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Stinky Feet Cause, Tips and Home Remedies

No one likes stinky feet problem and they definitely do want to deal with this condition which is quite embarrassing. For those who have trouble with this stinky smell in their feet, they may ask some points like what exactly the causes and how to get rid of such foot odor problem. To answer these frequently asked questions, let’s pay attention to the following sections.

The Causes of Stinky Feet

Stinky Feet Cause, Tips and Home Remedies

One of the causes of stinky feet is the high amount of sweat in your feet. Foot has more sweat glands and thus it produces more sweat. Some bacteria in your feet then will help to break down the sweat as it is released on your feet. When there is sweat and bacteria build up, then a bad odor will be formed.

Aside from sweat in your foot, poor hygiene contributes as another cause of bad smell feet. It takes part in causing a medical condition called bromodosis. This term is used to refer to smelly feet due to sweat buildup which leads to bacteria growth in foot skin. Some fungal infections such as athlete’s foot are also able to lead to bromodosis condition. If you wash your feet infrequently and do not change your socks regularly, it allows extra bacteria for growing on feet. As the result, it makes your foot stinky or even worse.

Tips to Get Rid of Stinky Feet

After discussing about the causes of stinky feet in the previous section, you should know several tips to prevent and get rid of bad smells from your feet. The following are the things you can try at home which may resolve foot odor problem as well as bring much relief.

1. Practice a good hygiene

Practicing a good hygiene is very helpful if you do want to get stinky feet. It is simple task to do every day by following the hygiene routine for feet. It includes washing feet using antibacterial soap. Washing feet in daily basis and then dry them is quite important to do. Pay attention to the part between toes when you wash it. When drying the feet with a clean towel, it is necessary to dab between toes using cotton wool that has been dipped in apple cider vinegar. If you have sweaty feet, you need to treat it with foot scrub. Choose the one with antibacterial properties for better scrub. However, if you have eczema or broken skin, you have to avoid using foot scrub.

2. Soak your feet

Soaking your feet in certain solution made of water mixed with natural ingredients is one of very useful tips to try. The soaking treatment will benefit as temporary relief and also reduce bacteria growth level as the cause of foot odor. This method is effective if you follow the procedure correctly. What kind of natural ingredients used and how to make it are going to be described further in the next section. But most importantly, you have to make sure that you dry thoroughly both your feet after try these stinky feet remedies.

3. Wash footwear regularly

The next tip to prevent stinky feet is of course by washing your footwear regularly in order to prevent moisture and dead skin buildup. In this case, you have to change your socks every day and wash them. Not only socks, your shoes need to be washed as well but without damaging the materials. For shoes, you need to read the instruction beforehand about how to care and dry the shoes completely. It would be better to not wearing the same shoes 2 days in row. That is why you need to rotate them.

4. Wear socks

Another essential tip regarding stinky feet is by simply wearing socks. It is recommended to wear socks made from the materials like cotton, wool, or the mixture of cotton and wool. These materials are said to be able to absorb the moisture. These kinds of sock are better materials than nylon. For your information, some socks for sports even consist of ventilating holes that will keep the feet dry.

Home Remedies for Stinky Feet

Natural cures are available and worth trying too for eliminating the stinky smell in feet which is very annoying. You should follow these natural cures properly for certain time period if you want to get the best result. Most remedies below can even resolve such problem just within one week.

1. Alum

The first home remedy that can be helpful to get rid of stinky feet is alum. You can use alum powder which has antiseptic and astringent properties to inhibit the bacteria growth. To make this remedy, prepare alum powder as much as one tea spoon and also one cup warm water. After that, mix them well. Use this solution to wash thoroughly your feet. Then dry them after twenty minutes. Now, you can sprinkle alum powder over your feet. This remedy can be done once every day.

2. Baking soda

Second ingredient which is also helpful for stinky feet is by using sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. This effective remedy will reduce bacteria as well as neutralize pH of sweat. You just need to add some baking soda into warm water. For every ¼ of water, add one tablespoon of baking soda. After you make this solution, you can put your feet into this solution and soak it for fifteen minutes. Do this every day at night for one week. If you want, you can sprinkle the baking soda as well in your socks and shoes before you wear them.

3. Black tea

Black tea contains tannic acid which helps killing all bacteria that produce the foot odor. This great remedy for stink feet helps to close the pores of your feet. Thus, it will reduce the sweat as bacteria feed. You are going to use two bags of black tea and 3 cups hot water to make this home treatment. Boil these ingredients and then add some normal water that will lower the solution’s temperature. Now, you can soak both your feet for twenty minutes in the solution. Do this home treatment daily for one week.

4. Epsom salt

Epsom salt is also another excellent remedy that will minimize bad smell from your feet. It can neutralize the foot odor by fighting the microbial infection. It is not only good for stinky feet, but also for soothing the aching feet using detoxifying bath with this kind of salt. In order to make this natural remedy at home, you can mix 2 teaspoons Epsom salt with ½ bucket warm water. Mix them well and then soak thoroughly your feet into this solution for fifteen minutes. To get the best result, you should do this right before you go to sleep at night. Thereby, you will not need to wear shoes or socks for several hours.

5. Lavender oil

The next natural remedy to eliminate bad foot odor is by using lavender oil which has very good smells. Antifungal properties found in lavender oil are quite effective for treating stinky feet. Besides, it will help to kill the bacteria as well. It is very simple to make the remedy. Put some drops of this essential oil into warm water. Then, use it to soak and wash your feet for twenty minutes. This can be repeated twice daily within a week.

6. Vinegar

The last home treatment for foot odor is using vinegar which is beneficial to get rid of the bad smell of your feet. It can eliminate stinky smell very well as it can create acidic environment where the bacteria would not be able to survive. For this remedy, you are allowed to choose any vinegar type, especially apple cider vinegar. Make the mixture about seven cups hot water with one-half cup vinegar. After that, soak your feet for fifteen minutes in this mixture to get rid of stinky feet. You should wash and clean your feet afterward with soap in order to remove vinegar smell.


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