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Home Beauty Remedies Remove Skin Tags Safely and Naturally

Remove Skin Tags Safely and Naturally

It is always uncomfortable to have skin problem to face. One of the problems that commonly arise is the skin tags. Ideas of remove skin tags are already exposed through various ways. It includes the use of chemical and even natural elements. This exists around the area of the neck, eyelids and even arms. Although it has no risk for health, you have to remove it to gain better self-performance. This small thing can give you awkward position especially when it is bleeding. Biopsy sometimes becomes the suggested treatment by doctors. However, many other treatments are cheap and have proven to be very effective.

10 Tips How to Remove Skin Tags Safely and Naturally

Remove Skin Tags Safely and Naturally

1. Tea Tree Oil as Your Skin Tags Removal

This stuff is actually effective for many type of skin problem. To boost the function, you can start by putting clean cotton swab with oil. Rub it off through the circular motions. Using the scrub twice every day is effective to remove skin tags. Beside functioned for removing the tags, it can also work well as the mild acne treatment. It can be your daily basis for the skin treatment solution. This natural element also has less irritating possibilities as well.

2. Aloe Vera Home Remedy

Aloe Vera is another natural element which works impressively. This can be done by purchasing one that is already in the form of lotion. However, the smell will not offer great impression for you. As the solution, you can use it in the morning and before sleep. In two weeks of usage, the efforts of remove skin tags will give you some result. This is possible because Aloe Vera is pretty calm for skin. There will be no irritation and even the presence of strange pigmentation. If you put it on the face, it can even be used as the discoloration of everything around.

3. Legend of Skin Tags Remover, The Pineapple Juice

In enjoying the pineapple juice, you do not only have the delicious drink to enjoy. There are also so many types of benefits that you will get especially to remove skin tags. It includes the presence of acid that works well for skin tags. The way is just to rub it off as usual. Drinking it regularly can even gain the results, but direct application is still needed. The things that are contained in pineapples are Vitamin A, C and even some anti-inflammation properties.

4. Lemon Juice With Its High Acid Elements

Improving the benefit of lemon juice will also give you the similar result with pineapple juice. Rub it off around the skin twice per day. There are so many type of application such as drinking. Another benefit of lemon juice to remove skin tags is that the shorter time that will be needed. You will have the toleration also for the sensitive skin. It is also not a matter when you have acne. The presence of lemon juice can give you spacious function especially when it is mixed with tea tree oil.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar as Another Juice for Skin Tags

Although there are bunch of recipe using apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags, you should not miss the function of this element for removing skin tags. The fruit has acidic element that will naturally remove the tags. Apply apple cider vinegar to the face using cotton ball. It can takes about a month to get the maximum results. Some other people are even preferred to have this element as juice. However, when you consume it as juice, the result will be less significant.

6. Aspirin for Your Easiest Medication

Take some aspirin from the drugstore and use it as another home remedy. You must know that aspirin is actually not intended for the skin tags. However, their property that contains salicylic acid made aspirin is possible to do their work to remove skin tags. This acid type can only be got from willow tree. It is also functional as the pain killer as well as anti-inflammatory system. Just dissolve a table of aspirin with a quarter water cup portion. Put the liquid on the cotton ball and make it as your band aid solution. This mixture will remove tags by soaking the skin and fade the skin tags.

7. Combination of Baking Soda and Castor Oil

Baking soda seems to be the most effective element to add. You can now mix it up with castor oil. The initial effort you need to do is just to create the thick paste of these stuffs together. The paste then functioned for masking the skin tags. Since skin tag size is not so large, you can use it for the next treatment. The bandage around the mask will give you better function at the use for night. The whole perfect result to remove skin tags can be done in a week.

8. Applying Vitamin E for Remove Skin Tags

Vitamin E can be get from various type of food. However, if you really need them, just use the vitamin E oil as the solution. This element can be done as common type of lotion or cream. It can be used independently as well as together with the other ingredient. The effort to remove skin tags will not find a waste if you use this oil twice per day and apply them daily.

9. Take Some Potato

Potatoes are impressive to remove skin tags. It can be done by making it into the thin slices. Although there is wide range of potato, you can use the white potato as the perfect solution. Put the slices on the skin tag and let it sticks for couple of hours. Wait the potato until it is dry. A week of the use is sometimes enough for the owner of skin tag to get the results. Moreover, disappearing will have step by step result, so be patient to get that well.

10. Maximizing Banana’s Potassium to Remove Skin Tags

Another idea of skin tags removal is to use banana. This fruit has a lot of things that give you appropriate potassium amount. Simply just slice them off and place around the area of skin tag. To keep it in place, you can use the bandage as holder. You can use it for a night before you can enjoy the results. Sometimes, this comfortable treatment will show the effects for about 2 weeks. In some cases, there is some stubborn skin condition. This is the time for you to contact dermatologist. Dry ice is also commonly used to ensure about the initial treatment and efforts to remove skin tags. It is no matter to use home remedy, just remember to always consult the result with your doctor.


  1. Natural remedies work wonderfully to treat skin problems. Removing skin tags has become easy by using these remedies. I recently treated my skin tags by using tea tree oil. It was quite effective and I was able to get rid of my skin tags.


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