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Guide for How to Deal with Split Ends

One thing that most people have in regards of their hair among many other hair problems is probably split ends. Even though it is one of the most common hair problems many people have, they often confuse it with frizz for they have similar symptoms. More often than not, they tend to make a fuss out of simple hair damage without knowing what it is that causes the hair problem they have. As the consequence, they take wrong solution for the hair which only leads to worse case of hair problem, one of which is split ends.

Before you get to the wrong track of choosing perfect solution for hair problem, you need to understand what exactly splitting hair shafts are. Just like the term says, you can find it when you try to comb the hair all the way down. Split ends or trichoptilosis are indicated with the splitting of hair end. However, make no mistake since this problem does not always occur on the hair shaft. In several cases, it can happen in the middle of hair strands, going all the way to the end. With that said, you need to be aware of your hair condition.

Another thing you need to know about this hair problem is that you need to make a clear differentiation between split ends and frizz. In most cases, people tend to make a wrong conclusion out of hair symptoms they have. When they seem to be unable to tame the hair by combing and making it lie flat, they dart off to the conclusion that they have terrible case of splitting hair. Furthermore, they end up taking solution which does not suit hair problem. What many people do not know is that such unmanageable hair does not show any symptom of splitting hair shaft. Instead, such problem is just mere frizz.

The Causes of Split Ends

Guide for How to Deal with Split Ends. Illustration: Hair Clip.

Now that you have basic knowledge on what split ends are, it will be better for you to understand the causes of this hair problem on another level. In this context, splitting hair shaft can be caused by two main factors; internal and external. As you might have guessed, the former is centered on natural factors, such as genetics hormones, and other things controlled by your body systems. For the latter, it is caused by other factors you can control. Therefore, you need to understand more about external factors to control hair damage. Here are some:

1. Excessive use of hair products

Just like an old saying goes; every good thing which goes in excessive manner will turn out bad. Hair product does actually have a good use for your hair. It can treat the hair to be as perfect as you want it to be. Yet, such an excessive use will put the hair to great damage indicated with dry hair and splitting hair shaft itself. As you must not want to have damaged hair, all you have to do once the hair is damaged is to avoid excessive use of hair products.

2. Excessive use of hair tools

The second cause on the list of split ends causes is actually pretty similar with the first one explained before. While the first one is caused by excessive use of hair products, the second one here is caused by excessive use of hair tools, such as hair dryer, curlers, and hair comb. Yes, they might be of handy tools when it comes to additional hair treatment adding up to the hair products you use. But, what you do not know is that these hair tools which produce heat that’s supposed to treat the hair can be of great adversary to your hair. In that case, you might want to avoid such excessive use of them.

3. Environmental factors

As hair is a certain part of your body, it will get exposed to everything your body is exposed to on regular basis. In that case, such exposure includes exposure to weather, such as sun heat of summer and cold in winter. Your daily activity which demands you to go out very often then contributes to hair damage and splitting hair shaft on our head, just like other factors do.

4. Lack of hair treatment

As other causes on split ends explained before go with the case of excessive hair treatment you may put on the hair, the fourth cause here goes with the lack of hair treatment as contributing factor to splitting hair shaft. Sometimes, you are too busy to do anything outside of your work and other activities that you cannot spare some of the time to take a good care of your hair, including treating it. Say, you may put the hair in poor treatment by not trimming it on regular basis and not conditioning it either. At the end, you will find your hair in grieve damage indicated with split ends.

Solutions on Split Ends

Those are several factors which contribute to the hair damage and split ends damaging your beautiful and lustrous hair. Next thing you should definitely know on the case of splitting hair shaft is the treatment for such hair problem. You do not want to let the split hair be left untreated without any solutions. Well, there are several simple solutions to hair damage and splitting hair for that matter. Here is another list of hair treatment for splitting hair.

Put a limit on excessive use of hair products

The first solution on split ends you might want to try is actually quite easy to do for everyone who has this hair problem. In this case, you need to put a limit on how many hair products you use on regular basis. Use ones which are deemed most necessary to be applied. Get rid of unnecessary hair products which can be substituted with others. In that case, you might want to focus on shampoo and conditioner as main the products you have. With such controlled and wise use of hair products, your hair will be spared from the case of splitting hair shaft.

Get rid of excessive hair products

In the case of excessive use of hair tools, it is actually caused by frequent use of them on daily basis. In other words, you use them every day without any break. In that case, you should take a break from the use of those hair tools every now and then. You can still use them for your hair, but you need to put several days of vacuum between every use rather than using them every day even if you do not need it much.

Use new method of hair wash with aloe shampoo and conditioner

For most people, hair washing simply means applying shampoo on their head and apply it all over. What they do not know is that such method of hair washing is very wrong. Proper hair washing method includes conditioning, washing, and conditioning abbreviated as CWC. Simply start by applying aloe conditioner on your hair length and aloe shampoo on the scalp. Rinse the head until it is clean and apply another conditioner thoroughly. Do this hair washing process on regular basis until your hair is treated beautifully with any indication of splitting hair shaft.

Go au naturel with coconut oil

The last thing on hair damage solutions you need to know is stripping down from excessive hair treatments and tools. Instead, you need to use perfectly decent treatment your hair needs without any gimmick whatsoever. In that case, you might want to rely on coconut oil which has hair healing properties. That way, the hair will be spared form any case of hair damage you face before. With that said, the hair will be as beautiful and lustrous as you leave it be when you did not know all products. Those are all information on split ends you need to know.


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