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Sore Throat Remedies with Natural Ingredients

Several causes involve in sore throat condition. Bacterial infection and irritation are primary sources. At low stage, this sore condition can be treated with sore throat remedies. You do not have to visit doctor to handle sore throat. However, bacterial infection might get more severe without prior treatment. This is reason why natural ingredients are better than medication. It is safer for long-term treatment. Another cause is shouting. Voice organ is located below back of throat. When sound comes out, it takes energy to vibrate. Excessive shouting leads to drain throat. People with low voice need to be careful not to extend voice ability due to possibility of injury in throat.

Before using sore throat remedies, you need to know which organs involved in this condition. Sore throat can be found in pharynx as inflammation form. Pharynx is tube between mouth and esophagus. Throat has two tubes that connect to respiratory and digestive system. Sometime, sore happens as dislocation of food inside respiratory tube. It is common situation where you talk while eat or vice versa. Acid reflux is result of respiratory tract to defend from hard object, particularly food. Besides that, reflux is produced as reaction immune system. Unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, becomes crucial cause of sore throat. Smoking affects throat as many chemical compounds pass through this area. Throat is like checking point before something go inside body. You inhale air from nose and will pass throat. Food from mouth will use throat to pass into digestive system.

From those causes, it is important to keep throat at good condition. Natural remedies in the following section will be your best choice to prevent severe pain. Besides that, they can be obtained easily around your house or at store.

Sore Throat Remedies with Natural Ingredients. Illustration: Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Lemon, Salt, Turmeric for Sore Throat Home Remedies.

Eight Remedies for Sore Throat

1. Lemon

To soothe sore throat, lemon is right choice. It has ability to remove excess mucus inside throat then keep mouth fresh. When you have this problem, mouth is full of bacterial that produce nasty smell. Moreover, bacterial will go further to reach throat and infect that place. As one of sore throat remedies, you can consume lemon in many ways. Make lemon juice and add warm water. Drink daily until throat start to feel better. If lemon is too sour, you can add honey to get better flavor. Gargling is good for sore throat. Use lemon juice with warm water to gargle. If sore throat is not gone, you can mix lemon with salt and pepper. Lick it slowly.

2. Cinnamon

Sore throat may appear as effect of cold weather. In such situation, throat is dry and need to hydrate. However, water is not enough to keep throat wet. If this thing is left untreated, inflammation and irritation will emerge to make more pain. One right ingredient as sore throat remedies to handle this matter is cinnamon. Since long time, people used cinnamon to warm body and treated sore throat. Prepare warm water inside glass then add cinnamon and black pepper powder. Mix until blend completely. This mixture is nor for drinking. Gargle with this mixture until pain is vanished. You can apply this treatment twice a day or more depend on sore level.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known as anti-inflammatory remedy. It is good ingredient for many problems, externally an internally. For sore throat, you cannot ignore apple cider vinegar. Besides that, antibacterial inside this ingredient is essential to dissolve any infection. You try some recipes to overcome sore throat using apple cider vinegar. Firstly, mix this ingredient with warm water then drink regularly. Secondly, add lemon and honey to get better flavor. Thirdly, you gargle with apple cider vinegar, salt, and war water. You just pick one of them and find the most suitable one. Therefore, apple cider vinegar is one of sore throat remedies.

4. Garlic

You recognize garlic from its smell. People have used garlic since ancient time. It is ingredient for many diseases and health problems. For sore throat remedies, garlic is your excellent choice. Antiseptic and antibacterial abilities make garlic susceptible to infection and inflammation. It will get rid of any cause of sore throat quickly. Eating raw garlic is one method to ease sore throat. Taste might be a little bit uncomfortable but result is ultimately excellent. Chemical essence from garlic clove will kill bacteria in no time. Garlic oil is alternative if you do not like eating raw. Oil can be found at store. Mix with warm water then use it for gargling. Add garlic into food for preventive measure.

5. Salt water

The simplest ingredient for sore throat remedies is salt water. People use salt water for mouth, throat, and teeth remedy. It is able to ease pain and maintain pH level. Sal water is natural antiseptic that let throat to exhaust water from mucous membranes. Besides that, salt water can get rid of bacterial infection and inflammation. Mix salt and warm water. To control salty taste, you pick amount of salt based on your personal preference. Add honey to get better flavor. Gargle with salt water. Be careful not to swallow. After you are done, spit it out then gargle again with new solution. This treatment can be applied daily until throat start to back into normal state.

6. Honey

Honey might be the most popular ingredient in sore throat remedies. You can use honey as standalone ingredient or mix with others. Honey is natural antiseptic and antibacterial to isolate infection and inflammation. It also increase healing ability and give better smell inside mouth. Sore throat happens because dryness and require water to be drawn from throat membrane. Honey helps to induce water and acts as hypertonic osmotic. Add honey into arm water then drink daily. It is good for general health. Besides that, you can mix honey with turmeric, lemon, cinnamon, or herbal tea.

7. Turmeric

To handle sore throat, you can try turmeric. It is one of sore throat remedies with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Mix turmeric powder and warm water. Stir them then drink when stomach is empty. Another way is mixing black pepper and turmeric powder into warm milk. Drink at night before go to bed. You can use turmeric for gargling with warm water.

8. Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is belonged into sore throat remedies for its ability to soothe the pain. People consume this ingredient as tea to treat cold and cough. You can use it to overcome sore throat. Put dried marshmallow root into boiling water. Strain and steep it then add honey. Drink this herbal three times a day. Make sure you are not in pregnancy period, due to adverse effect for fetus.

All of sore throat remedies act as preliminary treatment. Sore throat will be gone after three days until week for maximum period. If you still pain in throat area, it is better to visit doctor for further examination.


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