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Effective Home Remedies for Cough

In order to heal cough, you can use the following effective home remedies for cough. As you might already know, cough is health problem that can infect anyone. Cough happens due to irritant, pollutant, or blockage inside your air passage. In order to get rid of those elements, your brain removes them by command your respiration system to cough. Moreover, cough can also be caused by viral disease. Symptoms that might occur on people with cough include chest pain, congestion, and itchy throat. Here are some natural home remedies that you can use to cure your cough.

10 Effective Home Remedies for Cough

Effective Home Remedies for Cough

1. Ginger

Most people already know that ginger is part of home remedies for cough. In order to heal cough, you need to boil water with sliced ginger in it. Drink this ginger tea up to four times in a day. This ginger tea helps you to remove cough symptoms such as itchy throat, congestion, and sore throat. Add lemon juice and honey to make the ginger tea more effective. Alternatively, you can also chew raw ginger if you do not want to be bothered making ginger tea.

2. Turmeric

The next list of home remedies for cough is turmeric. Therapeutic effect of turmeric herb is considered as effective natural remedies for cough. Boil a cup of water with turmeric powder and black paper. Optionally, you can also put cinnamon sticks in it. After three minutes, add a tablespoon of honey. Drink it every morning for better result. Alternatively, you can also make a tea with turmeric powder and carom seeds. Drink this herbal tea up to three times a day.

3. Garlic

As one of the home remedies for cough, garlic works as antimicrobial and antibacterial to treat cough. You need to boil a cup of water containing three garlic cloves and a teaspoon of oregano. After the temperature is not too hot, you can add a couple drop of honey. This herb tea will alleviate cough symptoms and promote healthy breathing. Alternatively, you can consume crushed garlic that is combined with honey and clove oil. Eating meals with garlic will also help you as well.

4. Lemon

Most home remedies for cough involve anti-inflammation properties. Lemon contains this property along with high concentration of Vitamin C. Combination of those substances will help your body to fight infection. Moreover, those substances can also help you to reduce cough symptoms. Mix two tablespoon of juice extracted form lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Drink this cough syrup a couple times a day. Alternatively, you can mix lemon juice with cayenne pepper and honey as well. Drink this juice until your cough is healed.

5. Hot milk and honey

Hot milk and honey are delicious home remedies for cough. This beverage is recommended for dry cough along with chest pain. Chest pain is common symptom when you have continuous dry coughing. It is also suggested to drink hot milk and honey before you go to bed. Swallowing a teaspoon of raw honey early in the morning when your stomach is empty will help you treat dry coughing. Honey contains analgesic property that is good for soothing your throat and removing mucus.

6. Onion

As it goes with previous home remedies for cough, onion can also be used to reduce cough symptoms. Inhale strong vapor produced by sliced onion to help you breath swiftly. Alternatively, you can also make syrup out of baked onion juice, honey, and comfrey tea. Drink this beverage to help you treat dry cough. You can also mix onion juice with honey into a solution. Drink it twice a day to help you reducing cough and soothing throat at the same time.

7. Carrot juice

You can take advantage of several vitamins and nutrients contained in carrot juice as home remedies for cough. It is recommended to alleviate serious cough symptoms. All you need to do is extract fresh juice of five carrots. Adding some water will help you to dilute this juice. Adding honey will not only making this juice tasteful, but also make the juice more effective reducing pain from cough symptoms. It is recommended to take this drink up to four times a day.

8. Cayenne pepper

The warm sensation from cayenne pepper can also be used to treat cough. Compared to other home remedies for cough, it is good for chest pain caused by continuous coughing. In order to make cough syrup out of cayenne pepper, you will also need water, apple cider vinegar, honey, and ground ginger. If you want to get better result from this cayenne pepper cough syrup, you need to consume it twice times a day. After drink it, you might feel your chest warm. It means the syrup is working.

9. Almonds

You can use nutritional properties contained in almonds as home remedies for cough. Those nutrients are proactively healing several symptoms of cough. All you need to do is soaking six almonds for ten hours in the water. Create smooth paste from those soaked almonds and butter. Consume this paste up to four times a day.

10. Grapes

Mucus blocked your respiratory system can also causing cough. You can use grapes as natural expectorant to remove the mucus out of your respiratory system. Removing mucus will help you to reduce your cough. In order to do so, you can consume grapes or fresh grape juice regularly. Adding honey to the grape juice will help speed up healing process. Grapes are also effective home remedies for cough.


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