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Simple Household Items as Minor Burns Home Remedies

Household items for minor burns home remedies turn out to be easily found on your kitchen. Minor burns represent a damaged condition on top most layer of your skin. This skin layer is commonly turned into red and inflicts painful sensation. This condition is also called as first-degree burns. It happens when your skin touch hot surface of objects or fluid. Sun exposure and steam in hot condition can also cause minor burns as well. Fortunately, simple household items can be used to cure minor burns. Here is a list of ten home remedies for first-degree burns.

10 Minor Burns Home Remedies

Simple Household Items as Minor Burns Home Remedies

1. Raw potato

The first on our list of minor burns home remedies is raw potato. It has both soothing and anti-irritating property that helps your skin layer to heal from minor burns. In some cases, minor burns might cause blisters. Raw potato is able to reduce blisters and pain from minor burns. All you need to do is slice the raw potato. Use the raw potato slices to rub the burned area. Alternatively, you can also grate raw potato then applied potato grate on your burned skin for 15 minutes.

2. Cold water

Cold water is one of the simplest minor burns home remedies. Immediately after your skin is burned, you can apply running cold water on the affected area. This method will stop the burn effectively. Temperature of cold water will help you reducing burned skin temperature. Alternatively, you can also compress the burned skin with clean cloth that has been soaked in cold water. Avoid using ice since it will restrict the flow of blood in the affected area. Moreover, it might potentially cause damage on delicate skin tissue.

3. Coconut oil and lemon juice

Coconut oil and lemon juice can also be used as minor burns home remedies. Coconut oil contains both Vitamin E and fatty acids. Meanwhile, lemon juice contains acidic properties. Combination of both home remedies is able to heal minor burns. Acidic property of lemon juice helps to lighten scars from minor burns. Moreover, coconut oil has antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-bacteria as well. All you need to do is adding few drops of lemon juice into coconut oil before you applied it in the affected area.

4. Aloe vera

When your skin burned, skin tissue is damaged. Astringent contained in aloe vera facilitates the healing of damaged skin tissue. Aloe vera is also categorized in minor burns home remedies. In order to treat minor burns with aloe vera, you need to slice its leaf and apply the fresh gel inside it to burned skin. Alternatively, you can also add turmeric to the aloe vera gel before you applied it. In emergency, cream that contains aloe vera ingredients will also works just fine.

5. Black tea bags

One of the minor burns home remedies that can be easily found in your kitchen is black tea bags. It contains tannic acid that absorbs heat from burned skin area and reduces pain inflicted. The treatment for minor burns involves three black tea bags. Steep those tea bags for couple of minutes in warm water. Soak clean cloth when the solution is cool. Compress affected area using this cloth. Repeat the same process for better result. Alternatively, you can also put wet black tea bags over affected area directly.

6. Honey

Compared to other minor burns home remedies, honey works by disinfect wounds caused by minor burns. Honey works as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Those properties are able to prevent the development of hypertrophic scars. Soak gauze bandage into honey and applied it directly over the burned skin area. Let the gauze on the affected area for up to three days. Replace it with new one regularly until your burned skin is healed. Although the healing process takes few days, honey is able to heal the wound effectively.

7. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is part of minor burns home remedies due to the unique property it has. It contains painkilling and antiseptic property. Lavender essential oil also has soothing effect. Using this essential oil to cure minor burns will reduce chance of scarring caused by burned skin. Dissolve few drops of lavender essential oil into a couple cups of water. Soak clean cloth in the solution and applied directly on the burned skin. Alternatively, you can also mix lavender essential oil with honey. Apply the mixture three times a day.

8. Vinegar

As it goes with aloe vera, vinegar contains astringent property. Along with this property, vinegar also works as antiseptic. Vinegar is also considered as one of the effective minor burns home remedies. Dissolve apple cider vinegar into water in the same amount. Rinse the burned area with this solution. Soak clean cloth with this solution and cover the affected area with it. Change the cloth regularly every a couple of hours. It not only helps you to treat minor burns, but also prevent infection as well.

9. Onion juice

Juice extracted from onion contains substances called as sulfur and quercetin. Those substances work together to relieve pain and prevent burned area from blistering. As part of minor burns home remedies, you can use it to heal minor burn by cut fresh onion. You need to applied juice produced by onion in the burned area. Change the onion with new one after few minutes.

10. Plantain leaves

You can take advantage of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property from plantain leaves. Crush some of the fresh leaves to create a paste. Spread the paste on affected area. When it dries out, replace with fresh one. Plantain leaves is the last home remedies on our list of minor burns home remedies.


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