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Stuffy Nose Remedies for Complete Treatment on Nasal Congestion

Stuffy nose remedies are the things you could use some of if you have stuffy and running nose. In general, this medical condition is actually one of the most common conditions people contract with. It is probably due to the fact that the flu virus, the main cause of this medical condition, has the capability of regenerating in rapid pace.

Details on Stuffy Nose

Such pace then leads many people prone to this compared to any other medical conditions. However, do not worry about such thing since there are actually several home remedies and treatments you can opt for to soothe the condition.

Perhaps before going deeper on the topics of stuffy nose remedies, it would be better to start off with the explanation regarding the stuffy nose in general. In medical terms, it is usually known as nasal congestion; a medical condition in which the vessels inside the nose become inflamed due to many contributory factors.

Several of them are cold temperature, internal infection by virus or bacteria, or allergies. In most cases, cold temperature and infection are the main causes of stuffy nose since unpredictable weather conditions cannot be avoided and infection always happens if you are contracted with one.

List of Stuffy Nose Remedies

Stuffy Nose Remedies for Complete Treatment on Nasal Congestion. Spicy Foods, Warm Compress, Hot Shower, Eucalyptus Oil, Humidifier.

After having first-hand knowledge on what stuffy nose is; then we can get into the main topic of the article which is the stuffy nose remedies. In the matter of this, you will be glad to find that all remedies listed below are actually quite easy to obtain or simply do. Here is the list of several effective means of medicating stuffy nose.

1. Take hot showers

Have you ever had a hot shower while you have flu and felt better off after the process? Well, that just proves how hot shower can actually be the simplest of all stuffy nose remedies. Perhaps you think that taking showers might be a bad idea since the only thing it would do is making your cold worse off. However, it has been proven that hot showers are as effective on treating cold and stuffy nose other medicines. In this case, it is able to stop the excessive mucus production and drain the one inside the nose to relieve the sensation inside the nose.

2. Drain the mucus

This type of stuffy nose remedies is actually quite the same as the one mentioned previously. The remedy for stuffy nose you can easily try for yourself is to flush out the mucus. But instead of resorting to hot showers, it uses the Neti pot as means off flushing out mucus effectively. In the matter of this, you should stick the end of the Neti pot inside your nostril to relieve it from the strains of mucus. Bend your head towards one side to help drain the mucus. After you did, the mucus inside your nose will be flushed out of the nose to the pot. It might take several times of use to make sure the mucus inside is really drained, so give yourself some time.

3. Use saline spray

If you already have done one or all of the methods explained earlier, saline spray can be the next thing on stuffy nose remedies you can try. Even though you have taken hot showers or simply flushed the mucus out using Neti pot, the inflammation on the nasal tissue still persists which can stimulate production of mucus all over again. In that case, you need to put a stopper to it using saline spray. If on the case of previous remedies they were not able to soothe the infection, this solution actually is able to. All you have to with this magical solution is to spray it to your surroundings and sniff the air sprayed with one. Try the process several times after the mucus production stops completely.

4. Use eucalyptus oil

Another means of relieving and soothing the nasal congestion and swollen tissue for stuffy nose remedies is eucalyptus oil besides saline spray. As you might have concluded, these two solutions actually have the same function to soothe the nasal infection and congestion. But, for some people, using saline spray can induce another case of allergies. If that is the case, then you should make use of eucalyptus oil to help soothe the nasal congestion and infection. In the case of using this solution, sniff the eucalyptus oil to drain the mucus and put a stop to the nasal infection which causes the excessive mucus production. In the end, the nasal congestion or stuffy nose can be relieved as well.

5. Resort to warm compress

Another effective means for relieving the nasal infection for stuffy nose remedies is warm compress. This one might seem quite traditional and maybe obsolete for some people. But believe it or not, traditional medicine works effectively as the modern one. In that case, it is no different with the warm compress after all. Just like the hot showers, heat produced from the compress can help relieve the nasal congestion and excessive mucus production, but not soothing the infection. In the matter of this, apply the warm compress on your forehead for several minutes. Soak it up in the water again to make it warm. Do the process several times until the burden on your nose is relieved and the mucus production slows down. It might take some uses so you need to be passion with that process.

6. Resort to decongestant

Another thing on stuffy nose remedies you can use for your need is decongestant. Compared to other means of medication, this medicine is better to be put on the last resort. In that sense, you need to try the other means of medications before relying on this due to the effect it can induce. In that case, people should take their health condition into account before taking this medicine since those with high blood pressure is not recommended to take this. On that note, you need to ask for doctor’s prescription before buying and consuming decongestant.

7. Rely on humidifier

In some cases, the reason why many people are contracted with stuffy nose or nasal congestion is that the air they breathe is too dry which can induce inflammation or swollen tissue in the nose. That being said, the next thing on stuffy nose remedies is humidifier. Yes, it is not such medicine you can consume directly. As the name states, it is used to humidify the air around. That way, people can breathe in a clean and humid air which can relax the inflammation on the nasal tissue and reduce the excessive mucus production and all.

8. Keep hydrated

Another most common cause of nasal congestion and swollen nasal tissue is dehydration. It may seem quite trivial but the truth is, dehydration can lead to many serious problems; nasal congestion included. In that case, another medication for stuffy nose remedies is sufficient water consumption. Drink at least 8 glass of water every day and the pressure in your nose will increase, flushing out the mucus inside. Besides, the inflammation which caused the disease can also be stopped thanks to sufficient amount of water consumption every day. With this, people do not have to consume any medicine prescribed to you.

9. Have spicy foods or snacks

The simplest means of medication for stuffy nose remedies is relied on anything spicy. For the specific types of food you can consume, it actually can be anything ranged from anything made of chili or anything that can induce hot sensation in your mouth and nose. Just put these food ingredients in your daily consumption, such as meals or snacks, for several days. Wait until the mucus productions stops and the burden on your nose feels more relaxed for better results on the medical condition you have stuck on the nose.

Well, that is all for the list of effective stuffy nose remedies you all need to know. Just try them immediately if you feel the symptoms.


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