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Flea Remedies for Dogs with Effective Home Recipes

There are actually limitless natural flea remedies for dogs that you can try if your furry friends have been infested by the blood-sucking insects. Dealing with fleas has never been easy or fun. Aside from the continuous and constant itch, the possibility of flea spread to your house is big. Imagine having them piggy-ride on your dog and then live in some dark areas and corners of the house. You don’t want that, do you?

The Major Problem

Flea Remedies for Dogs with Effective Home Recipes. Illustration: Dog Puppy.

When having flea ‘attack’, it is not always about poor hygiene or dirty environment. Flea infestation can happen to even the cleanest and most pristine condition. Fleas simply are attracted to warm bodies, and they like clinging to the fur of the cats and dogs. Always be watchful to your pets’ condition because they are basically the perfect home and breeding ground for fleas.

When flea issue already happens, sorting things out will be more difficult. It is always easier to prevent the issue rather than to deal with it. Although there are different options for the flea remedies for dogs, having to perform them on a daily basis can be a tiresome work. And let’s not forget the extra work and preparation you have to go through to get rid of the pesky pests.

Chemicals vs Natural

Although there are so many different chemical, over the counter products available out there, most dog owners don’t really like it when they have to use those items. They prefer the natural flea remedies for dogs because of several reasons. First, the home remedy solution is less risky, with minimum side effects. Second, the natural solution is mostly suitable for all kinds of dogs and condition so you won’t have to worry about side effects or dangerous risks. Even when there are side effects, the effects will likely be minimum when compared to chemical usage.

Moreover, having natural flea remedies for dogs is somewhat more flexible. Since you can prepare everything on your own, you can adjust the dosage. It is you who decide how strong or mild it is, what elements should be included, and such thing alike. This is one of the major reasons why most dog owners prefer the natural remedies although they know that it will deliver slower result. The key is regularity and continuity. If you are able to apply the solution constantly, regularly, and continuously, then you should be able to get rid of the problem for good.

Some of the Possible Solutions and Methods of Flea Remedies for Dogs

Basically, some of the natural flea remedies for dogs will work well only if you have the dedication and discipline in performing them routinely. This is the most difficult part: the dedication. Finding the ingredients or preparing the mixture is fairly easy but not everyone has the determination and the real dedication to implement things thoroughly.

There is a simple way to sort things through, though. If you have a cleaning routine, these methods can be applied right along. It will make everything easier and you will find the most ideal flea remedies for dogs that will work for your beloved furry best friends.

1. Strong Smell for the Best Remedies

Fleas hate strong smell, even the nice one. That’s why they hate nice smell as lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus because they can’t stand it. Instead of buying the chemical products, why not making the flea remedies for dogs yourself? Collect fresh rosemary and boil them for 30 minutes (mix them with 2 cups water). Strain it, ditch the leaves, and add the liquid with a gallon of warm water. You should wait until it cools down but yet remains warm. Use it as a soak for your dog. Let them dry naturally. The smell will remain on the skin so fleas won’t come. Those that are already on the furs will try to escape as soon as possible.

Besides the rosemary, you can also use lemon spray. This is another simple but effective flea remedies for dogs. By using a quarter of lemon that is covered with boiling water, you can use the spray on your dogs. After mixing it, just let it steep overnight. The next morning, you can spray your dogs with the mixture but be careful of the eyes and nose. Don’t use the essential oil because it can be harmful for your dogs. Also be observant. Try to spray a particular area first, such as the base of tail, and see their reaction. If they seem okay, continue it. If they don’t seem okay, stop it right away. Be mindful that some dogs may develop allergic reaction so you want to be careful about it.

Another alternative is to use eucalyptus leaves. This one of the effective flea remedies for dogs which can also be used to prevent another flea infestation. Collect the eucalyptus leaves within several open jars. Leave them on some areas of the house (keep the jar open, naturally). Put several jars in the rooms where your dogs like to spend times. Fleas will run away on the scent of this sweet smelling plant. The same thing can also be applied for lavender.

2. Bathing and Brushing Rituals

Have your dogs soaked in a warm bath. Fleas don’t have hands so when the furs of your dogs are wet, they don’t have the place to attach themselves. They will slip, fall to the water, and die. Your dogs may not like the idea of having to soak themselves in the water but this flea remedies for dogs can be quite effective, especially when the itch happens.

When they are feeling itchy, most dogs won’t mind getting a warm tub. Do it outdoor. It is also okay to mix the water with lemon squeeze or lavender mix (remember, don’t use the essential oils. You need to make them yourself). Not only the warm tub will relieve the itch, you can help getting rid of some of the fleas, thanks to the combination of the mixture and warm water.

Don’t forget to always brush the fur. You need to do it at least twice a day. With a special brush or comb, you can check for the existing fleas. Not only brushing will prevent (and dealing with) further flea infestation, it will also help the condition of the furs, making it shiny and glowing.

3. Clean Environment

There is no doubt that you have done a great work in maintaining the cleanliness of your home. But when you suspect the flea infestation, performing thorough cleaning is recommended. Aside from applying the flea remedies for dogs, you also need to maintain good hygiene. Fleas like dark corners. It doesn’t hurt to remove your dogs’ bedding, the rugs, and other upholsteries. Vacuum each place thoroughly. Yes, it is tiring but it will keep the population down.

4. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Usage

One of the effective ways of flea remedies for dogs is to use DE powder. DE is the microscopic diatoms exoskeletons thousands years ago. They are tiny but they have sharp particles that can penetrate the thick fleas’ exoskeletons. It will make the fleas to dehydrate and die. DE is fairly safe for people and pets. You can choose the food grade DE and spread them on your dogs’ bed, carpet, and any other places. Do this routinely even when you don’t see any result.

5. Mixture of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Apple cider vinegar can help getting rid of the fleas away. When you mix the raw ACV with water, the result can be quite satisfying. Mix half water and half raw and pure ACV to spray your dogs’ coat. You can also mix their drinking water with two tablespoons of ACV. However, the latter method should be discussed first with the vet, making sure that your dogs are okay.

As you can see, there are some smart and creative ways to repel the fleas. You can choose some of these flea remedies for dogs to keep them away from your friends and your house. They aren’t difficult to make, after all.


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