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How to Whiten Teeth Using Home Ingredients

Many people probably have spent a big amount of money every year just to buy high quality product to whiten teeth. Instead of doing this, you can patiently try some natural ways of how to whiten teeth that can be effective as well. It helps you not only restoring the color of teeth but also saving money for whitening product you usually buy.

The Causing Factors of Yellow Teeth and Whitening Tips

Yellow teeth are caused by several factors including genetics, individual oral hygiene practice, and also foods and drinks that have been consumed. For each tooth, there are four tissues that make it up including the enamel, dentin, pulp, and cementum with their own function. Enamel as white covering which strongly protects your tooth, as well as dentin that supports tooth enamel are the two most important tissues in terms of tooth color. Some foods and drinks will stain tooth enamel and eventually these can break it down. As your enamel gets weak and breaks down, the dentin underneath will be revealed.

Luckily, there are helpful ingredients that can be tried at home to treat yellow teeth. But before knowing the way of how to whiten teeth, you may need to know some tips of teeth whitening too. The tip suggests you to build good routine of oral hygiene. As for the ingredients that will be described below, you can also use them to set up routine to help get rid of yellow color. Besides, it would be better if you try the best to avoid any dark drinks like coffee and coke which can give stain to your teeth.

How to Whiten Teeth Using Home Ingredients. Illustration: Natural Smile Pretty Woman.
By Seth Lemmons (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Well-Combined Ingredients to Treat Yellow Teeth

1. Baking soda with lemon

The first combined ingredients to help whitening yellow teeth are baking soda with lemon juice paste. Mild abrasive characteristic of baking soda will be able to scrub away on the surface stains gently in order to make teeth get back its natural white. Since this ingredient is very alkaline as well, it is able to help balancing the pH if your mouth is very acidic or after you eat acidic food too much. Baking soda can also reduce acidity from lemon juice that acts as natural bleach. So, good combination of how to whiten teeth is that you can use water and baking soda (3%) mixture some days, while using lemon juice as well on the other days.

2. Coconut oil

Second natural ingredient is by using coconut oil. Rinsing mouth with this ingredient which is also known as oil pulling is quite a unique method to do at home. This old remedy is said to be effective in whitening teeth. Doing oil pulling could be one of unpleasant thing you have due to the weird taste you will experience. But, you should not mind about its taste because it can make a good difference for your teeth color. Of course, by doing this “bleaching” will not make any difference as soon as you do oil pulling, but the compound of lauric acid found in this oil is able to get rid of bacteria in the plaque. As the result, your teeth can be away from yellow color eventually. Besides, coconut oil can help promote the gum health while keeping your breath to be fresh.

3. Baking soda with strawberry and salt

The third way of how to whiten teeth discussed in this section is using the combination of baking soda, strawberry, and salt. Strawberry is beneficial fruit for treating yellow teeth due to its rich content of vitamin C which is able to break down the plaque as the cause of yellow look on teeth. Strawberry has malic acid enzyme as well that can help removing the surface stains. As for salt, this beneficial ingredient that acts as abrasive portion is going to scrub away on the yellow gunk stain physically. Meanwhile, baking soda acts as extra touch which you may choose or leave out according to what you prefer, but you better use it.

Preparation and Direction

Preparation for using baking soda with lemon

There are some preparation and directions to follow to make these home remedies for yellow teeth. For the first combination of baking soda and lemon juice, you should firstly prepare a toothbrush, some teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, enough water, and lemon juice. The procedure is to make a fine paste by mixing baking soda with some lemon juice. You can add a very little amount of water if you need more liquid to form good paste.

After the paste is made, use paper towel to wipe off your teeth and also the extra saliva. Then, put enough paste onto toothbrush. Apply it on your teeth and leave for one minute. You should rinse afterward to avoid your enamel get affected too much by the acid. However, if you are not using lemon juice but only water it will be okay to leave the paste for three minutes, not more.

Preparation for using coconut oil

The next preparation of how to whiten teeth is by oil pulling. The ingredient to prepare is just one tablespoon coconut oil. You need to do this method before brushing your teeth in the morning. After you scoop out coconut oil as needed, you have the option to either put them in mouth directly or soften it first.

After that, push and swish with coconut oil and then pull this oil around and through your teeth. Do it for about ten up to fifteen minutes. You can spit the oil out afterward. Rinse your mouth immediately with water and then brush your tooth well.

Preparation for using baking soda with strawberry and salt

The last preparation and direction is for the combination of baking soda, strawberry, and salt. In this method, you need to prepare three large strawberries, some sea salt, and a half tea spoon baking soda. Firstly, mash all strawberries you have prepared into pulp. After that, add one pinch of salt with baking soda. Before applying this mixture, you should wipe off extra saliva from your teeth using paper towel. You can apply the mixture generously onto your toothbrush.

Apply and leave it for five minutes before rinsing it off. Do this remedy at night regularly. Within one week you probably can see the difference after following these remedies of how to whiten teeth. However, it will not give an instant result like the commercial products.


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