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Home DIY Homemade Simple and Natural Pet Stain Remover

Simple and Natural Pet Stain Remover

Pet lovers like to keep their pet at home. They let them to go around from one room to another, even sleep together. One common problem is pet stain that can be found on sofa, carpet, floor, chair, wall, etc. Usually, you use pet stain remover with chemical compound to get rid of it. That is a good choice, but chemical is not good when the stain is on leather sofa, sensitive carpet and wooden flooring. You need remover from natural ingredients to handle this problem.

Before exploring few examples of these removers, you should know the type of stain, location and how long that stain has been there. Cat and dog are common pets to stay inside the home. Dog’s stain comes from the urine, paw, hair, and tongue. All of them make different stains that need to get rid of immediately. Well, dog is more active than cat; even the most active car is still calmer than less active dog. Moreover, cat stains are a little bit different. Cat makes few stains, but it is still uncomfortable when you see them on the sofa or floor. In this case, you can use pet stain remover based on the type of stains.

The Natural Ingredients for Pet Stain Remover

Simple and Natural Pet Stain Remover. Illustration: Cute cat.

1. Lemon or orange

Lemon or orange is delicious fruit with high nutrition. You can drink lemon juice to gather energy and feel fresh. Why lemon or orange is pet stain remover? Animal urine has strong odor that makes an uncomfortable atmosphere. You may have removed urine from floor, but the odor is still strong. In order to keep the room back to fresh condition, use lemon or orange to absorb every piece of animal urine. Using lemon or orange is the simplest way to remove the stain on the floor.

How about stain on sofa, carpet, and linen? Dried stain is the most difficult one to remove. You may wash sofa with clean linen, but it is not enough. When the stain is wet, just put lemon on top of the stain and press it gently. You may use lemon liquid to pour on the top of stain. It will mix with stains then gather all of them in single location. After that, just remove it slowly alongside the liquid. Repeat this procedure again until all of stains are vanished. You should keep the area around the stain at wet condition with water. This procedure is eligible to remove new stain or up to three days.

Lemon or orange is pet stain remover because they contain high acidity. When you mix acid liquid with other compound, it will react quickly. That is what happens when you spread lemon around the stain area. Acid compound inside lemon liquid will react with stain. You can combination between lemon and water to wash floor. Pure lemon might turn floor color, but the water soothes its effect. Moreover, lemon will bring iconic scene and you will feel relaxed when inhale its scene. Well, strong odor needs stronger stuff to compete.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is popular remedy for internal and external treatment. When having low immune, you can mix vinegar and honey to increase metabolism. People also use vinegar for cooking and foods. For external treatment, you may add apply vinegar to soothe pain in arm, foots, and other parts of the body. As we know, beauty, health, and cosmetics products use it as the main ingredient.

How do you use vinegar for pet stain remover? In general, vinegar acts as similar to what lemon or orange does. It is equal replacement to remove any stain, including from animal. Vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal to react with any chemical compound. Unlike lemon, vinegar has soft and neutral scent, but it is strong enough to suppress strong odor from stain.

Using vinegar as pet stain remover is simple and easy. The amount of vinegar depends on how much stain you want to get rid. For small stain, prepare a cup of warm water and pour few drops of vinegar. Use clean cloth to apply on stain and rub it carefully. It is good procedure when the stain is on leather surface or delicate linen. You can clean sofa without damaging its cover. Another application is for wooden floor and wall. Rubbing will deplete the stain then you can use external tool to remove it quickly. If the stain is already there for long period, you need to pour vinegar directly on top of it. Repeat this process in order to get the better result.

3. Baking soda

What is difference between baking soda and chemical removers? You can use baking soda for other treatments, besides stain remover. Baking soda may not as natural as lemon or vinegar, but this compound is much safer than what you get from store. It is considered as recommended pet stain remover.

Using baking soda to remove pet stain is similar to other. Prepare hot water and clean towel. Put baking soda into water and wait until they blend completely. This mixture is quite corrosive for hands, so you should wear glove. Soak towel for few seconds then apply it on stains. Rub gently until the stain starts to dissolve. Soak again into mixture to gain more baking soda compound. Rub again until all of stains are easily to get rid of with hand. It is suitable method when the stain is new. You may need to mix baking soda into glass of warm water. It creates strong mixture to pour directly on stain. That is the way you use it as pet stain remover.

4. Tea leaves or coffee

Why tea or coffee is on this list? Based on valid research, tea leaves contain specific compound that can dissolve the stain. Practically, you use leftover of tealeaves to apply them on stain. Besides, you may intend to deliberately put mixture between hot water and tealeaves to get rid of pet stain. This is why this ingredient is one of good choices for pet stain remover.

Using coffee to remove stain may not a good idea, unless in desperate condition. You only apply this ingredient for area with dark color. Absorbing capability is the reason why you use this stuff. You can mix it into warm water and spread on the stain area. Rub slowly until the stain blends into coffee residue. After that, use clean towel to remove everything. One benefit of this method is free from bad odor. Strong scent form coffee is able to neutralize atmosphere. Therefore, these reasons are enough to consider as pet stain remover.

Additional Information

One key factor to remove stain is doing it earlier. Chemical compound is the last resort as pet stain remover when the stain is no longer fresh. You need strong compound to get rid of it with few risks. If it is at sofa or leather surface, it may be removed but still has small mark as reaction between chemical and leather. More stains need more remedies to handle. However, you should combine two or more remedies to give the best result. For example, try vinegar and baking soda with warm water. This mixture gives strong capability to remove any stain, especially when it is not new.

Furthermore, preventive measure is the better action before treatment. You may find the stain at home because you cannot control your pet. Owners must follow some rules or regulations to protect home, environment, and people who live around them. You cannot just let dog to stay inside home where there are baby or kids. Enacting preventive measure is the best way before rely on the pet stain remover, even you can use home remedies. Check the regulation related to own animal in your neighborhood. Cat and dog may be legal, but not for other pets, such as birds, insect, reptiles, etc.

Home remedies are the option because they are simple and safe to use. There is no side effect when applying them for long period. You may spend more time to create mixture and much money when the stain is excessive. As you know, there are pros and cons aspects for everything. As long as those remedies bring the big result and high benefit, there is no reason to ignore them as the pet stain remover.


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