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Tasty Morning Smoothie to Control Blood Pressure

Do you start a day with coffee or tea in the morning? This kind of habit will effect blood pressure goes to high level or doctor call it as hypertension. It will be dangerous if you do not put extra concern and care to this situation. Tasty morning smoothie might be the best solution to control blood pressure in normal state because it contains potassium and vitamin C. For your information, hypertension is not disease, but it is the predisposition factor on certain illness or more complicated health problem. Cardiovascular related illness starts to manifest at first stage from high blood pressure.

Hypertension comes from several factors such as fat and cholesterol food, excessive sodium intake, insomnia or stress condition, etc. When this condition starts to appear, you will get another one for next time because it cannot be gone completely. The only recommendation from physician is by changing lifestyle into healthier. Good food such as particularly tasty morning smoothie is one of solution to control blood pressure. You have to eat more vegetables and fruits, especially with high potassium and vitamin C. If you are smoker or alcohol drinker, both of them have to be throw away immediately as they make condition to be worse every time. Other alternative is by doing physical exercise regularly and reduce the caffeine intake.

Tasty Morning Smoothie to Control Blood Pressure. Illustration: Four Bottles (Orange, Green, Pink, and Yellow) of Fruits and Vegetables Smoothies.

Ingredients of Tasty Morning Smoothie

Main focus in tasty morning smoothie is potassium and vitamin C. Lemon and orange are familiar source of vitamin C, but they can mix well with some fruits. In this recipe, you will use strawberry and kiwi as main fruits because it is rich of vitamin C. Strawberry has potassium but in small portion, so banana is better to increase potassium level for this smoothie. Since you drink it in the morning, something with fiber or good carbohydrate should be put on it. Flaxseed will be good choice for this section as it has essential fiber to keep you healthy.

Another key ingredient is dairy product that can be yogurt and skim milk. You will use both of them to get more nutrients for tasty morning smoothie. Milk is very good for body because it can keep blood pressure at normal level. Moreover, milk is familiar in many health products as nutritious material. Derivative of milk is yogurt that contains probiotic for immune system. If your body is in the prime condition, the probability of heart disease surely goes lower. Therefore, yogurt and milk are good composition. The correlation between dairy product and blood pressure has been on many research subjects with good implication. It means you have to consume milk, yogurt, or both to keep healthy and hardly feel trouble with cardiovascular related disease.

Making Tasty Morning Smoothie

The equipment to make tasty morning smoothie is simple. You require knife to cut some ingredients or peel fruits and blender machine to mix all of them. Firstly, pour skim milk and yogurt into blender with the same ratio. Put a glass of yogurt and skim milk is in the same amount. After that, slice strawberry and banana then put into blender. The next one is kiwi and flaxseeds. For flavor, you might consider green cress, but it is optional. Do not add sugar in these compositions. The last process is by blending all of ingredient until becomes one color liquid. You can pour into glass or cup to serve it.

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Basically, there is no fixed number about how ingredient you have to put on this recipe. However, this smoothie is for morning or breakfast, so you have to make sure that you can eat whole thing at once. Storing at fridge is not good option since this recipe is mixed product and it will deteriorate. The best thing to serve tasty morning smoothie is when you finish blending and drink it immediately without anything left. You will feel the difference after consume this delicious smoothie for week then try to check your blood pressure.


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