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How to Get Rid of Blackheads with Natural ingredients Home Remedies

Having constant problems with acne and blackheads? Then you should learn about how to get rid of blackheads with natural home remedies. Sure, feel free to get the best dermatologist treatment but such a treatment is generally costly. You can also try the medical solutions but they use chemical substances – which may be able to deal with the issue fast and effectively but not for everyone. If you want the safest and most natural solutions, some home remedies are quite potent and powerful. But then again, you need to be patient and really take your time. It is going to pay off in the end, for sure.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads with Natural ingredients Home Remedies. Sugar, Moisturizer, Egg White, Bentonite, Lemon Water for Blackhead Remedies.

Blackheads Myth

On the contrary to what people believe, blackheads aren’t caused by dirt. The combination of sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells are responsible for blackheads. So, if you want to prevent blackheads from happening, clean your face regularly.

If you think that big pores can be reduced, you are wrong. Pores aren’t muscle so they can’t be smaller. Some substances can make the pores look smaller but only temporarily. But if you are able to perform regular cleaning and care, your appearance should improve.

Common Problems with Blackheads

Keep in mind that blackheads are different from the regular acne. Blackheads are the condition where your pores are open and the blockage is somewhat stuck in between; it can’t go out completely and it isn’t fully inside. The part on the outside is exposed to the air and it becomes oxidized. That’s why the tip turns black and hardened.

If you think scrubbing will make the blackheads go away, you are completely wrong. Scrubbing the skin will only irritate it, not drawing the blackheads out. You need something strong to pull the blackheads so the blockage will be solved. It is a good thing that there are some natural ingredients that you can try without causing further risks or side effects. These are definitely inexpensive ways on how to get rid of blackheads.

1. Bentonite Clay

Wait, can you really use the clay on your face? Is it safe? Bentonite clay is rich in mineral that has been used as skin treatment for centuries. Because of the natural components, the clay is able to draw out the blackheads, along with the other impurities. It cleanses your skin as well as removing the blackheads in the safest way. The skin circulation will improve, boosting the skin’s health and skin tone.

Another great thing about the clay is its ability to mix well with apple cider vinegar or water. This clay is great for various skin types, including sensitive or dry skin. You may feel a little tightening after applying the mask but it shouldn’t bother you. In the end, the clay is able to moisturize you quite well.

2. Water and Moisturizer

One thing to keep the blackheads stay away is to clean your face regularly. Washing your face twice a day will keep it clean, but don’t overdo it. If you overdo it, you may activate the sebum to be more productive, resulting in oilier skin condition. After washing your face, don’t forget to use a moisturizer so it stays hydrated and moist. This is one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of blackheads.

3. Egg White

Have you ever tried making a facial mask from egg white? You may not know this but the protein from the egg white is able to draw out the blackheads while preventing the future blackheads. It works by tightening the pores, so it is quite ideal for those with big pores issue. You only need to separate the white egg from the yolk. Apply the white eggs by using a brush. Apply one layer, wait until it dries off completely, and apply another layer. Again, wait until it dries, and then apply another layer. You can apply three or four layers.

Once you wash the face, it should feel tighter which is supposed to happen. You can also try applying a tissue paper on each layer to get the tightening effect. However, if you don’t want to, the first method is enough. If you want to know how to get rid of blackheads without spending too much money, using the white eggs is certainly going to do it.

4. Sugar

You can use sugar as a cleansing scrub. Sometimes, you only need a good and regular scrubbing and exfoliating. They are effective enough to remove the dead skin cells responsible for the gloomy and dark skin tone. Not only the dead skin cells are removed, the application of massaging the skin will improve its circulation, affecting its health and natural glow. You can mix the sugar with any natural oil, such as jojoba (aloe vera) oil. But if you can’t find jojoba oil, you can always use sweet almond, olive, or grapeseed oil. Simply mix four tablespoon of oil with a cup of sugar. If you like the scrub to have a sweet smell, add essential oil. But even without it, your scrub will still be efficient.

5. Toner

As you can see, the core issue of blackheads is the big pores. If you have big pores, you want to reduce the size, and that’s the function of the toner. Lemon juice is one of the most common natural toner that you can use. But be careful when applying the lemon juice because it will be too harsh on sensitive skin. Moreover, you want to avoid the direct sunray exposure after applying the lemon juice. It will be better if you can apply as much sunscreen as possible.

You need to wash the face before applying the toner. If a direct application is too harsh, you can mix the lemon juice with a little water to dilute it a bit. Use a cotton ball to apply it on the area where the pores are big. Stop if you feel a sting sensation.

What do you feel about making your own mint and apple cider vinegar? These combinations are effective enough on how to get rid of blackheads. You mix mint leaves (crush it first) and the apple cider vinegar. The combination is quite potent to deal with the issue. The mint will tighten the pores while the apple cider vinegar will break the substances responsible for the blackheads. In the event that your blackheads are inflamed or irritated, the mix will deal with the issue quite effectively.

Other Alternatives

Besides using the natural substances, you can also try some of these alternative ways. These ways may not use the natural ingredients but more about incorporating different methods. So, what are the alternatives on how to get rid of blackheads?

The first one is to get yourself sweaty. When your pores are open at the right time, it will remove toxins and impurities from the skin. But the key word is ‘the right time’ so you don’t want your pores to remain open all of the time. That’s why you need to get yourself sweaty. Exercising is one great way to make your pores stay open. When you exercise, your skin pores will be open and all the impurities, waste, and toxin will be flushed out. Don’t forget to clean yourself after exercising – or after sweating out – and use the toner and moisturizer to close off your pores. Not only exercising will make you healthier and feel better, you can expect a better skin condition.

The second one is to use the steam. Steam is another alternative to keep your pores open. No, it isn’t meant to remove the blackheads but it is more about cleansing off the dead skin cells and sebum that are trapped within the skin pores. Boil water and fill in a bowl with it. With a towel covering your head, place your head above the bowl. Once you are done with the steam, wash your face, and moisturize.

Those are some of the most natural and effective treatments that you can try at home. After all, knowing how to get rid of blackheads doesn’t have to be costly, right?


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