitamin, and sugar glucose as well.

It has the responsibility to break down hemoglobin, insulin and other hormones. The old cell of red blood will be destroyed to produces another chemicals which will be needed to clot properly. This organ should be kept healthy due to many vital functions it has. Liver cannot process the fat and toxin properly due to the unhealthy lifestyle which can make the organ overloaded. As the result, many healthy problems such as digestive problems, obesity, and cardiovascular disease will be raising and become riskier. To repair the function and keep it healthy, eating liver cleansing superfoods will help it rejuvenated and well functioned.

The Various Kind of Liver Cleansing Superfoods

Liver Cleansing Superfoods from Vegetables


This vegetable is rich in glucosinolates compound which helps to remove the carcinogen. It is also able to flush out another toxin from the body. Broccoli can also improve the process of digestion due to the high amount of fiber in it. You can enjoy these liver cleansing superfoods by eating a cup of broccoli three times a week.

Liver Cleansing Superfoods from Fruits

1. Apple

Apple contains the high amount of pectin. This fiber is able to remove the cholesterol in blood and toxin from digestive area. The liver cleansing superfoods can also prevent the liver from overworking. An apple is rich in benefits for body health. You can enjoy it by eating the raw apple, making it as fresh juice, or putting this fruit in several dishes. Apple consists of natural nutrient to help removing the toxin and carcinogen from blood. Consuming organic apple will cleanse the liver faster than eating the inorganic one.

2. Avocado

According to a study conducted by American Chemical Society in 2000, this fruit has chemical content to reduce the damaging risk of liver. This liver cleansing superfoods has high amount of glutathione. Avocado also helps reducing the bad cholesterol level and increasing the high density of good cholesterol called lipoproteins which can be processed easily by the liver. This is because the high monounsaturated fat in it. By eating about two avocados in weekly menu for couple of months, it will reduce the liver damage.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit gives great help to naturally help the liver cleansing process. Other than has great amount of vitamin C source and antioxidant, grapefruit contains glutathione which is able to detoxify the liver even from the heavy metal. This compound is also able to neutralize the radicals. To take the benefits from the liver cleansing superfoods, you can consume it for daily menu by drinking fresh grapefruit juice in one small glass. You can also enjoy it by eating the fruit directly. Since Grapefruit may interact with certain drug, you need to consult with doctor before consuming this fruit during the medication you take.

4. Lemon

This liver cleansing superfoods contains of antioxidant D limonene to detoxify the liver by activating the enzyme for detoxification. Lemons can also help the digestion process due to the high content of vitamin C by producing more enzymes. You can consume this lemon earlier in the morning every day. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon can help to boost the mineral absorption. This is because water can get the harmful toxin out from the body while lemon has many nutrients in it. There are a lot of compound contained in lemon such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium, pectin fiber, magnesium and many more. The immune boosting power and citric acid in lemon help the body to be healthy.

5. Beetroot

Another liver cleansing superfoods to help cleansing the liver is beetroot. It can support the function of liver and take role as natural blood purifiers. Beetroots contains of beta carotene and flavonoid in the high amount which can help to improve the function of liver. You can enjoy beetroot and take its benefit by drinking the fresh juice in your menu every day or eat it in salad. Chop beetroots then add a half juice of lemon and two table spoons of olive oil with a cup of chopped beetroot. After it is mixed well, eat it in every two hours as much as two teaspoon during days in a week.

Another Liver Cleansing Superfoods

1. Garlic

The next liver cleansing superfoods is garlic can activate enzymes to detoxify the liver. There are two natural compounds consisted in garlic. They are called selenium and allicin which are great for cleansing the liver. This compound can also protect the organ from the damage caused by toxin. It is also able to reduce the risk of being overload due to high triglyceride and cholesterol level. The fresh raw garlic has more benefits to support the liver compared to the processed one. You can eat three garlic cloves regularly to keep the liver functioned properly. The garlic supplement can also be consumed after having consultation with doctor.

2. Turmeric

The next liver cleansing superfoods is turmeric which can be a great help in cleansing liver as well as in improving the ability to digest fat in the body. Turmeric contains of curcumin compound to detoxify the liver by producing enzyme called glutathione S transferase. To consume this herb you can use it for daily cooking or mix it water and boil it. Drinking it twice a day for couple of weeks will help liver detoxification process.

3. Green tea

There are many benefits that can be obtained by drinking green tea every day. This kind of tea can increase the hydration level in the body as well as flush out the fat deposits and toxins. This occurs due to the catechins in tea that can stimulate the lipid catabolism. It is also able to protect the organ from damaging effect caused by toxic substance. These liver cleansing superfoods can also prevent and treat the liver disease. Those who drink green tea have lower risk of liver cancer. This is based on the study of cancer causes and control in 2009. To enjoy this beverage, you can drink not more than three cups of green tea every day. Drinking this tea too much can be bad to liver and another part of body.

4. Walnut

Walnut can help to detoxify ammonia in the liver is walnuts with high amount of amino acid 1 arginine. It can also help the cleansing process in the liver naturally due to its content of omega 3 fatty acids and glitathione. The polyphenols compound in walnut will prevent the liver from damaging. This is based on the study of journal of ahricultural and food chemistry that has been published in 2008. You can enjoy this liver cleansing superfoods everyday as snack, side dish, soup, or for salad.


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