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Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Bloating

Bloating occurs on stomach as effect of excessive gas on small intestine. When get bloating, you full on stomach and muscle stretched. This condition will be gone naturally, but you can try several remedies to get rid of bloating quickly. These remedies are nature-based ingredient, which mean very safe to consume for everyone. Most of them are familiar herbal and easy to find at store.

Before explore remedies one by one, you might collect information related to bloating. For normal condition, bloating might not dangerous and it will go away less than 24 hours. Unfortunately, people pay less attention to choric bloating sign then severe effects spread unknowingly. When this happen, your only choice is go to doctor. Natural remedies act as preliminary treatment and ease extreme symptom. They are effective due to natural element that reacts safely into human body. Some herbals are suitable more just for bloating treatment.

To get rid of bloating, you need to know why this problem happens. Bloating appears because of several factors. The most common is already mentioned above, but there are underlying causes that need utmost attention. Causes of bloating are constipation, water retention, peptic ulcers, premenstrual syndrome, indigestion, anxiety, smoking, etc. Other symptom followed by bloating is diarrhea, lower back pain, swollen, and difficult to breath. To overcome such condition, remedies will focus on specific parts.

Ten Ingredients as Remedies to Get Rid of Bloating

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Bloating

1. Fennel seeds

First remedy to get rid of bloating is fennel seed. People recognize this ingredient as medicine for antimicrobial and digestive system. You have trouble in gastric, fennel seed come in handy. For bloating, it can relax muscle spasms on digestive system. Another function is pain reliever and diuretic. To use fennel seed, you can chew directly after having meal. It will assist immediately during digestion. Another way is make tea from fennel seeds. Put this ingredient into boiling water. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes then strain carefully. Drink this herbal regularly twice a day or after eating.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is popular remedy for digestive and respiratory system. It has specific compound to relieve spasms on gallbladder, bile duct, and gastrointestinal tract. Another function is let food pass intestine quickly and easily. Basically, peppermint is very effective to get rid of bloating and it can be used any time. Procedure to apply this ingredient is similar to fennel seeds. You can chew leaves directly to overcome bloating. Another one is make herbal tea from peppermint leaves. Drink this herbal twice to three times a day. If you still feel bloating, having more than three cups are better.

3. Ginger

Remedies for digestive system will not be completed without ginger. It is very popular remedy for any health problem. Ginger has capable to reduce bloating effectively and prevent inflammation on intestinal tract. Since long time ago, traditional medicine always incorporated ginger as main ingredient. To use ginger as remedy to get rid of bloating, you can make tea from ginger powder. Mix ginger with honey or milk to enhance flavor then drink daily. Eating fresh and raw ginger root is recommended to resolve severe bloating. You can add ginger on cuisine and eat it in daily basis.

4. Chamomile tea

To get rid of bloating, you need anti spasmodic and anti-inflammation remedy. One of them is chamomile tea. This herbal can soothe muscle cramp on stomach and dissolve excessive gas on intestine immediately. You can make purely chamomile tea or mix into several ingredients. Add lemon or honey into chamomile tea to enhance ability.

5. Caraway seeds

Another anti spasmodic remedy is caraway seeds. It has carminative properties to soothe muscle on intestine tract. Moreover, caraway seeds capable to reduce unwanted micro bacteria on digestive system and let the gas flow freely. To get rid of bloating using caraway seeds, you can eat this ingredient many times. To get utmost result, chew caraway seeds after big meal. Another way is make tea using boiling water.

6. Pumpkin

Bloating may happen because of problem in digestive system. You can try eating fruits or vegetables that can give suitable nutrient. One of them is pumpkin. It has fiber and potassium that useful for digestion. Another compound on pumpkin is vitamin A. You can eat pumpkin as part of meal to provide nutrient balance. Many recipes are available to turn pumpkin into delicious foods. There are cakes, pudding, juice, even ice cream from pumpkin.

7. Anise

Anise might not be familiar name in herbal medicine, but it has ability to soothe spasms. It is one of ingredients with carminative properties. Anise can get rid of bloating through several ways such as expel gas and ease digestive tract. Drink tea made in Anise regularly until bloating is completely gone. Do not give anise tea to baby, children, and pregnant women because it creates vomiting, seizure, and restlessness.

8. Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is available in powder and pills. It is one of remedies to get rid of bloating. It may sound strange because charcoal is identified as fuel. However, activated charcoal is special supplement for health that can resolve bloating problem. It help intestinal tract to expel gas quickly and let airflow freely during digestion.

9. Banana

Beside pumpkin, banana is right fruit to solve digestive problem. It contains potassium to control fluid on body. It helps to cure constipation and bloating simultaneously. Eating banana in the morning will keep intestine tract in good condition. Consume banana is simple and easy. You can eat directly as meal or snack. To give more variations, try several recipes for banana. As long as recipe use healthy ingredient, banana’s advantage for bloating will be on your way.

10. Lemon water

The last remedy for bloating is lemon water. Digestion problem is main factor of bloating so you need to consume herbal that make digestive system at ease. Lemon contains rich vitamins, minerals, and acidity. All of them will keep stomach in good condition. Acid on lemon will make gastric and intestine work faster to dissolve food in order to gain nutrient. The result is efficient energy supply for organs. Lemon water is first help for constipation. To get rid of bloating, mix lemon and warm water then drink before or after eating. Besides bloating, lemon water is good for overall body health.


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