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Acidity Home Remedies For Preliminary Treatment

Acids are natural chemical compound on digestive system to help body dissolve foods and take nutrients. They are useful at normal level in order to keep balance with others. Unfortunately, gastric can produce too much acids that lead to stomach and digestive problem. There are several acidity home remedies with familiar ingredient and easy methods to decrease pain or uneasiness at stomach. Sometimes, people only need simple treatment for their acidity problem and no further medical involvement. The next remedies are preliminary procedure to make you in better state for one or two days.

Ten Natural Ingredients for Acidity Home Remedies

Acidity Home Remedies For Preliminary Treatment

1. Basil leaves

The first ingredient in acidity home remedies is basil leaves. One of acidity sign is nausea. It make you feel uncomfortable at stomach and reduces your appetite. For longer period, acidity creates gas on stomach that can be dangerous without exact treatment. For such situation, basil leaf will soothe your stomach instantly and bring back comfortable feeling to your life. The treatment is simple and easy. You can eat directly basil leaves, but clean them with water at first. The second way is to boil on hot water then sip it as tea.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been known since long time ago as good ingredient to maintain acids inside stomach. Expert calls this thing as antacid, which mean opposite compound to soothe excessive acid. Boil water and pour half or a teaspoon cinnamon powder. Wait until watercolor turns into dark brown for about two to three minutes. Strain cinnamon residue from water. Pour tea on cup and ready to be served. To improve flavor, you can try honey to make it sweeter. This remedy is effective for daily usage.

3. Apple vinegar

Even though vinegar contains acids compound, this ingredient is able to assist your problem on acidity. To apply this thing as acidity home remedies, you just mix vinegar with warm water. Use unfiltered vinegar that still has apple rough pieces on liquid. Take two or three teaspoons then pour into glass. Mix until vinegar look completely disintegrated. Drink this remedy in the morning and evening. Beside acidity treatment, apple vinegar is good for regular basis treatment so you do not have to worry to drink every day.

4. Cloves

Cloves are popular to dispel bad breath during stomach health problem. You can eat directly as similar to basil leaves or make tea in hot water. Main factor in acidity is excessive acid on gastric and give problem for digestive system. If this problem is natural cause, situation will be better soon. However, some people experience unfinished pain and nausea, which mean require immediate treatment. As part of acidity home remedies, cloves have capability to alleviate much acid and reduce gas at same time.

5. Buttermilk

The next remedy will use buttermilk as main ingredient. This kind of milk is good to make your acidity at normal condition. Lactic acid on buttermilk will interact with others in gastric then create comfortable feeling. It is like battle using same weapon. In this situation, your acid from buttermilk is stronger to conquer. There are two ways for buttermilk as acidity remedy. You can drink as regular milk without additional ingredients. It is good for health in general way. Secondly, add black pepper or coriander leaves to enhance flavor and ability.

6. Cumin seeds

Cumin seed is one of acidity home remedies. Take several cumin seeds then ground them until a little bit smooth. Boil water then mix with these seeds. Wait until three to five minutes. You will see water change into brown color as contain mud. Rough part of cumin seeds will go to bottom of water. Pour this liquid into glass and drink immediately. You can try to put other ingredients such as coriander, pepper, and sugar to give variation. Actually, using cumin seed is enough to reduce acidity on stomach because contain chemical compound that acts as neutralizer.

7. Ginger

Ginger is popular ingredient in herbal drink. It comes in handy to get rid your problem in acidity. As part of acidity home remedies, ginger can be used as raw, boiling into water, or grinded. If you do not have problem with taste, eating raw ginger will be enough to keep gastric at balance. Some people prefer boiling this ingredient into hot water then drink regularly. Another way is buying ginger in powder form at store. You can mix ginger and honey to create delicious herbal drink.

8. Jaggery

Jaggery is traditional sugar from palm sap. It is healthy source of sugar and suitable for acidity home remedies. In some Asian region, jaggery is replacement for regular sugar. You eat raw after eating or mix with other ingredients such as cinnamon and ginger. To use jaggery as drink, boil water then put one or two cane of jaggery. Let these things melt completely and turn water into dark brown. Because this thing is very sweet, you might use much water or less jaggery to keep balance of flavor. Drink regularly in the morning and evening. It is good to gain stamina after busy day.

9. Cold milk

Calcium and lactic acid on milk are reasons why this thing on acidity home remedies. It has similar function as buttermilk. Milk in cold form will condensate lactic and has calcium into solid form. It assist to face excessive acids on gastric.

10. Fennel

The last ingredient is fennel. Acidity may come because spicy meal. You will feel uncomfortable at stomach after several minutes. It comes immediately or waits for several minutes. Fennel has function to soothe your stomach. It can be chewed directly or pour in hot water to make a tea. Consume this ingredient when you feel acidity sign because it is part of acidity home remedies.


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