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DIY Eye Drops Home Remedies Solutions

There has been a fuss lately about DIY eye drops, mostly about how you can make your own eye drops instead of the commercial one, generally available as the over the counter alternative. Of course, such a claim has its pros and cons. Before you are rushing things to make your own eye drop, it is better to learn more about the basic facts.

Things about Eye Drops

DIY Eye Drops Home Remedies Solutions

You probably think that you have done herbal or natural way by making your own eye drops. Most people claim that the reason why they make the DIY eye drops is because the commercial products are made from chemical substances – and they want to avoid chemicals at all cost.

It may sound legit and natural but let’s not forget that we live in the world where everything is made up from chemicals. Water, soil, and even the air we breathe are all made of chemicals. The same thing also goes to the eye contents. Our eyes don’t only have water. It has water, oxygen, mucus, and other minerals that most people aren’t well aware of. When you carelessly make your own eye drops, you can endanger and harm yourself. The eyes, after all, are one of the most important senses. Imagine the risks. Imagine how your life will be when you damage your eyes.

Various Recipes of DIY Eye Drops

1. Pure Castor Oil

Despite the risks, there are some possible ways for your DIY eye drops. Castor oil, for instance, is claimed to help overcoming eye dryness. You should only choose 100% pure oil for safe implementation, though. Put the oil in a clean or new dropper and then only have one drop of the oil before you go to bed.

The reason why you should do it before going to bed is because the oil will make your vision blurry or clouded. The pure oil will improve the lip production in your eyes while preventing tear evaporation. The oil also has natural anti-inflammatory trait that will fight off eye redness or swelling.

2. Honey and Warm Milk Mixture

By using the non-boiling milk, mix the honey and warm milk in equal numbers. Once the honey turns smooth within the milk, place it inside an eye dropper. Have 3 drops of the mixture several times within a day. This recipe is good to treat conjunctivitis as well as soothing the condition because honey has natural anti-bacterial trait. Another alternative of this recipe is to use the mixture as the eye compress. It delivers the same soothing effect.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

You should mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of pure vinegar. This mixture can be used to ‘wash’ and clean the eyes. Use a cotton ball to have a safe implementation. Soak the cotton ball and then swipe it gently on the closed eyes to wash them off. It is not exactly an eye drop but it should be working just fine.

Be careful in mixing up things or you may endanger your precious sights. It would be better if you can consult your doctor whether you can make your own DIY eye drops or not.


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