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Reduce High Creatinine Levels with Natural Remedies

It is important to reduce high creatinine levels in your system. Creatinine itself is considered as one of waste products that come out from muscle metabolism. Your kidneys commonly eliminate it. High level of creatinine level is the main indicator of kidney that is not working properly. The ideal level of creatinine in human blood is starting from 0.5 up to 1.2 mg/dL. This value might slightly different depending on gender and measuring technique used in the laboratory. In general, most men have higher level of creatinine compared to women. This phenomenon happens since this substance is often related to muscle mass.

Before we talk about how to reduce high creatinine levels, it is important for us to know what makes human body has high level of creatinine. This level is rising up for several reasons. One of them is caused by lack of water intake that leads to dehydration. People who consume medication such as ibuprofen and aspirin also have good chance of having high level of creatinine. Chronic kidney diseases, diabetes, thyroid disorder, and high blood pressure are also contributed to make the level rising up. For those who are in muscle building program by taking creatinine supplement need to be careful since it might potentially bring your creatinine level up as well.

Reduce High Creatinine Levels with Natural Remedies. Illustration: Siberian Ginseng, Chamomile Tea, Cinnamon, Stinging Nettle, Dandelion Root for Reducing High Creatinine Levels

The common symptoms for high level of creatinine are including digesting problems such as low appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Frequent urination at night and dark colored urine also need to be observed since it is also sign of high creatinine level. If some of you have shortness of breath, itchy skin, and decreasing urine output, you might need to consult your doctor to get proper medical diagnosis. The doctor will not only give you the best treatment, but also prescribe medication to reduce high creatinine levels.

Consume These Natural Remedies to Reduce High Creatinine Levels

1. Chamomile tea

Based on a research performed by Journal of Agriculture Food Chemicals, people who consume chamomile tea regularly is able to reduce high creatinine levels significantly. Chamomile tea is a particular herb that serves as mild sedative with soothing effect. In order to make chamomile tea, you need to boil dried chamomile flowers in a cup of water. Let the tea steep for couple of minutes. Make sure that you strain the tea before you consume it. It is recommended to consume chamomile tea in the morning and afternoon. Daily consumption of chamomile tea is good for your creatinine levels.

2. Stinging nettle

Since creatinine is a metabolic waste, you can reduce high creatinine levels by consuming stinging nettle tea. This herb contains high diuretic properties that stimulate renal excretion. Moreover, it is also able to help to improve your immunity system and purifies your blood at the same time. In order to take this health benefits, you can boil dried stinging nettle leaves in a cup of water. After the tea is steep, you have to strain it. Consume the stinging nettle tea up to twice a day. Keep in mind that you need to consult with your doctor before taking this herbal tea since it might interfere your diabetic, diuretic, and high blood pressure medication.

3. Dandelion root

Other herbal tea with diuretic property is dandelion root. As diuretic property, dandelion root tea is able to reduce high creatinine levels and flush away toxin on your kidneys. Moreover, it has health benefit to improve your kidney function. The substance on dandelion root relieves edema and swelling that are inflicted by water retention. It is recommended to boil dandelion root powder in a cup of water. Let it steep for ten minutes and strain the tea. Drink it up to three times a day. As it goes with stinging nettle tea, it might interfere with your high blood pressure and diabetes medication too. Doctor consultation is required.

4. Cinnamon

The best way to reduce high creatinine levels in your blood is by consuming remedies with diuretic properties. Cinnamon turns out to be one of the best natural sources of diuretic properties. It is good for your kidneys since it is able to increase the output of your kidney while improving its filtration ability at the same time. Moreover, it is also able to help maintaining blood sugar at ideal level. You can chew raw cinnamon or adding it to your daily beverages. Keep in mind that you need doctor recommendation on taking cinnamon. It might potentially lead to lever problem if you consume it excessively.

5. Siberian ginseng

The eleutheroside compounds contained in Siberian ginseng is an effective health supplement that is able to boost your energy. Most importantly, it is able to reduce high creatinine levels by getting rid of excessive creatinine substance. The recommended dosage for Siberian ginseng is 300 mg up to 600 mg per day depend on how your creatinine level is. Ask the doctor to give you proper information regarding to its dosage. It is important to note that Siberian ginseng is different variety of Asian ginseng that has anti-diuretic properties.

6. Astragalus

Astragalus is a popular herbal medicine that originally comes from China. It has special ability of slowing down progression of kidney disease. It is considered as mild diuretic that is responsible to reduce high creatinine levels. The compound named asparagine in it eliminates excessive fluid that accumulated on your kidney effectively. You have to boil dried astragalus root in a teapot full of water for up to 30 minutes. Strain the tea and drink it in warm condition. It is recommended to consume it between your meals. If you happen to have autoimmune diseases, you should consult to your doctor before consuming astragalus tea.

7. Corn silk

When cooking with corn, most people discard the corn silk away. They do not aware that corn silk is good to reduce high creatinine levels. It works as anti-inflammatory and natural diuretic properties. It is not only able to stimulate urine production, but also reduces edema. Corn silk is recommended for those of you who suffer from high blood pressure. Make tea out of corn silk by boiling dried corn silk in a cup of water. Let the tea steep for a moment. Make sure you strain the tea before you consume it three times a day. It is not recommended for those of you who have allergic to corn products.

8. Salvia officinalis

You might know Salvia officinals as sage. A research about this herb reveals that it is able to stimulate kidneys to reduce high creatinine levels. Moreover, it is good of kidney circulation as well. In order to take advantage of this health benefit, you can make tea out of dried sage leaves in a cup of water. Allow the tea steep for couple of minutes. Strain the tea and it is ready to drink. It is recommended to take this herbal tea up to three times a day. It is not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes or liver disease.

9. Chinese rhubarb

Do not confuse Chinese rhubarb with ordinary rhubarb. Chinese rhubarb is famous herbal medicine for detoxification on your intestine. Moreover, it is also recommended to reduce high creatinine levels and enhancing the kidney function. Chop Chinese rhubarb stalk and boil it in a cup of water. Strain the water and drink it twice a day. Repeat the same process for two weeks until you get positive result. Prevent consuming Chinese rhubarb tea if you have kidney stone disease.

10. Barley

Barley is common food that you consume on your daily basis meal. It turns out work as natural kidney cleanser. It is able to reduce the level of blood urea nitrogen and reduce high creatinine levels in your system. Since it is rich of fiber, it is able to enhance your digestion system and help to regulate blood sugar level. Boil a cup of barley in a liter of water. Strain the water after it steep and drink it. It is recommended to consume it daily. Avoid taking this herbal medicine if you are on potassium restricted diet program. Alternatively, you can replace your refined flour with barley flour.

Besides those natural remedies, you are also recommended to increase your fluid consumption to prevent dehydration. Instead of taking coffee and soda, you can replace it with herbal tea. Consuming food with high protein including dairy product is not recommended to reduce high creatinine levels. The best diet menu that are recommended by health experts are cucumbers, garlic, carrots, onion and food containing high omega 3 fatty acids.


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