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Swollen Fingers Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

It may perhaps happen before when you unexpectedly feel pressure in your fingers and small swelling. Similar to the other parts of your body, stress or overwork can cause swollen fingers. However, this could happen because of so many factors. Swelling in any body part is commonly attributable to fluid buildup. It’s very usual that fingers are the parts which take excessive work. Fluids are accumulated in those areas because the circulation is not good. This article will explain the reasons to help you comprehend why your fingers are swollen and if everyday life could affect it. But if the swelling happens frequently and the pain is really apparent, you must consult with the doctor for more understanding.

Warning Sign of Swollen Fingers

Swollen Fingers Symptoms Causes and Treatments
By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Swollen fingers could be attributable to so many reasons like daily life or even causal diseases. Every now and then, the swelling could also happen when you wake up but then after a few hours it gradually returns to normal. Regardless of what causes your fingers to swell, some visible symptoms may occur. Those symptoms could involve skin discoloration of your fingers, lack of sensation, and inflexibility. You may also feel heat sensation, pain in the joints of your fingers or even unable to move them at all. If you notice any symptoms, you shall check what causes them.

1. External Injuries

Perhaps you have bumped your toe to a table or smack your fingers with a closing door. Although those parts of your body are pretty tough, damaged tissue caused by a bad injury will become the reason of swollen fingers. A great external impact can result in bone fractures. Repetitive hands activities can cause stress. Hematoma or known as blood accretion over its vessels happens following a bad injury. Those aspects are the external injuries that become one of the reasons why your fingers swell.

2. Heat Edema

Hot climate can make blood vessels to be temporary expanded which leads to swelling. You may have experienced when your hands or feet swell up during a hot day. An overheated body means the blood circulation could be troubled. Consequently, it causes fluid accumulations in some parts of your body like hands or feet which results in swelling. This heat edema condition happens when your body is unable to adapt to the hot climate. After a while, your body will acclimate and the symptoms may disappear.

3. Water Edema

Water edema occurs if fluid is excessively accumulated in the body tissues and resulted in swelling. An allergy-related swelling or known as angioedema can also cause swollen fingers or inflammation. Your body may react to a number of allergens and that is why some part of your body can also swell. You might want to have a medical checkup on what type of things you’re allergic to.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Although carpal tunnel syndrome not just primarily shows swollen fingers or hands as its symptoms, but it could be one of the causes. What causes this syndrome is the accumulated pressure on the median nerve of your hand. This nerve is located across the forearm and hand. If you happen to have this syndrome, your hand will feel weak, numb and some tingles. Diabetes and arthritis can be the reason of carpal tunnel syndrome. Moving your hand with the same recurring movements can cause it as well. Sleeping on your hands can worsen the swelling especially if you have the syndrome. Acute cases may possibly have need of surgical procedure. It’s better to reduce the stresses and pressures your hands get from your activity or wear a wrist support.

5. Unbalanced Diet

Swollen fingers can be caused by food that you consume, which is very common when high-sodium diet is what you have on daily life. You might be unaware of the foods that you take could contain a high quantity of sodium. Sodium is good for our body if consumed at the right portion. What you can do for your body is balance everything out. If your take too much sodium, it makes your body accumulate fluid more easily. Excessive amount of water is what causes the swelling.

6. Pre-menstrual Syndrome

It’s known that pre-menstrual syndrome has been a common experience among women and its indication usually reappear prior to a menstrual period. The syndrome makes hormone level changed and sometimes can cause swollen fingers or other body parts. More acute symptoms may be categorized pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. Other symptoms that are physically noticeable involve queasiness, headache, bloating and weight gain. It could also cause pain on the abdominal area, back, joint, or muscles.

7. Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease may be another explanation for swollen fingers. This health condition causes numbness and coldness in several parts of your body like toes or fingers. This symptom usually occurs when your body is reacting to cold type of weather or when you’re having nervous tension. It’s been observed that people who live in colder environment are prone to this disease, especially in women. Not only feeling numb and cold, the symptoms could show skin discoloration and tingling sensation.

Swollen Fingers Attributable to Arthritis

Swollen joints may also be another condition following finger swelling. But in cases where it’s only the knuckles or joints that swells, there is a relation with arthritis. Commonly, the swelling of your joints occur when there is accumulation of fluid in your fingers. There are two major conditions of arthritis that can explain the swelling. Osteoarthritis is developed with aging process due to the deterioration of the cartilage. It causes the edge of the joints in your fingers grow and result in swelling. Meanwhile, Rheumatoid Arthritis can happen no matter how old you are. It causes swelling and rigidity in the hands, knees, and feet and makes everyday activities not easy.

Other condition that’s also involved in this situation is Psoriatic Arthritis. It is specifically occur in people who are diagnosed with inflammatory joint disease due to psoriasis. Infectious Arthritis is attributable to a recurring infection caused by fungi, bacteria, or virus. As the infection passes through in the bloodstream, it could spread to the joints causing pain and swollen fingers. The last condition is when uric acid creates crystals buildup at the joints, this one is called Gouty Arthritis. It commonly occurs with an abrupt attack to one of more joints, making painful feeling and swelling.

Treating Swollen Fingers

In cases of swelling due to daily activities, you shall make preventive plans that can either offer relief or even avoid the swelling. However, if the swelling of your fingers are caused by health conditions, below treatments can help you out by easing the inflammation. Take a look at these methods that you can get for relieving the finger swelling.

1. Monitor your daily consumptions

Make an effort to steer clear of processed food which contains high amount of sodium. Eat more fruits and vegetables that are fresh and organic.

2. Make some easy exercises for your hand

Try to stretch your hands and turn your wrists around. This exercise may help put a stop to the swelling as well.

3. Regular exercise

Exercise is believed to get your blood circulation better and develop your overall physical condition. Remember that obesity can cause fluid accumulation as well. Moreover, take a good break once in a while and let your hands rest especially if you use your hands excessively for working. Ensure yourself to avoid sleeping on your hands because it can put a lot of pressure which leads to swelling.

4. Good lifestyle

Make sure you’re constantly hydrated at all times. Drink a lot of water because it can help wash down toxins in your body that could be the reason of your swelling. As for painful joint and acute swelling, you can always consult with your physician whether you need to take anti-inflammatory medication.

Chemical of physical imbalance of your body can cause some health conditions which lead to finger swelling. If you experience regular pain or skin discoloration around your swollen fingers, it’s best to consult it with an experienced doctor to discover the causes.


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