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Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon for Weight Loss

As we know, losing weight is the best way to avoid obesity. Weight loss has been one of the most popular issues in current day health news. For losing weight, people have many options such as supplements and spices. The benefits of cinnamon for weight loss have been trusted to assist people to support their weight loss program. Before finding out how to use or consume cinnamon for your weight loss program, here are some ways in which the cinnamon “works” to help reducing body weight you need to know.

How Cinnamon Works for Weight Loss

Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon for Weight Loss. Illustration: Cinnamon Stick and Cinnamon Powder.

1. Reduces Blood Sugar Level

One of the most important ways to reduce weight is maintaining the level of regulated blood sugar. The benefits of cinnamon for weight loss are proven by its natural ability to help controlling the quantities of insulin as well as act to the blood sugar. A study indicates that consuming cinnamon by adding it to a food or drink will lower the glycemic index of food and drink you consume by u to 29%. It is really important to prevent your blood from sugar level escalation.

2. Burns Belly Fat

Belly is common problem area for many people where fat accumulates more quickly than in other areas. Consuming cinnamon is trusted to burn belly fat more effectively. So, it gives benefit not only for your pant size, but impact abdominal fat, which is a serious type of fat that surrounds your vital organs.

3. Gives Satiety Effect

Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon into your diet will help to slow down the food to move into the intestine. So, this process helps to reduce your appetite since it keeps you full for longer time. In addition, cinnamon also prevents you from sweet craving, so you will not fell tempted to consume high calorie foods. The big effect is of course dissolving the fat layers in the abdomen. This is another amazing benefit of cinnamon for weight loss.

4. Controls Insulin Level In the Body

Insulin is a hormone or chemical in the body that helps it to regulate glucose levels. Maintaining glucose levels is really important, especially for people with diabetics, because too low or high level of glucose can be dangerous. A research shown that cinnamon is able to slow down the glucose absorption as well as to stimulate insulin production, especially when it increases due to sensitivity. Cinnamon is proven to influence the way which the body metabolizes the sugar and transform it into fat.

5. Boosts Metabolism

Another benefit of cinnamon for weight loss, it is able to transform not only metabolism of sugar, but also carbohydrate. The cinnamon makes the metabolism process in your body to speed up. It is almost similar like when you are eating chili and hot peppers that requires a little more energy to metabolize. This allows you to burn calorie and fat as well as assist in losing weight.

6. Encourages Proper Digestive System Function

A healthy digestive system is required to manage weight. Consuming cinnamon regularly encourages proper digestive system function that helps to calm the intestines and stomach. It also improves the function of colon by reducing abdominal gas. Another function of cinnamon for digestive system is to flush out toxins.

Some Good Ways to Consume Cinnamon for Weight Loss

As what are mentioned before, cinnamon is a healthy spice that helps weight loss by several ways. This spice can be used as additional ingredient for foods, snacks, and beverages. Here are the easiest ways to consume cinnamon for weight loss.

Add it Into a Glass of Juice

Both fruit and vegetable juice will be richer in taste with cinnamon. You can use cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder to add nutritional value and flavor to your juice. It works better for carrot, orange, and apple juice with well blended taste.

Incorporating it With Bread

Consuming cinnamon for weight loss can be done in just simple way that doesn’t require you to prepare such complicated recipe. Just combine it with gingerbread and honey to consume it every day. These ingredients will destroy the accumulated toxins and fat step by step.

Combine it With Honey and Lemon

The combination between cinnamon, honey, and lemon create a powerful effect to the body weight. These ingredients work in synergy to prevent you from excessive fat as well as protect your body against infections and all sorts of health problems. It is just simple to make a cinnamon for weight loss drink with honey and lemon. You only need to boil a cinnamon stick, add lemon juice in the boiled cinnamon water and add 1 tablespoon of honey. This healthy drink is ready to enjoy. For the best result, you are suggested to consume it at the different times of the day. Drink it in the morning, which is 30 minutes before having breakfast. Other than that, you also need to drink it before doing workout to burn more calories. Another time to drink it is whenever you feel hungry at the time between meals. This drink helps you to avoid unhealthy snack cravings.

Just Simple Cinnamon Water

Another simple way to consume cinnamon for weight loss is by drinking a glass of cinnamon water every day. Boil some cinnamon sticks in water or use cinnamon powder, sprinkle it on boiled water. Consume this cinnamon drink every day, especially between meals. Drinking it before going to sleep at night is also suggested.

Blend it with Protein Shake

Cinnamon sticks or powder are good additional ingredient to add into your protein shake. It burns fat more effectively, especially after doing workout.

Add it to Foods

Some foods will be more delicious with cinnamon. The taste will be richer in flavor, especially some South Asian foods. A lot of South Asian recipes need cinnamon for the mixture. But for weight loss, you can add a piece of cinnamon to all dishes that don’t even require it. It perfectly completes the taste of spicy foods.

For Breakfast, Sprinkle it on Cereals or Oats

A little cinnamon will increase the taste of your cereals or oats. It also keeps you full for a longer time. For breakfast, this spice is really good to add to these meals.

Sprinkle it on Your Coffee

Cut down the amount of sugar you add to your coffee by adding cinnamon. It gives you stronger taste of coffee that helps you a great “push” to pass the hard day. The coffee will be even safer for your weight.

Add it to a Cup of Herbal Tea

Cinnamon tea can be a recommended drink to add to your breakfast. It helps to manage body weight by stabilizing the glucose levels as well as enhancing digestive system function. So, don’t hesitate to add cinnamon to a cup of herbal tea to fasten the weight loss process. Daily consumption of 3 grams of cinnamon for weight loss will be effective to achieve your body weight goal.

For your information, there is no any incredible magic to fasten weight loss process. However, cinnamon will be a great solution to be part of your diet. You only need a little amount of cinnamon every day to support your weight loss. Don’t forget that the best weight loss procedure always integrate a balanced exercise program and diet. But cinnamon helps you for reaching maximum result.

Well, if you haven’t tried it, let’s start by tomorrow and feel the result the next month. The result will be different for everyone, depends on how fast the metabolism process is. But the best suggestion is consume it every day in appropriate portion. Since it is a natural ingredient, don’t worry about the side effect, unless you experience an allergic of spice. So, are you going to try cinnamon for weight loss immediately?


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