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List of Treatments How to Deal with COPD

One of lung-related disease is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. It has several name but the most visible symptom is difficulty in breathing because of poor airflow. This disease is chronic, which means it will be on body for long time and has risk to suffer frequently. Many doctors try to find method to solve how to deal with COPD. Once patient gets COPD, having fully recovered body is impossible. This disease is placed on top list as cause of death in the world. Research showed men have high risk to get severe condition from this disease than women.

The most obvious cause of this disease is smoking. Smoker gets ton of malicious compound from cigarette. Besides, smoking is unhealthy lifestyle that leads to COPD. Other causes are passive smoker, air pollution, dust, chemical fume, weather condition, and genetic. People who live in and near industrial area are easily to breathe air pollution from factory smoke. Moreover, living in city has high probability to get COPD. In searching to answer how to deal with COPD, the causes are important for planning treatment. As you know, chronic disease cannot be cure immediately because it requires time to bring back body condition into normal state.

When person is diagnosed to having COPD, he or she will cough with much mucus. Because of poor airflow on respiratory tract, patient of COPD might get shortness of breathing, chest pain, energy depleted, weight loss, flue, and wheezing. This disease leads to lung damage and create illness that is more complicated. Other complications of COPD are cardiovascular problem, high blood pressure, lung cancer, depression, and infections.

List of Treatments How to Deal with COPD. Illustration: Human Body with Red Lung.

Tips to Deal with COPD

1. Quit smoking

Quit smoking is different from no smoking at all. Smoking is main cause of COPD and passive smoker gets high risk than non-smoking. In first place of how to deal with COPD, patient or potential people need to give up on smoking. Any single cigarette part inhale or intake into body, this disease turn to be more severe. Millions of research showed the effect of smoking and millions of people still smoke. People do smoking is like drink poison slowly. They like short effect of smoke on brain, but forget big impact on body. One cigarette contains thousands of malicious chemical compounds that easy to depleted body.

If you are heavy smoker, try to reduce amount of cigarette every day. Yesterday you take two packs and today one and half pack. Visit rehabilitation center to get better way and plan to stop smoking. Find support from close person such as family, friend, and partner. Go to group of people whom try to stop smoking. Do not visit place where smoking is common because cannot trigger your desire to do same thing.

2. Limited lung irritants

Besides smoking, places with high air pollutants are able to induce COPD. As part of treatment in how to deal with COPD, you need to prevent or completely do not come near place with much lung irritants. Avoid spots or places where smokers gather. Do not eat at restaurant, which do not separate smoking and no-smoking room. If you are living on city with high pollutant from vehicle, you need to wear surgical mask every time go outside. It will be better to stay indoor when air pollution is out of control. Use air purifier at home to clean air circulation. Because you need energy to do activities, keep in limited amount. Do not exercise too much during this situation.

3. Be careful of infection

Lungs in people having COPD are in severe condition due to content damage process. It makes bacterial or virus come easily. For your reference, bacterial or virus goes to inside body through three major paths. Firstly, pathogen agent passes through respiratory tract. It is very common because people breathe often. Secondly, your food is another way for bacterial. The last one is skin, but very difficult because solid form of skin create strong shield. How to deal with COPD infection that comes through respiratory tract? The easiest way is avoid high-risk place. Limit you direct contact with people, particularly having historical background of COPD. Wash hand regularly and drink water. If disease gets more severe, you have to consult doctor as soon as possible.

4. Breathing exercise

To increase healing process, patient of COPD recommend to having breathing exercise. This exercise is good to extend diaphragmatic muscle. Use purse-lip breathing to control air circulation. Inhale air as much as you can obtain then hold slowly using diaphragmatic muscle. It is called deep breathing. For early stage of COPD, this exercise can reduce more potential damage. However, severe stage of COPG requires full concern of doctor. Patients in this category uses additional tool for breathing. If they do exercise, it should be on watch of therapist. Breathing exercise is one of method in how to deal with COPD.

5. Physical exercise

In previous method, COPD patient need to work out of breathing. The next section is about physical exercise. As part of how to deal with COPD, physical is possible treatment. Main purposes of this treatment are to keep blood circulation at stable level and increase energy. Blood take oxygen from lungs then spread to other organs. Oxygen is needed to burn calorie and creates energy. Having COPD will constrain oxygen intake. Patient can try cardiovascular exercise with steady movement. Another exercise is yoga to strengthen muscle on chest and respiratory system. Patient requires doctor permission and expert supervision to implement physical exercise.

6. Food control

Food cannot be ignored from how to deal with COPD. It is essential for long period treatment. Eating healthy foods is recommended to overcome COPD problem. Several causes of this disease are able to manage only from food control. You need to eat more proteins from fish, meat, and poultry product. However, keep meat consumption at normal level and not excessively. Consume food with high omega-3 acid or take supplement contains this compound.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are key foods to enhance body health. Besides that, potassium-based food is needed to control blood pressure. You can try banana, tomatoes, orange, potato, and asparagus. In how to deal with COPD, chocolate is not strongly suggested. Caffeine inside chocolate will affect medication. Focus of food control is keep nutrient at normal level. Patients have to be in good shape. Weight loss is symptom of COPD so that food control is necessary.

7. Drink control

Having COPD will make body loss much water. To keep hydrated, patient has to drink plenty of water. In food control, caffeine is not good for this disease. You have to limit or prevent any caffeine based drink such as tea, soda, energy drink, and coffee. If you cannot eat fresh fruits, make them in smoothie or juice form. You still get much nutrient from that liquid. Avoid any beverages contain alcohol to reduce coughing. COPD may come with another illness; you should check kidney or heart condition before further step in how to deal with COPD.

8. Vitamin D

Limited outside activity does not stop COPD to spread. You need to put certain method to prevent worse condition. Vitamin D is good for skin and immune system. You can go outside in the morning to get direct sunlight in ten to fifteen minutes. Other sources of vitamin D is egg, fish, liver, and fortified milk. You can consume some of them and combine with fresh fruit. Expert does not recommend supplement to obtain vitamin D. Patient needs doctor approval to take this kind of supplement. Therefore, vitamin D becomes essential in how to deal with COPD.

9. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is traditional Chinese procedure to ease COPD. It takes professional to do such treatment. Acupuncture uses needle to pint certain part related to disease. Body will respond and get relaxed. Study showed excellent result after patient get acupuncture treatment. COPD patient gained ability to walk again and no breathless again. As part of how to deal with COPD, acupuncture becomes alternative in COPD treatment.

Additional Tips for COPD

1. Resting and sleeping

Having enough rest is important to recover energy in human body. When try to answer how to deal with COPD, resting and sleeping should be on to list. Disease might come as result of low level of immune system. In such condition, body feels exhausted and need time to bring back freshness. Practically, it is difficult to get good sleep because hard breathing interfere your moment of sleep.

2. Emotion and mental state

When patients are diagnosed to have chronic illness, their mental condition is unstable. Patient feels grief, depression, and sorrow. This condition will get severe and worse, unless they get immediate treatment. To prevent for being depressing, try something fun and to keep mind occupied. Read book, listen music, and watch movies are several activities that part of how to deal with COPD.

3. Meditation

Sometime, patient is in stable condition, but not in mind. Differences between mind and mental is very vague. However, people with COPD have possibility to think something they should not. They are not depression but full of unnecessary stuff inside head. The only method is meditation. It clear your mind and forget unwanted expectation. To support how to deal with COPD, meditation comes in various forms. Therefore, this treatment is eligible to support physical procedure.


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