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The Best Home Remedies Fibroids from Herbal Medicine

Uterine leiomyomas called fibroid or a muscle tumor can occur in the uterus. The tumor is not cancerous and it is common in women. About 80% of women who get this disease are in the age of 50. This disease can be treated with home remedies fibroids. The cause of uterine fibroids is unknown, but studies show that genetic, hormonal, disorder in the system of blood vessels, and the growth factor play an important role in fibroids. The disease is more common in obese women and the women of African-American descent. Higher risk of fibroids happens in women who have first menstrual cycle before age 10 years and those who have never given birth.

Uterine Fibroid Symptoms

The Best Home Remedies Fibroids from Herbal Medicine. Illustration: Types fibroid in uterus by their location.

Most women who get fibroids have no symptoms. However, some of them show the symptoms such as pelvic pain, longer menstrual periods, bladder problems, heavy menstrual bleeding, and pain in the lower back and rectal pressure. Uterine fibroids are actually harmless, but it can cause complications that are not convenient as anemia caused by losing too much blood. However, the case that fibroids can lead to complications and affect your pregnancy is rare.

In the case of asymptomatic fibroids, the treatment may not be necessary. However, the treatment is necessary for fibroids that cause symptoms of severe complications. You can do the treatment in a conventional or try home remedies fibroids. There are herbal remedies, such as milk thistle and chaste berry, but they should not be consumed by pregnant and lactating women. You should ask your doctor before taking this herbal medicine as home remedies fibroids.

Herbal Remedies for Fibroids

• Castor Oil Pack

You can apply castor oil in the stomach to increase the production of lymphocytes and stimulates the circulatory system as well as lymphocytes. Holistic practitioners said that the buildup of these toxins affect the fibroid. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties and ricinoleic acid content. This kind of home remedies fibroids can shrink the fibroids and relieve your pain. Enter wool flannel in castor oil until saturated. Put the flannel on your stomach and cover it with plastic. Put a bottle of hot water or you can heat the pad on cloth and cover it again with a towel. Let it stand for an hour and wash off the oil from your stomach. Repeat this treatment 3-4 times a week for one month until there is a change in your fibroids. Do not use this method when you are pregnant or during your monthly periods.

• Chasteberry

Vitex also called Chasteberry. This plant is native of the Mediterranean and southern Europe. This is one of home remedies fibroids to make your hormones keep balanced, reducing the level of estrogen and heal the inflammation. You simply take 25-30 drops of Vitex agnus-castus for 2-4 times a day. Vitex agnus-castus not only regulate menstruation and the amount of bleeding during the period, but also can reduce the ability of birth control pills.

• Milk thistle

This herb can reduce excessive estrogen levels and help the metabolism in your body. Estrogen is the reproductive hormones that can make the cells produce the growth factors. This estrogen levels have an important role in the growth of fibroids. Take 10-25 drops of this medicine to 3 times a day within 3-4 months.

• Dandelion

Many herbal experts say that the bad liver function cannot make your body eliminate excessive hormones which cause the growth of fibroids. Dandelion is one of home remedies fibroids that can perform the detoxification process in liver, so the excessive estrogen can be reduced. Put about three tablespoons of dandelion into a half glass of water. Boil it for 15 minutes. Turn off the stove and let it stand for 15 minutes. Take this herbal 3 times a day within 3 months.

• Green tea

Research has shown that green tea has epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG compound which can inhibit the growth of fibroids and kill the cell. Epigallocatechin gallate provide antioxidant effects, anti proliferative and anti-inflammatory. The researchers also said that green tea can relieve severe fibroid symptoms. Drinking two green tea capsules or 2-3 cups of green tea every day could reduce the fibroids. Moreover, home remedies fibroids made of green tea are safe to drink every day.

• Milk

In 2009, the American Journal of Epidemiology has conducted a study. Boston University School of Medicine discovered the fact that black women who drink four or more cups of milk a day can reduce the risk as much as 30% of uterine fibroids than women who drink only one cup of milk a day. Although there is no researcher who knows the exact mechanism, but they believe that milk contains calcium which can reduce cell proliferation. Therefore, you can take more servings of milk in your diet. You can also mix the milk with sugar syrup, so it has more nutrients and iron. Milk can cure anemia because of heavy bleeding. In addition, blackstrap molasses could also shrink the fibroids. Mix three-fourths cup of milk with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar syrup. Drink 2 times a day for several months. Milk is one of home remedies fibroids which are easily made at home.

• Burdock root tea

Burdock root can increase the liver’s ability to balance the levels of estrogen. Moreover, it can cure fibroids. Arctigenin content of lignin in plants may reduce the size of fibroids. This plant can also prevent the growth of tumors. Pour a teaspoon of burdock powder into a glass of hot water. Let it stand for 10-15 minutes and strain. Drink it three times a day. You also can take 10-25 drops of burdock to 3 times a day. This treatment should be carried out for 3-4 months.

• Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can reduce the symptoms of fibroids by removing toxins in body and reducing fat. This ingredient of home remedies fibroids can also reduce fibroid tumor. Pour one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. You can add a tablespoon of sugar syrup for natural sweetener. Drink it every day. You can increase the dose of apple cider vinegar from one to two tablespoon.

• Garlic

Garlic has been one of home remedies fibroids that have anti-inflammatory properties and natural antioxidants. These substances can prevent the growth of fibroids and tumors in uterus. You can eat 3-5 cloves of garlic in one day. If you cannot stand the strong smell and taste of garlic, you can drink a glass of milk. Milk can reduce the size of fibroids in uterus.

• Amla or indian gooseberry

Amla is indian gooseberry with the content of natural antioxidants. These kind of herbal remedies fibroids can be an imunomodulator. This fruit is effective ayuverdic medicine to reduce symptoms and reduce the size of uterine fibroids. Mix honey with one teaspoon of Amla. Drink this mixture in the morning on a regular basis. Perform this treatment for several months to obtain satisfactory results.

In addition, you can exercise regularly to help the toxins elimination process through perspiration. As alternative, drink plenty of water every day to remove toxins from your body. Exercise can also make periods become regular. You need to eat whole grains, green vegetables, beans, brown rice, and fruits. High fiber foods can reduce estrogen levels and shrink your fibroids in the uterus. Furthermore, green vegetables will prevent the growth of fibroids. If you suffer from severe symptoms, then you should consult with your doctor to get proper treatment after applying home remedies fibroids.


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