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Recognizing the Signs of Too Acid in Body and How to Fix It

Human body has acid levels that have to fall under certain range in order to avoid any harmful effect. However, if it is over the range, it may indicate that the body is too acidic. If that is the case, you need to know signs of too acid in body to fix the problem. The term acidity in body itself refers to acid amount in body fluids, while the term alkalinity refers to body fluids ability to neutralize acid. Body fluids such as urine, blood, and saliva are crucial in fundamental process to transport nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, overall protection and lubrication, and digestion. Meanwhile, the term pH refers to potential hydrogen. It has the ability to measure the concentration of hydrogen-ion in body fluids.

Body pH scale runs from 0 up to 14 in which pH 7.0 is considered as neutral. If body fluids are in higher pH level, they will have more alkaline and oxygen-rich. But, when pH level is lower, it means that they are acidic and less oxygenated. pH level of body fluids is considered healthy when it is between 7.35 and 7.45 for blood, between 4.6 and 8.0 for urine, as well as between 7.0 and 7.5 for saliva. If the pH level in your body is below that range, it indicates that the body might become too acidic. In many cases, people do not test the pH levels because they do not even recognize the basic signs of too acid in body.

Recognizing the Signs of Too Acid in Body and How to Fix It. Illustration: Mackerel, Salmon, Broccoli, Lemon Water, Lettuce.

Some Basic Signs of Too Acid in Body

Dental problems

There are several signs of too acid in body that you need to know. The first basic sign is regarding dental problems. Your teeth will hold the calcium reserves as well just like the bone does. When your body has excess acid, the result can affect the system. It will pull calcium from teeth for alkalizing your body as well as preventing it to not getting sick. There is a study in 2015 which shows that low level of pH in mouth is able to cause demineralization in tooth enamel. This study is published in International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications.

When bacteria in the mouth get further exposure to sugary beverages and foods, it will exacerbate the production amount of lactic acid in mouth. This can result in cavities as well. When your body acidity starts to affect the teeth, you probably experience more sensitivity to drinks and foods which are too hot or too cold. You can develop cavities as well that may be painful particularly when consuming something sweet. Other associated signs of too acid in body are including bleeding gums. This may happen right after brushing your teeth.

Mucus buildup

The next sign is having mucus buildup. The production of mucus is included as defense mechanism which is naturally done by your body to fight against acid buildup. It is effort for flushing it through nasal passage. If you are regularly suffering from mucus buildup, it indicates that you have too acidic body. Mucus buildup as one of signs of too acid in body may need medical attention urgently. This will be necessary because the exposure of lungs to mucus which occurs constantly will expand and compress it too often. It can irritate it eventually. The result will be excessive coughing, sinus problems, wheezing, chest pain, and breathing problems.


Fatigue is the next signs of too acid in body. When your body has too much content of acid, it is able to make the body becomes susceptible to fungi, bacteria, and viruses. These microorganisms will thrive more in acidic body as perfect environment. Thus, microorganisms will acquire foothold in gums, digestive tract, and other tissues and organs. It will trigger immune system to overdrive for fighting such infectious entities.

As the time goes by, your body immune system will wear out. Your body will become deprived of energy as well. In further condition, such organism can interfere with the ability of your body to absorb some essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Nutrients absorption which is done poorly can affect enzymes and hormones manufacturing in which they are necessary in producing the energy. This further condition will induce fatigue as the signs of too acid in body.

Muscle pain

Signs of too acid in body which are showed by muscle pain happen because your body has too much content of acid that cause your muscle to constrict. Further condition of this can obstruct blood capillaries carrying oxygen that run through your muscles. This will cause oxygen deprivation and strain. Vitamins and nutrients absorption can also get obstructed from blood which is needed to be able to function properly. Deprived muscle in such event is going to overexert in order to function. As the result, you may experience some pain and soreness. If you have muscle pain which is accompanied by fatigue, it becomes clearer indication that your body contains overload acid.


When you find yourself struggling to sleep at night or having sleeplessness, it shows the signs of too acid in body. The common indication of this symptom is if you feel fatigue and tired but do struggling just to sleep. Although your body really wants to sleep but you just cannot, you probably have low pH. This is included as other classic symptom occurred when the body leaches out calcium from bones to neutralize the acidity. The sleeplessness can happen due to inadequate calcium amount in your body.

Weak bones

Weak bones are also included as basic signs of too acid in body. When fluid in your body becomes too acidic, the body is going to do everything to maintain balance of alkaline, so that it will function properly. Your body will pull minerals from tissues as well as from other organs. They do this to minimize acidity and to alkalize. It will pull minerals in form of calcium found in the bones as well. This will make your bones weak if your body keeps depleting calcium reserve. If you are suffering from osteopenia, osteoporosis, or fracturing bones easily, the body probably just becomes too acidic.

Signs of Too Acidic Body that May Affect the Appearance

Excess weight

If alkaline balance of your body is not well-maintained, there will be waste product which is excessive that is body acid. The excess acid cannot be eliminated since kidneys, colon, skin, and system of lymph are becoming overwhelmed with toxins torrent from excess acid. Thus, your body needs to deal with such excess acid. They will push it back to fat tissues in which the acids are clinging to fat cells. It is one of reasons you cannot lose weight. Excess weight as one of signs of too acid in body shows that your body needs fats cell to store excess acid.

Skin problems

The last signs of too acid in body explained in this section are skin problem. This sign may affect the appearance as well. Low level of pH in the body turns into dermatological manifestation which causes some skin problems. Skin is one of detoxifying organs in the body. If the amount of acid that floats around bloodstream is too much, it is going prone to toxin overload and bacteria. In this case, liver organ falls short often to eliminate acidic toxicity out from body. Skin will also try to compensate to flush it out. The manifestation of detoxification process will be in problem of allergies, acne, eczema, and rashes.

How to Fix the Problems

You can fix the problem as well to alkalize naturally and bring acid level in your body down. After you found out the signs of too acid in body, you should try to keep hydrated. If you make sure that your body is well-hydrated, it can make excess acid to move through body system. Any effort you make to cure any illness will just fail if the body do not get adequate amount of water as needed.

Start your day by consuming warm lemon water to get its alkalizing effect. You should consume a lot of green vegetables as well such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce, celery, zucchini, and so on. These green vegetables can be drunk for breakfast. Moreover, you have to stop consuming alcohol, caffeine, processed meats, junk food, and sugar, soft drinks, and artificial sugar. Moreover, you should get your magnesium and calcium fix. Try to consume salmon, mackerel, and other foods which are rich in calcium. You better consume organic foods too after finding the signs of too acid in body.


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