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Magic Tips to Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally

Perfect appearance should be owned by every woman. One thing that can affect the appearance of a woman is her eyebrows. Having thick perfect shaped eyebrows is every woman dream. For you who have the thin eyebrows, grow thick eyebrows naturally might be the right way to grow your eyebrows and enhance your beauty. Although we can find so many make up tools for drawing it, the looks of the fake eyebrows are totally different with the natural ones. The fake eyebrows seem excessive and obviously not permanent.

You may have tired of doing make up and want to do the eyebrows tattoo. But, you should have to avoid choosing this step. Tattooing your eyebrows can make you get some risks especially for you who have sensitive skin. You will also get any regrets if the shapes of the eyebrows do not match your face.

Knowing the Causes of Thin Eyebrows

Magic Tips to Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally. Illustration: Human Eyebrow and Human Eye in Clipart.

Thin eyebrows can be caused by so many things. You may get your eyebrows loss caused by the bad quality cosmetic, some illness therapy, allergic or even you have thin eyebrows naturally. You must have to know the cause of problem first because it can affect the triumph of grow thick eyebrows naturally tips. For example, if your eyebrows loss caused by your bad quality cosmetic, you can stop the use of it during the application of natural eyebrows growing tips. Then, for you have some allergic with something, you can avoid to get in touch with it until you get back your thick eyebrows. In short, you should have to avoid the things which caused the eyebrows for the best result of the tips. However, for you who have naturally thin eyebrows, you do not need to worry. You can also stimulate to grow it in natural way.

Using Natural Remedies for Growing the Eyebrows

Do you know that some of natural remedies can stimulate grow of your eyebrows? If you do not know yet, there are some of home remedies which can help you get your perfect eyebrows. Some of them are coconut oil, milk, olive oil, castor oil, fenugreek seeds and egg yolk. These natural materials can be utilized for the main compound to grow thick eyebrows naturally. But, you should have to know how to use these remedies because they have their own way to be used for growing eyebrows. Here the steps of using the remedy one by one for you.

How to Use the Remedies

1. Olive oil

Starting from the easiest remedy to be used, here the steps of applying olive oil to stimulate your eyebrows. First, prepare a spoon of olive oil and make it warm. Then, you can massage the eyebrows area with using olive oil at least for 5 minutes. After finish with the massage and all of the parts smeared with the olive oil, let it dry and wash the oil at least after 5 hours. Just in case to make you not be bothered, the best time to use this grow thick eyebrows naturally remedy is before you sleep and wash residue on the next morning. Olive oil contains of vitamin E and it is safe to be used daily. So, you can use it until you get the best results for your eyebrows looks. For healthier eyebrows, you can also put some honey on the compound.

2. Coconut oil

The second remedy that’s also easy to be used to grow thick eyebrows naturally is coconut oil. Almost have the same steps of using olive oil, this remedy to grow thick eyebrows naturally works with the way of making your blood circulation around the eyebrows swift. The good circulation of blood with the right moist will stimulate the growth of eyebrows hairs. You can use it every day before you sleep and rinse thoroughly in the morning. To get the best result, do this easy therapy for 3 months.

3. Fenugreek seeds

The next remedy which can be chosen to grow your eyebrows is fenugreek seeds. The seed which has the binomial name Trigonella foenum-graecum is believed can help you to grow the eyebrows. Fenugreek seeds contain so much lecithin which very good for the growth of the hair. So, you do not need to worry not to get the best result if you choose this compound to grow thick eyebrows naturally. There are some steps to make the perfect compound of fenugreek seeds remedy. You should have to prepare one tea spoon of the seeds and soak it in the water for 5 hours. The purpose of soaking the seeds is to make the seeds the seeds easily processed into a paste.

After the soaking process, you can grind the seeds and add a little amount of almond oil or coconut oil to moist the eyebrows (you are able to add both of them too). Finish in making the fenugreek seeds remedy to grow thick eyebrows naturally, you can apply the paste on your eyebrows parts evenly. Same as using the olive oil, this remedy also best to be used before you sleep and washed on the next morning. For this remedy, you will get the best result if you use it 12 times for two months. This remedy seems too complicated to make. But, you should have to know that this remedy is the faster eyebrows growth stimulator.

4. Egg yolk

Fenugreek seeds may hard to find for the remedy. But, you do not need to worry. There is a home remedy which has the same ability with fenugreek seeds to stimulate your eyebrows growth is egg yolk. Different with using the fenugreek seeds paste or some oils remedies, to use the egg yolk for the remedy to grow thick eyebrows naturally, you should have to separate the white part from the yolk. Then, stir the egg yolk using mixer until you get the thick texture (almost like paste). To reduce the smell of the egg yolk, you can put some olive oil to the compound.

Before apply it on your eyebrows parts, you would be better clean the eyebrow parts and make the parts free from the face oils. Let the compound dry itself and wash it from your eyebrows after 6 hours using the warm water. For your information, you can freely to choose the egg to be used for grow thick eyebrows naturally remedy. However, duck egg will be the best because it has multiple amounts of nutrition compared with chicken egg.

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5. Milk

If you think that using these naturals materials are not practice, you can use milk for the remedy to grow thick eyebrows naturally. Boil the milk until the texture condensed. Then, you can apply this remedy on your eyebrows. You will get no bad smell, no complicated steps and easier to be washed. But, make sure you choose the no sugar milk just in case to avoid the ants. Goat milk will be good to be chosen because it has more protein and keratin rather than the cows’.

These remedies which mentioned are available to be used for you who have sensitive skins. Then, if you have no worry about the skin, you can apply some remedies to grow thick eyebrows naturally below;

6. Castor oil

Castor oil is known as the best hair growth stimulator. It means, it also best to be used as the remedy to grow thick eyebrows naturally. This natural material contains much fatty acid, vitamin E, and also antioxidants. You can use this natural material to boost your eyebrows growth. Different with the others material which need to be used for hours, this remedy just need 30 minutes a day to get the maximal eyebrows growth results in a few weeks. But, this material sometimes can cause allergic and burn effect. That is why it is not suggested for you who have sensitive skin.

7. Onion

The last fast eyebrows growth booster which can be used for you who have healthy skin is onion juice. Onion juice contains much sulfur. Sulfur is very good to clean the dead cells which hinder the growth of the eyebrows. This natural material also contains vitamin E. As same as the castor oil, this remedy sometimes can also spark allergic and burn effect. So do not ever try to use this if you have no strength skin. You can grind an onion and smear the juice into your eyebrows. Let the juice dry and washed the residue in the next morning.

That’s all the information about natural materials that can be used to grow thick eyebrows naturally. Once again, do not ever make yourself on a risk by doing the eyebrows tattoo as long as you can gain your beautiful eyebrows naturally.


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