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Easy and Natural Ways to Boost Immune System

You feel in good health today, but suddenly catch flue tomorrow. From normal view, it is impossible situation because your physical condition is very good and no sign of disease. The only problem is your immune system goes low after long hard day at work. There are same natural ways to boost immune system to keep body from malicious bacteria or viruses. Immune system is like shield and armor on battlefield. It is complicated system that consists of several cell and antigen including popular white cell with killer capability. When bacteria or virus inserts human body, this system acts as first line defense to repel uninvited and unwanted object, even stranger protein.

Controlling Food Intake to Boost Immune System

Easy and Natural Ways to Boost Immune System

Simple thing in natural ways to boost immune system is eating vegetable and fruits. Both of them are highly nutritious food with many functions. Actually, eating fruits will make body in top level of health then effect to enhance immune system. People in good health cannot easily get disease unless external factors happen to them. Besides vegetables and fruits, you might consider nuts as good food with high protein level. Nut has nature chemical component to prevent Streptococcus, which make digestive system severe.

Nature probiotic is good to increase respiratory and digestive system on human body. Both of systems are sensitive to malicious pathogen from outside. You can get flu as virus comes from our respiratory system. Unclean and unhealthy food causes stomach in trouble that can go dangerous for entire body. Another way to increase immune system is by using herbal medicine. From ancient time, people have been used specific herbs to cure disease then pass to next generation. You can try ginseng, garlic, eleuthero, and astragalus.

The most important factor in food intake no alcohol beverage and smoking cigarette. You have to avoid both of them as part of natural ways to boost immune system. Smoking will affect lung and respiratory system into defection that hardly to be cured. On the same time, immune system will less active because of toxin on smoking. Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for liver, heart, blood, and lung. It can create addictive habit that makes effect worse time to time.

Physical and Mental State to Boost Immune System

Controlling food intake is not enough to keep immune system at good level. Another nonfood aspect in natural ways to boost immune system is physical and mental state. For physical matters, you can try to do exercise regularly in the morning. When exercise, you can exposure skin to sunlight that very good to enhance immune system directly. Sunlight contains vitamin D to keep skin healthy. Another path for bacteria and viruses to come inside body is via skin. It is different when you breathe air or eat something as you can feel anything when this little malicious being stands at skin.

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Having good sleep is one method to keep good health on body. You have to sleep at regular time and try to clear any disturbance stuffs at bedroom that make distraction. The last way is trying to control stress. This is the most important part in natural ways to boost immune system because stress induces people to do bad habit such as drink alcohol, smoking, eat junk food, even can’t sleep properly.


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