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Health Benefits of Turmeric You Must Know to Improve Your Life Quality

Do you know about health benefits of turmeric or curcuma longa? This common herb is not only good for cooking, but also contains of numerous healthy nutrients, such as vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, dietary fiber, zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, and potassium. Besides, based on American Chemical Society Journal, turmeric has antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimutagenic, and antifungal substance. Many people even call turmeric as spices queen because of its specific characteristics like golden color, strong taste, and great aroma that is like pepper. Moreover, you should know that turmeric can give 10 benefits for health.

10 Health Benefits You Can Get from Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric You Must Know to Improve Your Life Quality

1. To Relieve Arthritis

Turmeric is really great for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis treatment because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, free radicals that are able to damage body cells can be destroyed by antioxidant property that is contained in turmeric. If you suffer rheumatoid arthritis, you can consume turmeric regularly to relieve the pain. The moderate joint pains and inflammation will be decreased into mild pains. Then, it absolutely gives you much relief to handle the pain from arthritis disease.

2. To Prevent Cancer

Some researchers have proven turmeric, through its active components, can be one of some best protectors of tumors with radiation-induced characteristic. The first health benefits of turmeric is to prevent the prostate cancer. Besides, turmeric is even able to stop prostate cancer’s growth and destroy its cells. Therefore, if you have this kind of cancer, you can heal it by consuming turmeric. Moreover, this herb is also good to prevent any other kinds of tumor cell like breast carcinomas, colon carcinomas, and T-cell leukemia.

3. To Reduce Level of Cholesterol

The next health benefits of turmeric is to reduce cholesterol levels. You must know that to have cholesterol in high level in your body really can give you many serious problems for your health. However, you do not need to worry, because you can control it with turmeric. This herb is able to reduce the level of serum cholesterol; therefore it is good for you to use turmeric for cooking as food seasoning. By keeping the cholesterol in proper level, you really can prevent many other cardiovascular diseases.

4. To Control Diabetes

Turmeric is able to be used as diabetes treatment that can help reduce insulin levels, increase diabetes medication effect, and improve the glucose control. Besides, there is another health benefits of turmeric which is effective to decrease insulin resistant. It might able to prevent the emergence of diabetes type 2. However, you still need healthcare professional’s consultation before you decide to take turmeric capsules. It is because turmeric might cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia if it is combined with high dose of medications.

5. To Heal the Wound

If you get burned or cut, you can heal it by sprinkling the turmeric powder on it. The natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties contained in turmeric is effective disinfectant that is really good to hasten healing process. This herb also can be used to help repair the damaged skin and treat psoriasis or many other conditions of inflammatory skin.

6. To Boost Immunity

Other health benefits of turmeric you can get is the immunity booster. You can make your immune system stronger with turmeric because it contains of antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. The immune system also can be stimulated by turmeric through its lipopolysaccharide substance. If you have good immune system, you might have lower chance to get flu, coughs and colds. Turmeric also can be good medication for those diseases by mixing a glass of milk with turmeric powder. You should drink it regularly once a day.

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7. To Prevent Alzheimer Disease

You must know about Alzheimer’s disease that is cognitive disorder caused by brain inflammatory. Turmeric is believed able to help remove plaque that is built in brain, and to improve oxygen’s flow. By supporting the brain’s overall health, turmeric definitely can prevent and even slow down the growth of Alzheimer’s disease. This is the great health benefits of turmeric you should know.

8. To Manage Weight

Do you want to have an ideal body? You just need to add turmeric powder in every your meal. Turmeric contains a component that can increase bile’s flow and break the dietary fat. Besides, the health benefits of turmeric is not only to lose the weight, but also to treat obesity or any other diseases related to body fat.

9. To Prevent Liver Disease

Turmeric can be used as natural detoxifier of liver. This herb is able to increase liver enzymes production that is used to detoxify blood. The vital enzyme produced in liver has function to reduce and break down the toxins inside human body. Turmeric also can improve liver health by improving and invigorating the blood circulation.

10. To Improve Digestion

Next health benefits of turmeric is digestion improving. Turmeric is really good to reduce gas and bloating symptoms by stimulating gallbladder in order to produce the bile. Besides, turmeric also can be used to treat many diseases of inflammatory bowel, like ulcerative colitis. To heal digestive problems, it is better to consume raw turmeric and prevent to take it as dietary supplement because it might make condition of gallbladder disease become worse.

If you want to have better health, you might start to add turmeric to your meal. The turmeric powder is good to be added into warm milk, smoothies, curries, salad dressing, or fried dishes. To get health benefits of turmeric, you also can consume it in pill form as some diseases’ medication. However, you must remember, that turmeric is not good people who has bile or gallstone obstruction.


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