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Home Beauty Remedies The Advantages of Aloe Vera Mask for Skin Hair and Face

The Advantages of Aloe Vera Mask for Skin Hair and Face

Aloe Vera is very useful for beauty care. This ingredient will have better result for maintaining beauty when it is combined with lemon juice. It is not only beneficial for beauty skin, but also for skin hair. The combination of lemon juice to make Aloe Vera mask for skin hair is able to give nourishment for hair. This recipe can also prevent excess oiliness and hair loss. It is able to enhance the growing hair and eliminate dandruff. Thus, you can get healthy and glowing complexion on the hair. When this mask is applied on skin, it will help to minimize blemishes and darks spot on your face. It is even a great help to heal acne. When you apply this mask regularly, it can reduce suntan well.

To get Aloe Vera, you can plant this beneficial herb in the garden. It is not expensive to plant it. Other than plant this herb by yourself, you can get gel product of Aloe Vera if you do not have this plant around your house. Aloe Vera gel can be bought in some certain store to make Aloe Vera mask for skin hair. By combining it with lemon juice, surely you will get effective beauty care without spending too much money. The use of lemon juice will help preventing Aloe Vera from turning brown. Besides, lemon juice is good aid for beauty remedy which saves a lot of natural properties.

The Advantages of Aloe Vera Mask for Skin Hair and Face

Combining Lemon Juice to Make Aloe Vera Mask for Skin Hair and Face

How to make mask from the combination of Aloe Vera and lemon juice? You have to prepare the ingredients first. The materials that you are going to need are two leaves of Aloe Vera, a half part of lemon, sharp knife, blender, three bowls, and juice squeezer. First, you need to cut Aloe Vera leaves using knife. Cut serrated edges of both leaves. After that, you need to slit the leaves’ top layer. Then, you will see the gel inside it. Now, you have to peel off the gel form leaves carefully. Then, put it into bowl. The next step, you squeeze lemon juice using squeezer. After that, add the gel and lemon juice into lender. Blend it for about one minute. Then, pour the mixture of gel and lemon juice into another bowl. Aloe Vera mask for skin hair and face is ready to use.

You can have beauty treatment using this homemade mixture for your skin and hair. To apply Aloe Vera mask for skin hair, you can use this mixture by applying it into your hair. Then, you need to leave and wait for it for about twenty minutes. Then, you can wash it using water cleanly. You need to remember that lemon juice can lighten hair’s color when you use it frequently.

In this case, you can replace lemon juice with honey to make Aloe Vera mask for skin hair. It is great help to moisturize your hair. To use this mask for face, you can apply it on neck and face and leave it for about thirteen minutes. After that, you can rinse it cleanly. It is beneficial to maintain skin tone.

In preparing Aloe Vera mask for skin hair and face, you may feel uncomfortable while peeling off the gel from Aloe Vera. Instead, you can use spoon to scoop out the gel. You may also have no squeezer to get juice from lemon. In this case, you can squeeze the juice out using your hand. You can roll lemon on countertop in order to produce more juices before you cut it into halves part.

Other Benefits of Aloe Gel Taken from Aloe Vera

Other than being beneficial for skin and hair, Aloe Vera gives a lot of benefits for body health as well. It contains natural immune to fight free radical in the body. Your immune systems can be enhanced and boosted by drinking Aloe Vera juice regularly. The juice can also increase energy level and help maintaining healthy body weight. Aloe Vera is also able to improve bowel movements. It is a great aid to treat constipation. For those who suffer from diabetes type two, you can drink Aloe Vera juice to help lowering blood sugar level. It is not only great to make Aloe Vera mask for skin hair and face, but this herb is also able to lower high cholesterol.


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