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Home Beauty Remedies Reduce Breast Size Naturally Using Exercises, Treatments, and Natural Ingredients

Reduce Breast Size Naturally Using Exercises, Treatments, and Natural Ingredients

Larger breast of women has possibility to cause emotional problem as well as health problem such as tenderness, back pain, shortness of breath, and many more. It can affect your confidence level and posture as well. There are some exercise, treatment, and ingredient that can reduce breast size naturally. The main thing in reducing breast size is by reducing the fat in your body. The tips below may help you to reduce your breast size.

Exercises and Treatments to Reduce Breast Size Naturally

Reduce Breast Size Naturally Using Exercises, Treatments, and Natural Ingredients. Illustration: female mannequin

• Aerobic exercises

If you want to reduce breast size naturally you can do this exercise. Aerobic exercise will help reducing the fat in body by speeding up the rate of metabolism. Automatically, your breasts size will reduce when you are starting to lose weight. You can exercise about five times in a week for about thirty minutes exercise each. Kind of aerobic that you can do is by cycling. This is one of great forms of aerobic exercise. You can also do brisk walking in order to burn the overall body fat. Besides, if you want to do simple aerobic that can be done every day; you just need to do stair climbing.

• Cardio and strength training exercises

This kind of exercise will help you to reduce breast size naturally. It is going to target the amount of fat in upper body especially the chest. First, you have to make sure that you will always wear sports bra which is fit well to you in order to avoid sagging breast during exercise. Mostly, women who have breasts in larger size will not able to do high impact exercises such as running and jogging. In this case, they can do exercise that focus on low impact cardio exercise using some equipment like treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer. Do this about five days in a week for about forty minutes each. The other exercise is by doing dumbell bench press or pushup for several times in a week.

• Healthy diet

The important thing to reduce breast size naturally is by losing some fat in your body. Doing balanced healthy diet properly will lead to reach this intention. You should eat green vegetables more such as broccoli, spinach, kale, and so on. You should also eat nuts a lot to help weight management which acts as good source of energy as well. You need to include fish in your diet which is rich in protein but low in calories. Reduce bad fat, salt, sugar intake in your foods. The most important thing that will help you to be healthy as well is by drinking more water. You can also drink fresh juice from vegetable and fruit which is free from sweetener.

• Massage

Other than doing exercise, you can follow this massage as one of treatment to reduce breast size naturally. When you are massaging your breast, make sure that you give equal time to each breast. First, prepare some coconut oil or olive oil. After that, apply this oil on your breasts. Then, you massage each breast using ring finger and middle finger upward and in circular motion. Do this for about ten minutes.

You can do this massage about two times a day for several months until you notice the reduction size on your breasts. If you do not have olive or coconut oil, you can substitute it with lotion or special cream for breast reduction.

Reducing Breast Size Naturally Using Natural Ingredients

• Egg whites

You can reduce breast size naturally not only by doing some exercises and treatments, but also using some natural ingredients. You can take advantage from egg whites that will help you to get firm breast. Egg white can also tighten the area of chest in order to make your breasts look smaller. Before follow this remedy, you need to prepare one egg and take the egg white only. After that, eat it until the texture is similar with smooth cream. After you get the paste, apply it on bottom part of breast and leave it for about thirty minutes. You also need to prepare the mixture of water an onion to be used for washing the egg white. You can do this remedy once in a day for several weeks until you get smaller breast.

• Fish oil

Fish oil is useful to reduce breast size naturally due to its rich content of omega 3 fatty acids. It helps reducing the level of estrogen that causes oversized breast. Besides, it will help you to reduce some weight of your body. This kind of oil will be more effective to reduce the fat in body when it is combined with aerobic or another exercise. You can eat some supplements made from fish oil. However, you have to conduct consultation with doctor before taking to get correct dosage. You can also eat cold water fish which is rich of omega 3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon, or mackerel. Alternatively, you can consume another source of these fatty acids taken from walnuts and soybeans.

• Flaxseed

The next ingredient that can be used to reduce breast size naturally is flaxseed. It contains of omega 3 fatty acids as well like fish oil. It will help to reduce the level of estrogen in the body. Besides, flaxseed is beneficial to remove some harmful toxins from your body. First, you have to prepare one glass of hot water, and one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds. After that, you need to mix it well. Then, you can drink it once in a day. You can also take another option by consuming about two tablespoons of flaxseed oil every day.

• Ginger

This spice is very popular in traditional medicine for its benefit to reduce breast size naturally. It can burn fat in the body y increasing the metabolism rate of your body. Since larger breast size is made of fatty tissues, y taking advantage from ginger to burn fat, it can affect the size of your breast. You have to oil one cup of water with one teaspoon of grated ginger. Oil it for about ten minutes. After that, you need to strain it. Then, add some amount of honey and slowly sip it. You can drink about three cups of this ginger tea every day.

• Green tea

Another natural ingredient that you can use to reduce breast size naturally is using green tea. It is already known for its effectiveness in reducing body weight as well as reducing the size of breast. This kind of tea can also be consumed to reduce breast cancer risk. It contains of catechins which is able to stimulate your body to burn calories. Thus, you will decrease the fat and weight by consuming green tea.

To reduce breast size naturally, you can add one teaspoon of green tea leaves into one cup of hot water. After that, you need to cover and leave it for few minutes. Then, you strain it and add some honey into it. You can drink this tea about four cups in a day for several months.

• Turmeric and Indian lilac

The combination of Indian lilac or neem and turmeric will be able to reduce breast inflammation during breastfeeding due their content of anti inflammatory properties. Automatically, the size of your breast will be reduced when the inflammation subsides. To reduce breast size naturally, first, take a handful neem or Indian lilac leaves. Then, you boil it for ten minutes in four cups of water. After that, you strain it. Next, mix it with little honey and two teaspoons of turmeric powder. You can drink this water every day for several months.


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