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Natural Remedies to Get Clear Skin

The largest organ in human body is skin. People want to have smooth and subtle skin, especially women. To get clear skin, they use healthy and beauty products. Treatment for skin represents overall health condition. You can see person with illness will have poor skin condition. For women, skin becomes their ultimate factor of beauty. Overall, skin condition makes their appearance look stunning and elegant. Many methods and products are being used to deliver utmost skin condition.

External factors of skin treatment might be work for momentary period, but internal treatment and lifestyle affect everything. As you can see, using beauty product without changing lifestyle to be more healthy is useless. Several factors that affect skin texture and quality are sleeping, poor nutrition, ultraviolet, smoking, drinking alcohol, and pollution. When people smoke, chemical residues are expelled through the skin. Smoker tends to have poor texture of skin. Too much smoking will decrease skin quality significantly. Ultraviolet comes from sunlight. It can burn skin until reach deep layer. To prevent it, skin is able to be covered with cream. Lack of sleeping involves skin condition and going out where too much pollution adds damage to skin. It will be good to reduce alcohol beverage or not drinking at all. All of them are starting point to get clear skin.

This article will give ten natural ways to get clear skin. All of ingredients can be found near your location or local store easily. For your reference, natural ingredients are safe for long period usage. They are not like chemical product that leave many residues on body and increase risk prevalence factor of cancer.

Natural Remedies to Get Clear Skin. Illustration: A smiling woman with beauty face and clear skin.

Ten Ingredients to Get Clear Skin

1. Lemon

One of popular ingredients for skin is lemon. Doctor and expert recommend consuming lemon daily to keep body fresh, increase skin texture, and get clear skin. It has citric with ability to get rid dead cells. Cells on skin have short period of life compare to other organs. Sometime dead cells stay at skin surface and prevent next cell to grow. Another useful part on lemon is vitamin C. It enhances renewal process on skin and slowly reduces black spot.

To get clear skin with lemon, you can try several methods. Pick lemon and squeeze on face entirely. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes then wash with warm water. Be careful with eyes to avoid irritation. Another way is make lemon juice and add honey. Mix them then spread on face or skin. Wait again for ten to twenty minutes then rinse using warm water. You can consume lemon at regular basis to increase overall health on body.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is always a part of herbal medicine since long time ago. It can cure several illness and health problem, including skin. It contains lightening agent to enhance skin tone brighter than before. Moreover, antiseptic inside turmeric prevents skin for bacterial invasion. Turmeric is excellent to increase immune system. Other capabilities of this ingredient are anti-inflammatory, antifungal, alleviate allergic. To get clear skin using turmeric, you can follow some recipes. For external usage, mix turmeric powder and pineapple juice. Stir this paste then apply on neck and face. Spread paste equally until all of skin are covered. Wait for ten minutes then wash with warm water. This treatment will show result after two weeks.

3. Honey

In lemon section, honey is already mentioned. This ingredient has many abilities. Many health and beauty products incorporate honey as main ingredients. Moreover, beauty spa always offers honey treatment for client. How to get clear skin using honey? The procedure is simple. You can apply directly into skin and face. Spread evenly and rub gently. Wait until dry and use warm water to rinse. Another option is mix honey and milk. If raw honey is too thick, adding milk will be smoother. Apply this mixture into face. Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes then rinse again. This treatment can be done once or twice a week. Honey contains natural moisturizer to keep skin healthy and avoid getting dried. It has antibacterial to defend skin from infection.

4. Aloe Vera

As similar to honey, Aloe Vera can be found in many healthy and skin products. It has many good compounds for skin. Antibacterial element create strong shield to prevent infection and insulate inflammation. When you feel irritation on skin, aloe Vera becomes pain reliever. Other abilities are dead cell remover, help cell regeneration, moisturizer, heal dark spot of scars. Get clear skin from aloe Vera is simple. Cut aloe Vera leaf and extract its gel. Apply directly on face with cotton ball. Let this ingredient dry naturally for about thirty minutes. Use warm water to wash away. This remedy can be applied daily for many times. It is natural ingredients, so it is very safe for long period usage.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is good to nourish skin and keep moisturized. In has liquid to prevent dried condition on skin, particularly face. Additional functions of cucumber are enhancing skin tone, reduce dark spot, get rid dead cell, and support healing process. For open wound, cucumber can ease pain and prevent bacterial infection. To apply this ingredient, you can cut cucumber into small slices. Put on face and rub gently. Let cucumber overnight and wash with water. You do this before go to bed. This treatment is renowned for women to get clear skin. Another recipe is mix cucumber and lemon into one juice. Apply on face then wait until completely dried. Rinse again with water. Both of treatment can be applied every day to get better result.

6. Baking soda

Baking soda is one of remedies for skin treatment. To get clear skin, you need to keep ph. at stable level. Baking so is able to handle that job perfectly. It contains certain chemical compound to get rid much acids on body, particularly after sweating. Baking soda is good to cure inflammation problem on skin. Antiseptic ability will defend skin from external infection, such as virus and bacterial.

Prepare baking soda, water and lemon juice in one teaspoon. Mix them to create paste. Clean you face before apply this paste. Rub and massage gently. Rinse immediately using warm water. You should keep baking soda in short period on face. If you wait too long, it irritates skin. Another treatment is baking soda and honey. Apply on face then massage gently. Use warm water to wash this mixture. For final touch in get clear skin, you use cold water on face. This remedy is replacement of face wash product.

7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains antibacterial to prevent infection and antifungal to keep skin texture in healthy condition. This ingredient is very soft and moisturizes skin perfectly; another function of coconut oil is antioxidant to fight against free radical agents. Coconut oil penetrates into skin layer deeply and infuses its compound directly. Using coconut oil to get clear skin is simple. Put coconut oil on microwave until warm condition. Pick gently and rub into skin on face, hand, leg, and neck. Massage gently for about ten to fifteen minutes. Use smooth linen to clean oil at first place then warm water to make perfect clean. If you want to do again, warm water can be used at last moment. Simply use linen, linen, or cotton bud to clean this oil.

8. Mint

Mint contains menthol with ability to soothe skin. Cooling properties assist skin to glow brighter and good for health. Besides that, mint has capability to protect skin from infection. To apply mint, you need some additional ingredients. Put mint powder, fuller’s earth, and plain yogurt into bowl. Mix and let this paste soaked. Apply this pack on neck and face. Wait until dry naturally and use warm water to wash away. To get clear skin from this treatment, you can implement twice to three times a week. Mint is good for internal usage so consume it appropriately.

9. Walnut

Lifeless, dull, and dry skin will be vanished by Walnut. It has antioxidant to assist skin regeneration and increase radiant on skin. As part of ingredient to get clear skin, walnut is easy to find in your surroundings. Expert said walnut act as cleanser and purifier on skin. It gets rid unnecessary things to improve skin texture and condition. Mix walnut and yogurt into paste. Stir this composition until perfectly blend. Apply this paste on neck and face directly. After it is dried, wash face using warm water. Another method is by mixing walnut and rose water. The rest of procedure is similar. You are able to apply both of them regularly to get what you want. For internal treatment, eat walnut with milk in the morning.

10. Papaya

Papaya is like cucumber with capability to enhance skin texture. It is natural ingredients to make skin brighter with bleaching properties. Enzyme papain on papaya is antibacterial compound to fight against bacterial and pathogen agent. Other functions of papaya are wound healing and remove dead skin. Cut papaya to get small portion. Add sandalwood powder and honey. Grind that ingredient until look like paste. Apply on skin, particularly face. Wait for thirty minutes then rinse using cool water. Use rose water as finishing. To get clear skin form papaya, you can apply treatment daily until skin back to normal condition. Consume papaya is good for health and skin too.


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