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Home DIY Homemade Cracked Feet Remedies that Can Be Easily Made

Cracked Feet Remedies that Can Be Easily Made

Cracked feet can occur because of lack the moisture. This problem can commonly happen to all people from all ages. It is also called as heel fissures. However, you do not need to worry if you are facing this problem because there are some cracked feet remedies that will be explained to you below. If you have peeling skin, flaky or red patches on your feet, itchiness, or even bleeding from pain and cracks, it means that you have the problem of cracked feet. If it is not managed immediately, it can lead to extreme pain and infection. Other than lack of moisture, the cracked feet can also have other causes such as using harsh soap, being overweight, cold weather, certain diseases like eczema and diabetes, and so on. Below are some home remedies for cracked feet.

Cracked Feet Remedies from Homemade Paste

Cracked Feet Remedies that Can Be Easily Made. Illustration: Facing up bare feet on the table.

• Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax can be useful to cure cracked feet by removing the dry and dead skin on your feet. This ingredient can soften your skin as well as retain the natural oil on our skin because it acts as natural emollient. To make homemade paste for cracked feet remedies, you need to prepare some paraffin wax and heat it in microwave. You can also heat it in double oiler if you do not have microwave. After that, you mix it with coconut oil or mustard oil in equal amount. Apply the paste on the crack feet and then wear sock. You can wash it in the morning after leave it overnight.

• Vinegar

Vinegar has acetic acid that can help to soften the skin. It will make the exfoliation much easier. To make the paste, mix the apple cider vinegar with raw honey and one handful of coarse rice flour. Faor alternative, add also some olive oil to this cracked feet remedies. Massage your feet for several minutes using this paste after you wash it cleanly beforehand. After that, you can wash it using lukewarm water. This treatment can be repeated about twice in a week.

• Banana

Banana can be used to moisturize and soften your skin. It is better to use the overripe one to make the paste for your cracked feet remedies. You need to blend two bananas which are overripe to form thick paste. It is better to add some avocado to it. Apply the paste on your feet and leave it for about eighteen minutes. You can wash it using lukewarm and cold water alternately. This remedy can be followed in order to treat and prevent the cracked heels and dry skin.

• Oatmeal

Homemade paste from oatmeal is good for cracked feet remedies since it can moisturize your feet. There are two kinds of paste from oatmeal. The first is combining oatmeal with some jojoba oil and the second one is combining it with olive oil, honey, and all purpose flour to form thick paste. You can apply this paste on your feet and leave it for about a half hour. After that, you can wash it using lukewarm water. This treatment can be repeated a few times until your cracked feet are healed.

The Combination of Lemon to Make Homemade Remedies for Cracked Feet

• Glycerin

Glycerin has humectants and moisturizing properties that can be mixed with lemon for cracked feet remedies. You can mix some glycerin and some lemon juice in the equal amount. You can also add rose water to the mixture if you like. After that, you can apply it to your cracked feet and then leave it for about twenty minutes. Wash it using water thoroughly. You can use this homemade remedy several times for about two weeks to heal the crack on your feet.

• Olive oil and sea salt

Lemon can also be combined with olive oil and sea salt to make great cracked feet remedies. You need to mix a tablespoon of olive oil, five tablespoons of sea salt with juice form lemon. Apply it to your feet and leave it for fifteen minutes. After that, you can rinse it with lukewarm water. This treatment can be repeated once or two times in a week until your cracked feet are healed completely.

• Petroleum jelly

Another combination of lemon juice for cracked feet remedies is by mixing juice from one lemon with one teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Before applying the mixture, you have to wash your feet and then pat dry them. You can use this mixture on your dry and cracked feet. The compound in lemon will be able to make your skin beautiful and soft. You can follow this treatment everyday for about once or twice.

• Warm water

The juice produced from lemon contains of very mild natural acidic property. It is able to remove the dry and dead skin cell from the feet. You can easily mix the juice from lemon with warm water to make cracked feet remedies. This solution can be used to soak your feet for ten minutes. You can scrub the feet using soft foot brush gently. After that, wash your feet and pat them dry. You can apply some moisturizer after finishing this treatment.

The Other Remedies

• Coconut oil

This kind of oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that can fight the fungal and bacterial infections on your cracked feet. This cracked feet remedies can also moisturize the feet skin. You can follow this remedy before going to bed. First, soak your feet in warm water and then scrub it. You can apply the coconut oil after you dry your feet. Then, you put on cotton sock for the night. You can wash your feet in the next morning.

• Epsom salt

This cracked feet remedies can promotes the circulation. Besides, it is also able to promote skin health and draw out toxin due its content of magnesium in Epsom salt. First, fill the foot tub with warm water and add a half cup of this salt. Soak you cracked feet for about ten minutes. You can rub your feet using pumice stone gently for several minutes. After that, put back your feet in Epsom salt soak for the additional ten minutes. Dry your feet and apply the moisturizer.

• Mentholated rub

This mentholated rub which has a lot of essential oil can help healing toenail fungus. You can do the treatment for cracking feet remedies before going to sleep. Apply this mentholated rub and put on socks on our feet. You can wash it with warm water in the next morning after leave it overnight. You need to do this remedy repeatedly until the rough skins peel off.

• Scrubbing

First, you need to soak your feet in warm soapy water. This is needed to soften the skin. Thus, it will be much easier to scrub. Mix liquid soap with warm water into a foot tub. Soak the cracked feet in this water for twenty minutes before going to sleep. After that, you scrub it gently using pumice stone to loosen the dead skin cells. Wash your feet with water and pat them dry. After that, you can use foot cream and put on cotton socks overnight. You can follow this treatment for cracked feet remedies every day.

• Vinegar

Other than can be used as homemade paste to make great homemade remedy for cracked feet, apple cider vinegar can also be used to make a solution to soak the cracked feet. First, you need to mix about one cup of white apple cider vinegar with two cups of water. After that, you have to soak your cracked feet in it for about thirteen minutes. You can scrub your feet using foot scrubber or pumice stone in order to slough off the dry and dead skin. Then, you can wash your feet thoroughly and pat dry using soft towel. In the end, you need to use petroleum jelly or moisturizer on your feet after finishing the cracked feet remedies to get better result.

Image by Barkbud at Flickr, CC BY 2.0, https://www.flickr.com/photos/barkbud/4226779151


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