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Excellent 10 Recommended Homemade Breast Pain Remedies

Women mostly complain about breast pain during menstruation. The researchers from Pacific Medical Center – California already conducted survey which concluded that 50% to 70% women worldwide are having breast pain in the middle of their period cycle. If as a woman you also feel the same pain as mentioned above, figuring out about breast pain remedies must be an important move to do.

Well, related to the matter about breast pain in women during their period, actually there are several medicines as breast pain release. However, sometimes there are some women who are allergic to several substances contained by such those medicines. Besides, not few of them also often get such contra indication with the ingredients contained by such medicines that categorized as breast pain reliever.

If the mentioned stuff above becomes one of the reasons why for you to prefer pick natural breast pain remedies, here are the top excellent homemade remedies for relieving breast pain.

Excellent 10 Recommended Homemade Breast Pain Remedies. Illustration: A woman feel pain on her chest, holding her chest/breast with her hands.

10 Breast Pain Remedies You Could Make Simply at Home

As additional information for you, breast pain in women during their menstruation period is principally known as mastalgia. This pain is classified in two types of medical patterns which are Cyclical (the intensity of the breast pain during the menstruation period is changes); and Non-cyclical (this is less frequently type, where the pain is unchanged during the menstruation period). Well, here they are the best 10 recommendation of natural breast pain remedies you could serve simply at home.

1. Cold Temperature from Ice Pack

Cold temperature could be one of best solutions as breast pain reliever. It is medically proven that cold temperature is able to reduce the pain and swelling as well. Therefore, place several pieces of ice cubes into plastic bag then cover it using clean towel or washcloth to be compressed to each breast of yours is a great solution. It could let you reduce the breast pain efficiently.

2. Gentle Massage

Gently massage the breast is also another suggested solution of breast pain remedies you should try. Self-massaging your breast could let you decrease the inflammatory and even improve the breast’s blood circulation at the same time. Besides, massaging the pain breast is even proven to help the healthier breast tissues as well. You could message your breasts using several drops of camphor oil as necessary mixed with 1-2 tablespoon olive oil.

3. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is also a great remedy as breast pain treatment. This natural remedy contains the active substance which is GLA (gamolenic acid) that categorized as good fatty-acid to let the body adjust the changed hormone during period. That’s why massaging your breast using this oil for several minutes will let you reduce the breast pain and tenderness effectively.

4. Chasteberry Herb

This natural herb is already proven as great breast pain remedies ingredient for women during their PMS period. The herb positively reduces the released prolactin as the main hormone which plays a role in pre menstruation symptoms including breast pain. You could use the dried extract of this herb to massage your breast as the treatment from the outside. Drink the liquid extract of this herb into your mineral water is also a good treatment you should try from the inside.

5. Castor Oil

This natural oil is also famous as the ingredient of breast pain remedies treatment. The oil is rich in ricinoleic acid which known as anti inflammatory agent to release breast pain. Besides, it also has great ability to improve the circulation in order to give the proper nutrients for the cells. Combine one tablespoon of castor oil together with several drops of olive oil and use it to massage your breast. This way will let you reduce the breast pain during your period.

6. Dandelion

Based on the sight of view from naturopathy, dandelion has great formula to treat breast pain and tenderness as well. It plays a role as pure diuretic which is rich in potassium that able to release the pain through flush the excessive liquid from the body and yet also avoid fluid retention at once. Mix one teaspoon of dandelion root extract (or it could be dried dandelion root) in boiled cup of water within 15 minutes. Add several amount of honey as necessary into it, then, drink it up. Consume 3 cups of this mixture within a day is the right doze of breast pain remedies that you need.

7. Fennel

It is also the famous ingredient for breast pain remedies. It has great formula to rebalance female hormone during menstruation cycle. Besides, it also contains of natural substances to avoid the toxin growth inside the body and prevent the fluid retention at the same time. Pour the fennel seed into hot water in a cup, cover the cup up to 10 minutes. Then strain it before start drinking the herb. It will help you reduce the breast pain that you suffered.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar which mixed into a glass of warm or hot water could let you relieve the breast pain. This natural remedy is able to remove toxins inside the body and also able to balance the hormone. That’s why it is well known as one of the recommended breast pain remedies among women widely.

9. Vitamin E

Among so many vitamins that available to help you stay healthy and fit, the one which truly helpful as breast pain remedies is vitamin E. Vitamin E plays an effective role to adjust the hormones changes in women’s body. Regulated hormones during menstruation are helpful to reduce the breast pain which used to suffer by women widely. That’s why it is suggested to you to take the right doze of vitamin E during your period and also consume the right foods which rich in vitamin E intake.

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10. Magnesium

It is suggested to you for consuming the right intake of magnesium during your menstrual period. Magnesium is the right nutrient as breast pain remedies that help you reduce the pain as you needed for. Magnesium is able to reduce the water retention that helps relieving the tenderness and pain of the breast during menstruation. That’s why do not forget to consume more foods which rich in magnesium during your period such as green veggies, seeds, nuts, avocados, dark chocolates, and soybeans.

Additional Suggested Tips for Relieving Breast Pain during Menstrual Cycle

As already explained above, those are the top 10 listed breast pain remedies you could serve at home in natural ways without contaminated by chemical substances. Therefore, consuming those 10 remedies are safer for you in relieving breast pain to prevent any contra indication as you wish for.

However, there are several recommendation additional tips for you to release breast pain that you could do in your daily activity as mentioned above:

  • Wear the comfy and soft bra to reduce the breast pain.
  • Do not forget to wear bra while doing the activity, so it could accommodate your breast to stay comfortable while moving your body.
  • Meditating and doing yoga for releasing stress. As we know, stress could be the trigger of imbalance hormone during the period that could make you get breast pain.
  • Do not consume too much caffeine as it could cause the breast pain during the period.
  • Consume the right healthy foods which rich in fibers to let your body flush away the excessive estrogen.
  • Do not consume too much hydrogenated oil in your menu (avoid consuming too much margarine, canned or packaged foods, snacks, etc).
  • Reduce the fats intake and place them with fruits and veggies that rich in antioxidants. It would help your body free from any dangerous radicals.
  • Reduce up to 20% fat and calorie intake during menstruation cycle.
  • Try to check up your breast condition to the doctor at least every 2 or 3 months.
  • If you figure out that there’s changed shape or size of your breast, go to consult with your doctor immediately.

Those are the additional tips regarding to breast pain remedies for you. Just try to apply both suggested top natural remedies above together with the additional tips. Then, see how they work to help you reduce the breast pain. Anyway, always stay healthy and fit is also another key you should never forget to prevent any breast pain.


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