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Coconut Oil for Psoriasis as the Best Home Remedy

Out of much kind of oils, coconut oil has one of the richest good properties contained inside it. Therefore, many people use it as home remedy, whether by itself or as an additional ingredient. One of the most popular coconut oils based home remedy would be coconut oil for psoriasis. For you who may not know it yet, psoriasis is a medical condition in which there is an inflammation on the skin that causes an itchy and burning feeling. Usually, the disease appears as redness on the skin, covered with grey looking scales. It often appears in places such as knees, scalp or elbow, but it can also appear pretty much anywhere on your skin.

The cause of psoriasis itself is still not exactly known, and yet it has something to do with genetically factors and immune system. People who suffer from psoriasis have an abnormal speed of skin cell growth, thus creating a buildup which causes the scaly appearance of psoriasis. Coconut oil for psoriasis, then, is believed to be able to heal this skin condition naturally. It is particularly because coconut oil can moisturize the dry patches in your skin. The properties contained inside a coconut oil can help hold some moisture in your skin, thus helping the skin to loosen the scales in affected skin. Furthermore, this article will help to guide you on how to use coconut oil properly to heal your psoriasis, while also inform you on goodness it can do to your skin in general.

Easy Home Made Coconut Oil Remedy for Psoriasis

Coconut Oil for Psoriasis as the Best Home Remedy. Illustration: Coconut Oil in Glass Jar

People with psoriasis would often feel an aggravating itch and burning feeling that is caused by dryness on the affected skin. Coconut oil for psoriasis would be able to help ease up the pain with its soothing and moisturizing agent. Coconut oil itself contains a good type of acid that can assist you with your skin problems, which is called a lauric acid. This type of acid is clinically proven to be able to lessen inflammation, fungus and other dangerous microbes that can cause damage to your skin. Thus, coconut oil can be a perfect alternative for those who suffer from psoriasis.

To make it as original as possible, you can make a virgin coconut oil for psoriasis by yourself. Thus, you can be worry free knowing that your coconut oil has no preservatives or added ingredients inside it. All you need to do is preparing a fresh and good quality coconut, then chop it into two pieces. Take the coconut meat inside by scooping it out, and put it into a bowl. Add waters with a ratio 50% from the amount of coconut meat you have. Blend them out with a blender for a couple minutes until you achieve a creamy texture.

With cheesecloth, squeeze the whole coconut milk to gain the main content you’re going to need for your coconut oil. After you displace the coconut flakes, pour all the coconut milk you have, place it on a jar and leave it to ferment by putting them in dark place for a couple days with a tightly screwed jar. After that you should be able to place the said coconut milk into a warmer place for several hours to separate the coconut oil from the coconut milk. If you already see a separation, you should place the jar into the refrigerator for a couple hours to solidify the oil. Once it’s solidified, you can scoop it out and store them in a jar with a lid. Let them cool down into a room temperature before you use it as a remedy coconut oil for psoriasis.

How to Use Coconut Oil to Treat Psoriasis

Once you made your own coconut oil for psoriasis, might as well start to use it for your psoriasis treatment. However, it is important to understand that some people might have an allergic reaction to coconut oil. If such thing happens, not that it does any good treatment, but it can increase the pain inflicted by psoriasis. Thus, you need to make sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction from the usage of coconut oil by testing it on your good skin first. If nothing happens, then you’re good to go. Here’s how you should use coconut oil to treat your psoriasis:

Apply it on a scalp psoriasis

The best time to apply a coconut oil for psoriasis would be after taking a bath. The pores of your skin are being opened after you shower, thus it would create a perfect environment to store some moisture inside. Apply the coconut oil into your scalp, massage them gently and leave it be for a half an hour. If you’d like greater benefit, you should use a damp warm towel and wrap it around your head to make sure that good properties of the coconut oil can be absorbed maximally into your scalp. Afterwards rinse them thoroughly to avoid another buildup in your scalp.

Apply it on affected skin

Heat up the solid coconut oil for psoriasis first before applying it on affected skin. Once it’s melted, you can start applying the oil to the plaque psoriasis to soothe it up. The amount of coconut oil you need depends on how bad the inflammation affects your skin. Thus, you should be able to measure it up by yourself. Leave it be before you start putting your clothes on, if the psoriasis is affecting the inside part of your body.

However, coconut oil is not meant to fully heal psoriasis. It is only meant to treat psoriasis, particularly to soothe the inflammation and itchiness felt by patient. Coconut oil for psoriasis thus should only be used as a side treatment. Make sure to keep using the doctor recipe to prevent a further complication and heal the psoriasis completely.


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