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Several Symptom of Unusual Blood Clot

When people have not enough amount of blood or unhealthy blood, they can suffer from lot kinds of disease such as unusual blood clot that must be known furthermore including the symptom of unusual blood clot. Blood is one of important liquid that is needed by our body. It has crucial job to keep on pumping throughout every organ as you live. In order to work well, blood must provide proper function of clotting. This is needed for instance when one part of body is getting injured, then it produces blood out of the body, it needs to clot properly to prevent excess blood loss. However, if this clot occurs deep inside vein that does not related to an injury, then deep vein thrombosis is happening.

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Several Symptom of Unusual Blood Clot

Deep vein thrombosis or abbreviated as DVT is caused by immobility as the main factor. Mostly, this kind of unusual blood clot can happen to people who have accident or major surgery that makes them cannot move freely as they want. Other common factors that has the chance to cause this unusual clot is including inflammatory condition, cancer, hormone and chemotherapy, pregnancy, smoking, obesity as well as lung and heart disease. Another cause of this DVT is genetic factor.

Since this clot can lock the flowing of blood, this condition has high possibility to threaten the life of patients. It is very dangerous, because when the clot breaks away, it will go to lung and lodge there. When this happens, it becomes medical emergency which is serious. It is called as pulmonary embolism or abbreviated as PE. Therefore, we absolutely need to know about the symptom of unusual blood clot that will be discussed below, since it is crucial thing. In America, in every year there are about eighty thousand people who suffer from this DVT and cannot be saved.

Symptom of Unusual Blood Clot that Can Occur in the Patient

1. Swelling

The first symptom of unusual blood clot is swelling. The primary symptom is that when you have swelling, especially the one which happens in leg which is known as leg edema. According to European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, the most common symptom of DVT is leg edema. At the first, you will notice different feel and look on your leg. If you compared one leg to another one, it might like there is fluid inside your leg when you stand or walk. This indicates the unusual blood clot symptom. Not to mention when this condition is happening along with other symptoms, then you can suspect it for DVT. Thus, you can get more attention for medical purpose.

2. Tenderness and Pain

The second symptom of unusual blood clot is tenderness and pain. According to a study conducted in 2000 which has been published in Journal of General Internal Medicine, it is found that this symptom is most prominent for deep vein thrombosis. This will be associated with swelling condition. You will feel your leg like burning and experience tenderness. This pain can be anywhere in your leg. The patient will experience extreme pain especially when they are walking. The pain can occur when the patient lift up the leg into straight position. Usually they will not feel extreme pain when they are lying down or sitting. The pain can also be accompanied by unusual warmth.

3. Low Grade Fever

The next symptom of unusual blood clot is low grade fever. When this happens, it means that the deep vein thrombosis come to the next advance level. According to Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, this condition can indicate serious problem although it is just common symptom that happen in the patient. Serious results which is indicated in most cases is that it may be able to indicate the process of pulmonary embolism because the blood clot has find a way to go to lung.

4. Pain in The Chest

Another symptom of unusual blood clot is feeling pain in the chest. They may suffer extreme strain when they are breathing. This condition leads to chest pain as the result of serious DVT symptom. Because of the blood clot in lung, it is blocked the lung. According to the study that has been conducted in 2013, patients with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in advance or more serious stage experience chest pain. It occurs in most cases. This study was published in Experimental and Clinical Cardiology.

5. Shortness of Breath

The next is shortness of breath that occurs in DVT patient with advance stage. It shows pulmonary embolism due to the indication that the unusual blood clot has lodged in lung successfully. This symptom of unusual blood clot can cause blood flow and air flow obstruction. Shortness of breath is also called as dyspnea in which the breathing is obstructed. The patient will breathe abnormally. They may breathe rapidly as well.

6. Coughing

When you are suffering from DVT you may be coughing as another symptom which is accompanied patient in advance PE and DVT. This symptom of unusual blood clot will come with the shortness of breath. In one condition, this coughing could even be accompanied by blood. Nevertheless, not all coughing get into this worst. This condition shows that the blood clot which has travelled to lung cause an obstruction. Thus, it contributes to make breathing becomes hard. As the result, it creates irritation through coughing.

7. Extreme sweating

People who suffer from deep vein thrombosis can also have extreme sweating. This symptom of unusual blood clot also occurs in advance stage of DVT patient. According to study that has been published in Case Reports in Pulmonology conducted on 2015 found that pulmonary embolism patient will have night sweats which can give contribution to detect early level of PE. The worst condition of DVT and PE patient is that they might have heart attack or stroke. This occurs because blood clot is not only able to go to lung, but also to heart and brain as well. That is why the patient has to get proper medical attention when they find the symptom of unusual blood clot in their body.


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