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Simple and Applicable Home Remedies for Blisters Tongue

One health problem appears commonly on tongue is blisters. White or yellow nodes on tongue are surrounded by red surface. It creates pain and soreness. This condition disturbs eating and chewing ability. To reduce such condition, there are some home remedies for blisters tongue that can be applied to get rid as soon as possible. Even though blisters can disappear in one week, these remedies will make your tongue back to normal quicker.

Blisters on tongue are result from several factors. Bite tongue accidentally is the most common factor as result of extensive chewing. In this condition, tongue gets inflammation and it needs immediate treatment. Other factors are canker, mouth ulcers, food allergies, vitamin deficiency, bad mouthwash, and oral medication. For extreme reasons are diabetes, cancer, and bacterial infection.

Simple and Applicable Home Remedies for Blisters Tongue

Focus treatment from home remedies for blisters tongue is to keep mouth in stable condition. These remedies contain anti-inflammation to reduce soreness. Moreover, antiseptic and antibacterial are required to reduce unwanted bacteria inside mouth. Another focus is cleaning food particle on teeth. The last thing is maintain the pH balance as normal state. Mouth should not go too acid because it makes the fine environment for bacteria.

Ten home remedies for blisters tongue

1. Ice

The simplest way in home remedies for blisters tongue is use ice. As you know, ice is good for any inflammation and pain trouble on body, not only external part, but also internal treatment. For blisters on tongue, ice will reduce effect of pain and inflammation significantly. This remedy can be found easily at home so feel free to use it anytime. Pick ice cube or chip then hold on blisters spot. You can also rub these spots gently with ice. Apply this procedure many times until you feel relieved. Another way is sip ice water until feel numb on tongue. Effect might affect sensitive teeth, so be careful when doing this treatment.

2. Salt

Salt is on second list of home remedies for blisters tongue. You know bacteria can live on salty environment so this remedy is very effective. Other abilities of salt are painkiller and decreasing the inflammation. Blisters on tongue might not bacterial infection, but you need to take preventive action for potential infection. When tongue gets problem, the effect spreads through all of mouth and teeth. Treatment using salt is simple. Mix salt and warm water then use as mouthwash. Do this procedure regularly until pain is slightly low. Another way is put directly salt on blister spots. It needs solid form of salt. Rub gently then rinse with warm water.

3. Baking soda

To overcome blisters tongue caused by canker sore, you can try baking soda. This remedy has ability to keep pH balance on mouth and acts as anti-inflammation. To use baking soda as home remedies for blisters tongue, you can try two methods. Firstly, put baking soda on warm water. Gargle this thing for moment then spit it out. Another method is put baking soda on tongue directly. Wait until it is mixed with saliva then rinse immediately with warm water. Do one of them three to four times a day until pain is gone.

4. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is chemical compound consist of hydrogen and oxygen. It is disinfectant and antibacterial to keep mouth at good condition. To use this thing as remedy for blisters tongue, you need utmost attention. Mix hydrogen peroxide into water then use cotton swab to apply on tongue. Rinse your mouth immediately after this treatment.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric has known since long time ago as anti-inflammation and anti-septic. This ingredient is part of nature remedy to overcome any health problem, including blisters on tongue. As one of home remedies for blisters tongue, turmeric can reduce pain significantly. Mix turmeric powder and honey to make paste. Put on blister spots carefully and wait for three minutes. Clean mouth with warn water. Another method is making herbal from turmeric. Add turmeric powder into milk then drink regularly to induce body healing.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is popular as natural remedy for hair. Besides that, this ingredient has capability to cure blisters tongue. It is inflammation ingredient to keep blisters from spreading. Moreover, aloe Vera is anti-bacterial to keep mouth from infection. For treatment, you cut aloe Vera leaves then press them to gain gel. Apply on tongue directly and wait for three to five minutes. Rinse your mouth with clean water. You need to do the treatment twice or three times a day depend on blisters tongue level. Taste might be bitter, but this ingredient is very effective.

7. Basil

The next ingredient for home remedies for blisters tongue is basil. Chew basil leaves then swallow them. This treatment will heal your tongue effectively. Basil has capability to cure inflammation, keep mouth from bacterial infection, and act as antiseptic. Use basil daily until tongue gets better.

8. Tea tree oil

For mouthwash, you can rely on tea tree oil. Add this herb into warm water and color turn into brown. Gargle this herb for two to three minutes then spill it. This treatment can be done in the morning and at night before go to bed. Tea tree oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-septic to keep ph. balance on mouth.

9. Coriander

Experts recommend coriander as home remedies for blisters tongue. This ingredient can relieve severe pain and isolate inflammation. Coriander will dissolve blisters spot on tongue quickly. To use this remedy, you can put into boiling water then strain the solution. Use that herb as mouthwash. This treatment is effective to apply in three times a day.

10. Vitamin B

The last section in home remedies for blisters tongue is consuming vitamin B. You can eat foods contain rich vitamin B such as grains, avocado, banana, salmon, milk, egg, etc. Vitamin B deficiency is one of factor that caused blisters tongue. If foods are not enough for this treatment, you can consume vitamin B supplement.

To prevent acute condition, you eat food that easily to swallow. Avoid spicy, acidic, and too sweet foods. Keep mouth at ultimate hygiene condition such as brushing teeth after eating. Do not drink alcohol and caffeine while blisters spot are still on tongue. The last tip for home remedies for blisters tongue is consume fruits regularly to gain adequate vitamins.


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