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Home Remedies for Depression with Natural Ingredients

Did you know that over 19 million of people in this universe are affected by depression? Depression is one of popular emotional disorders. This disorder is closely related and effect human’s feelings, thoughts, physical health, mood, and behavior. Home remedies for depression below will help you to solve this problem.

The Symptoms of Depression

People with depression will feel sadness, loss of deep sense, feel dejection, loss of energy, mental trauma, loss the interest, and difficult to eat and sleep. These signs are able to affect someone daily life and be more distressing from time to time.

Home Remedies for Depression with Natural Ingredients. Illustration: A woman sit on sofa feeling sad and depressed.

The Factors that Lead to Depression

Considering that depression is truly hearth problem, you need to know the factor and the home remedies for depression. There are many factors that can arouse depression such as tension, anxiety, drug addiction, and mental stress. It also happens by the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B-complex.

Moreover, researchers said that genetic predisposition plays important role in depression cause. This emotional disorder is more likely to affect women than men. To overcome depression, you need to get appropriate therapy and medication. To support your therapy, it is better for you to treat yourself with home remedies for depression below.

12 Natural Remedies to Treat Depression

1. Cardamom

Cardamom works well in detoxifying your body and helping your cells to regenerate. This herb can effectively as your home remedies for depression because it increases the good mood. You will need cardamom powder (one-half teaspoon) and milk. Make a cup of warm milk and add the cardamom powder into it. Stir slowly to make sure that the cardamom is blended completely. Another way to utilize cardamom is by adding certain drops of oil from cardamom to the water. Then, use that water to take a bath and feel the aroma. The aroma of cardamom oil will significantly decrease your depression and recover your mood.

2. St. John’s Wort

St. Johan’s Wort is such a popular herb as home remedies for depression. The hyperforin and hypericin are working properly as antidepressant and serotonin receptors. Put dried leave of St. John’s Wort into the cup and add the hot water. Let the substances revealed for about ten minutes. Drink this tea two times per day and you will see the differences on your body. You are also able to consume St. John’s Wort supplement that you can take on pharmacy. Be wise in utilizing this herb and it is better for you to talk to health provider before consuming it.

3. Saffron

The vitamin B and carotenoids in the saffron are effectively increasing the number of chemical on the brain and serotonin. In addition, Journal of Ethno pharmacology stated that saffron is effective to reduce depression because of fluoxetin substance. To get those good substances, you are able to consume saffron extract for about 15 milligram. For better result, you need to take it twice per day. Moreover, you are allowed to use saffron in smoothies, milk shake, and even for daily cooking. You have to be wise in using this herb as your home remedies for depression since it is quite expensive in some countries.

4. Nutmeg

Another herb to treat your depression is nutmeg. Nutmeg plays important role as brain tonic. It helps to stimulate human brain, decrease the stress, improve good mood, and remove fatigue. Make a mixture of one till eight teaspoons of nutmeg powder along with Indian gooseberry. Pour them inside the blender and let them be smooth juice. Drink this solution twice per day to calm down your mind and decrease your depression. Thing to remember is that you are not suggested to consume large doses of raw nutmeg since it contains of psychoactive substances.

5. Fish Oil

The deficiency level of omega-3 fat acid in human body can lead to depression. As home remedies for depression, you need to consume foods with high omega-3. Omega-3 is well required by brain to run normal functions. Fish oil is the most practice way to get good fatty acid like omega-3 in simple way. Consume fish oil supplement at least once capsule per day. You can get this supplement easily on food stores, pharmacy, and even online market. In addition, you can eat fish directly, especially fish from cold water such as salmon, anchovies, and sardines. Moreover, flaxseed and soy products are working good too to fulfill the need of omega-3.

6. Cashews

Cashews contain high of vitamin C that will work well for nervous system which bring the as one of good home remedies for depression. In addition, this fruit is high of riboflavin which is going to be very good to boost your energy. You will be active and feel joy if you have enough vitamins C and riboflavin on your body. Not stop on those two substances, cashew also contains tryptophan, vitamin B6, and magnesium that will fight against your depression. Pour one teaspoon of cashew powder into a cup of hot milk. Stir it until the solution is blended completely and drink this beverage once per day. If you like to have snack, you are able to consume a handful of cashew that has been roasted in order to increase your mood.

7. Honey

Honey presents natural sugar which helps to fight the depression. In addition, honey contains tryptophan (an amino acid) that induces sleep. As the result, honey can change frayed nerves into relax condition and induce your sleep. Considering that superiority, honey should be on the list of home remedies for depression. Make a mixture of crashed almond with honey and eat it twice per day. You can consume it before sleep and another one in the morning. Another way to consume honey is by mixing ginseng powder and honey. Pour them on the cup along with hot water. Drink this beverage twice daily to get significant result. Thing to be remembered is that original honey works better than the mixture.

8. Apples

Potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B are easily found in the apples. These nutrients work together to help human’s brain to recover the damaged cells. For that causes, apples become one of effective home remedies for depression. It is purposed to improve the functions of the nerves that will reduce the depression’s symptoms. Peel two apples and cut into small pieces. Put it inside the juicer to get the apple extract. Add this apple extract along with honey to the cup of hot milk. Stir it carefully to make sure that all the materials are blended completely. Drink this solution twice per day as your depression’s treatment. In addition, to support the healing and prevent depression, you are able to eat one apple per day.

9. Chicken

Realizing that the deficiency of vitamin B6 leads to depression, chicken comes as the simple solution for your home remedies for depression. Chicken contains dopamine and serotonin which enhance neurotransmitters. Bake chicken with vegetables is the best food to consume for your depression treatment. You are also allowed to eat warm chicken soup full of vegetables. Thing to be noted is that you need to avoid in eating fried chicken or skin-part chicken since they can bring you to other diseases.

10. Asparagus

Folate, vitamin E, and tryptophan contain in asparagus are the good composition in fighting the depression. Folate works well to improve the function of human’s brain. Vitamin E supports your mind to always in a good mood. Moreover, tryptophan produces high level of serotonin which is stabilizing the mood. East fresh, grilled, or steamed asparagus can be done to reduce depression. Another way to consume it is by drinking a cup of water consists of one teaspoon of asparagus powder. In short, asparagus is good as your home remedies for depression.

11. Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains L-ethanine which works very good along with caffeine to increase your mood. It also has psychoactive substance that able to break the blood barriers. As the result, it will decrease your depression and stress. Pour hot water to a cup and add one green tea bag or one teaspoon of dried green tea. It is such a perfect solution to accompany your morning or afternoon.

12. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has flavonoid substance which contributes to make your body relax. It is one of popular herbs as home remedies for depression and reduces your stress. Boil one cup of water along with chamomile (two teaspoons). Add a little milk and honey and stir the solution. Drink this beverage thirty minutes before going to bed.

Those are twelve natural home remedies for depression. Besides, you need to get enough time to take rest and sleep, elude from junk foods, avoid alcohol, socialize, exercise routinely, laugh, and keep your mind positive. Those entire things will prevent you from getting depression that will lead to several diseases.


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