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Bad Breath Remedies for Fresh Scent

Having bad breath will indicate unhealthy condition of mouth and it strips off your confidence. There are several bad breath remedies with easy and simple ingredients. You can find in the kitchen or store then try to overcome bad breath problem.

Inside mouth and tongue, there are bacteria, which can be helpful for digestive system. However, mouth is the most sensitive organ and good place to grow bacteria because acidity is suitable for bacteria life requirement. If you eat strong odor food, the scent will be stayed inside mouth because tiny pieces of food still on teeth. Oral health problem involve many factors, but the growing unwanted bacteria is primary cause. Every treatment to sole bad breath will focus in this side. Others are smoking, nasal condition, gum condition, etc.

Another focus in bad breath remedies is teeth condition. Brushing your teeth is one of first step to reduce unwanted odor from mouth. However, this method is not enough to solve extreme problem. Sometime, mouth needs more than common brushing to stay at good condition. The next remedies for bad breath problem will act as additional method. You can combine with normal brushing then treat mouth using below remedies.

Remedies for Bad Breath Problem

Bad Breath Remedies for Fresh Scent

1. Cinnamon

Bad breath remedies consist of several natural herbal as antiseptic and antibacterial. Moreover, these herbal have good essence to make mouth and teeth fresh. On first place, you can try cinnamon to solve bad breath. Cinnamon is traditional herbal that used since long time ago. It can be found in many herbal drink and medicine. Usually, people drink cinnamon powder to gain better health condition. In bad breath case, you will use cinnamon for rinse teeth and mouth. Put cinnamon powder into warm water and stir slowly.

2. Fennel

Another antibacterial plant is fennel. It has capability to reduce bacteria that cause bad breath inside mouth. As bad breath remedies, fennel can be consumed directly or turn into tea. It can induce saliva that very essential for mechanical digestion on mouth. Another function is get rid of bad scent from mouth because have fresh essence. Chew fennel twice or three times a day. For tea, you can boil water then pour fennel. Wait for five to ten minutes then strain residue. Drink this tea regularly until bad breath problem is slowly gone.

3. Fenugreek

You might not familiar about Fenugreek, but this ingredient can solve bad breath problem. It is anti-inflammation and anti-septic remedy. Beside bad breath, Fenugreek has ability to treat several health problems such as rheumatic and arthritis. For bad breath remedies, it will be turned into tea then drink daily. Boil water and put fenugreek into it. Wait until blend perfectly with water then strain the solution. Drink this herbal once a day until your problem is gone.

4. Clove

Cinnamon and clove are two plants that popular as herbal drink and medicine. Clove contains antiseptic compound to fight against bacteria inside mouth. Moreover, clove leaves have fresh essence and you will like it. There are three ways for clove as bad breath remedies. Firstly, you eat and chew raw clove. It is simple and gets faster result. If you do not like clove taste, second way is make tea for drink. Put clove into boiling water and wait until color turn dark brown. Simmer it for moment then strain residue. Drink this tea once or twice a day. The last way is clove as mouthwash.

5. Parsley

Parsley is one of bad breath remedies that can be applied at home. It has specific compound to dissolve annoying odor from mouth. As usual, you can try to eat it directly for quicker result. Another recipe is combine parsley with juice. Drink it every day until problem is solved. Beside overcome bad breath, parsley is good for digestive system. It will help to keep the gastric and stomach at stable condition.

6. Lemon juice

Acidity is reason bacteria can grow, but too much acid will destroy them. When mouth produces bad breath, it comes from acid from food stain on teeth. To keep balance on mouth condition, you need strong acid or alkali compound. Lemon juice is preferable to give too much acid on mouth. As one of bad breath remedies, lemon is good to reduce bad odor and increase fresh essence. Your mouth will produce strong and delicate scent to increase confidence while talking in front of people. Pour lemon juice into water ad use as mouthwash. Rinse mouth and teeth regularly to destroy bacteria and clean teeth. Besides that, lemon juice will keep mouth wet and prevent dry condition.

7. Apple cider vinegar

Lemon is extreme acid level, while apple cider vinegar contains pH balance compound. This ingredient can cure bad breath by dissolve bacteria and provide unsupported environment for them. Apple vinegar has been known as one of herbal for many medicines. To implement as bad breath remedies, you can drink or use as mouthwash. Pour apple cider vinegar into cup of water. Stir it and drink in the morning or before having meals. It is good for digestive system and effect mouth directly. For mouthwash, you can gargle and rinse mouth with this ingredient regularly.

8. Baking soda

Fighting acidity of mouth require strong alkali remedy. Baking soda can do such thing and give bacteria improper environment. When bacteria cannot grow significantly, mouth will be clean and fresh. It overcomes basic problem on bad breath. You can use baking soda to rinse moth after eating. To gain more result, you do this procedure in the morning and before go to bed at night.

Another way to use baking soda for curing bad breath is teeth brushing. Baking soda contains mineral and carbon to clean teeth from bacteria and food stain. It makes teeth look whiter and get rid of unwanted bacteria.

9. Tea

Tea is not only good for drink but also solve bad breath. Tea in this matter is common tea at store. You can use it as one of bad breath remedies. To make sage or green tea, you can put leaves into boiling water. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Drink it twice or three times depend on bad breath level.


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