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Natural Antacid, How to Treat Acid Reflux with Home Remedies

When we are talking about the natural antacid, it is most likely that we are talking about acid reflux or popularly known as the heartburn. Every once in a while, you probably suffer from this issue but it is happening to you on a regular basis, you need to check your condition. Heartburn is often mistaken as the heart attack because the symptoms, including the pain are quite similar. However, if you are familiar with the detailed symptoms, you should be able to differentiate the two of them. Heartburn generally happens below the area of the breast bone, the upper abdomen area. Meanwhile, heart attack happens on the left side of the chest, closer to the left armpit and also the left side of the body.

What Is the Acid Reflux?

Don’t associate heartburn with any cardiovascular issue because it has nothing to do with it. An acid reflux is basically about the irritation within your esophagus because of your stomach acid. One of the main symptoms includes burning sensation around the upper area of the body which is the reason why this issue is often mistaken as a heart attack or any cardiovascular ailment. Before using any natural antacid or whatsoever, it is best to understand the cause and what you can do to prevent it.

When you eat the food, the digestive system will bring the food downward, naturally, thanks to gravity. After the esophagus, there will be a stomach and they are connected with a special muscular valve, called the LES (Lower Esophageal Sphincter). This valve has its own function to open and close as the food passes by. When the stomach is empty and there is food coming, the LES will open. Once the stomach is full, the LES will close. It is simple, really, like a door. However, when the LES doesn’t close tight or when it opens quite often, or the muscles are getting weak, the acid from the stomach will go back up again, returning to the esophagus. This is what called as the acid reflux. As you are all aware of, acid always burns and when it enters the esophagus, it will burn the lining, causing the burning discomfort.

The Frequency of the Issue

If this condition only happens once in a while, you don’t have to worry about it because it is a normal mechanism of the body to make the body function properly. However, chronic acid reflux (also known as GERD) can lead to serious issues. Sometimes, they are actually the symptoms of any underlying health conditions. If you suffer from acid reflux quite often while you have tried your best to avoid the situation, go to your doctor and have yourself checked. Before you can talk about the solution or the best natural antacid, you need to make sure about your condition.

So, what causes acid reflux, really? There are some possible reasons. First of all, when you eat too much and your stomach is too full, it won’t able to contain them all, leading to backup. Second, it is also possible that there is too much pressure on the stomach, which can be worse when your stomach is full. Pregnancy, constipation, or obesity can cause this excessive pressure. Third, certain conditions like not getting enough sleep or stress can lead to the overproduction of the stomach acid. Fourth, some foods and beverage can make the LES become too relax and not function properly. You should avoid eating too much chocolate, alcohol, garlic, peppermint, tomatoes, onions, coffee, citrus fruits, or spicy foods. Fifth, smoking can cause the combination of overproduction of the stomach acid as well as making the LES too relax.

Some of the Alternative Home Remedy Solutions

Natural Antacid, How to Treat Acid Reflux with Home Remedies. Illustration: Almond, Buttermilk, Baking Soda, Chewing Gum, Apple as Natural Antacid for Acid Reflux Home Remedies.

Antacids are basically the substance that will neutralize the stomach acid. Over the counter antacids will work on preventing or reducing the overproduction of the acid. However, these natural antacid can be quite effective and reduce your chances of consuming too much chemical substances.

1. Water

When you start feeling the discomfort, it would be a good idea to drink water. It should be enough to wash the excessive acid. However, you should not drink too much water because it can actually make the problem get worse. If your stomach is too full with water, the acid will spill out to the esophagus, worsening the issue.

Combining water consumption with correct body posture is one of the natural antacid methods to try. When you are able to keep yourself up straight, gravity will pull down the stomach contents (as well as the acid). Drink water to make this process easier. Don’t slouch or sleep until you feel better. If you don’t feel the burning sensation anymore, it is most likely that the acid is no longer on the esophagus area.

2. Almond

The nuts contain high oil level that can neutralize the stomach acid. Not only it is good for your digestion but it is also healthy. Eat a handful of it (it should be around 15 nuts, 20 max). Within 30 minutes, you should notice that your condition has improved.

3. Banana

It is seriously a natural antacid that can provide quick relief in no time. Whether you want to steam it, fry it, and eat it just like that, banana will make you feel better. It is better, though, to just eat it or steam it. Frying it will only add the oil content and it can upset the stomach.

4. Apple

It is great to neutralize the acid as well as reducing the production. It also helps alleviating the burning sensation. Try to eat a slice first and your condition should improve within 5 minutes. If it feels better, have more – a whole apple is okay. If you don’t have apples, eating cabbage or celery stick will also help. Just eat them raw, for sure. You have to admit, though, that apple as the natural antacid taste better than the cabbage or celery stick.

5. Baking Soda

Another natural antacid is the baking soda, mixed with water. A glass of water can be mixed with half a teaspoon of the baking soda. It will make the heartburn go away as it neutralizing the acid. However, baking soda isn’t advisable for those with GERD issue or those who frequently suffer from the acid reflux. Baking soda has a rather high content of salt and too much consuming it can lead to nausea and swelling.

6. Aloe Vera

Do you know that the aloe vera gel can be eaten? Yes, it can be used as a topical remedy as well as internal remedy. The soothing sensation of the gel can relieve the heartburn and soothe the stomach. The juice has been used for centuries by Europeans as natural remedy. However, if you want to consume the juice, be sure to find the one that has been produced and prepared for internal consumption.

7. Chewing Gum

Do you know that this natural antacid can wash the excessive acid content? When you chew the gum, you are increasing the natural production of saliva, which helps washing away the acid. It would be best to choose the plain one. Choose the one with no sugar content. Having a gum with fruit flavor can help. Try to avoid mint gum because it can cause further issue and discomfort.

8. Buttermilk

It is not advisable to drink general whole milk because it will upset the stomach and make your acid reflux issue get worse. You are welcome to try although the effect may not be as fast as the buttermilk. Feel free to try the buttermilk; the cold and iced one is better as it is a natural antacid. You should feel better in no time. For preventive measurement, consuming soy products and fermented milk on a daily basis or at least, regular basis can treat the acid reflux issue and prevent the bigger issue from happening.

These home remedies are easily implemented on everyday basis and they can be easily found around you. Of course, it would be better to prevent the issue rather than dealing with the solutions, even with the natural antacid alternatives.


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